In the book of Psalms 14:1 the Bible says “the fool has said in his heart there’s no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there’s none who does good” I’ve decided to write a post on this controversial topic because of the silent disquiet going on in our world today in the name of modernity.

It doesn’t matter the economy you find yourself, your level of education, your social or political status in society and the amount of cash in your account or the wealth you’ve gathered over the years. One thing that eluded most so called civilized people is the denial about the existence, the power and the manifestation of the supreme God.

Some people are of the opinion that those who believe in the Supreme God and the Bible are insane. The fact still remains strongly that we are created by a living God-whether we live or die we are for him.

Now, why do we need not to provoke the Jealousy of a loving and a caring God?  Let examine the point one after the other and you would come to appreciate the reality of the God we are talking about and why you should not in any circumstances incur the jealousy of God. Because, when you dare Him, he’s prompt to manifest his supremacy and glory.


Even though we know the supreme God as loving, caring, affectionate, merciful, and forgiving, He has other name most Christians and non-Christians alike never know- He is also called Jealous

When God brought the Israelites from captivity from the land of Egypt as we all know, He gave them specific instructions as to how they should live their lives. “And God spoke all these words saying: I am the Lord, your God, who brought you from the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage” You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make yourself a carved image-any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the water under the earth: You shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the LORD you GOD, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep my commandment” (Exodus 20:1-6)

The limitless of human wisdom can’t be compared to the ‘foolish’ of God’s wisdom. He’s God and does what he pleases. We can’t understand the ways of God and we sometimes seem helpless when we are confronted with circumstances with immeasurable proportions. I don’t understand Him and can’t understand Him so far as I remain in my fleshly body.

We know the story pretty well of the British Engineer who supervised the building of the luxurious ship, Titanic in 1912. When journalists went round to inspect the ship, they came back to ask the Engineer-whether everything was set for the ship to sail safely to New York. His answer was; not even God can sink the ship. He thought he and his team did everything possible to guarantee the safe sailing of the ship. But, alas, the ship sunk and became history, because the engineer provoked the jealous of God Almighty.

What about the story in Brazil, where a young lady provoked the anger of God- When the friends came to her house to pick her for outing and the mother escorted her to the car and prayed for her-invoking the presence of God to be with her in the car because the girls in the car appear tipsy with alcohol. Her answer to the mother was that “the car was full and the only space available in the car for God, was the boot.

Few hour later, the mother had a call that the car the daughter was travelling had crushed and the only place left undamaged was the boot. Surprisingly, there was a crate of egg which was left intact, because God was in the boot. Don’t joke with God with your human wisdom to provoke the jealousy of God to destroy your life.


Many people have substituted various things in place of God and relegated God to the background. People replaced God with wealth, riches, fame, power, position, education, material possessions, nationality etc. and would dare say there’s no God. Permit me to refresh your mind to a few happenings over the years.

September 9/11, 2001– The people of this great nation on earth, woke up to witness unprecedented attack on two of their most sensitive institutions- Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Where was the intelligence of the Pentagon- which was to give intelligent information about the imminent attack to warn the citizens?

The fact is, when we think we don’t need God, He allows a common enemy to destroy us. When CNN went to the street to interview people in the wake of the attack, most people were shocked to the bone, in that the trusted their military intelligence and might and couldn’t believe that a small group like aqueeda could penetrate one of the world most powerful security on earth to launch attack on them. Yes, they can’t believe that- but with God all things are possible (Luke 1:37)

There was a king in the Bible, King Herod, who spoke to his subjects and they claimed he spoke like God. He was excited that he could speak like God without rebuking his subjects- that, was not God. He accepted the praise and the story indicated that he died in his seat and worms fed his body. (Acts 12:35)

There was another king called Nebuchadnezzar, who provoked the jealousy of God due to pride. At that time in history, only the priests were mandated to use the Lord’s cup to serve his people. One day, he told the priest to permit him to use the cups even though he had numerous cups as a king to use. God’s anger descended on him and he became an animal and spent 7 years in the bush, eating grass like a common animal. (Dan 4:33)

My sweet sister and brother, don’t in any way invite the jealousy of God to your life. When God becomes angry no one can question his judgment. No one can bribe him because He can’t be bribed.


You can believe the falsehood, there’s no God and you use human philosophy to please yourself-to justify the falsehood which is based on the traditions of men and not of God (Colossians 2:8) Wait and when the time comes for you to depart from earth to your maker, there, you will know that, we have a living God- who controls the life of all his creation in his image.

I have seen my father and mother died and know that one day I would follow in like manner to my maker. With all the attempts to create human beings and stop death from occurring, none was successful. Don’t be deceived, you came to this world alone and you would definitely leave alone back to where you came from. Pursue whatever you want in life, but, let God be part of your equation in life.

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky

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