Why do we go into relationship with another person in the first place? Is it necessary to do so by the way? Has someone forces to go into relationship? May be staying single could work for you and make you happy than seeking happiness from another person.

Back to why people go into relationship. A number of reasons were given as basis for people entering into marriage or casual relationship. To some going into a relationship means:

  • Finding a suitable partner
  • Finding a romantic as well as a sex partner
  • Finding a supporting partner
  • Finding a caring partner
  • Finding a partner who can listen and understands you
  • Finding ideal man who can be a father of my children
  • Finding ideal woman who can be a mother to my children
  • Finding a wife or a husband as a life partner
  • Finding someone I can share my fears and worries with

So, why do we need to guard our relationship?


Everyone who loves his or her pet would do everything possible to protect it from danger and harm. So why do we complain when our partners are a bit inquisitive about what we do and where we go at any point in time. Are you not more important than your pet that you love so much.

Protection in a relationship is crucial to for the survival of the relationship. Don’t take the care and love exhibited by your partner to mean-insecurity. People who care so much about their partners in a relationship wouldn’t like to see anything bad happen to them. These type of people would always be at their partner’s back to ensure all is well with them. Some may interpret it as over protection in their relationship.

If your partner doesn’t show any form of jealousy, with regards to the opposite sex, you should question the love he or she claimed they have for you. Even animals protect their loved ones how much more-human.

The Almighty God says he is a jealous God and won’t share his glory with any one. Don’t allow your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend to share you with anyone else. Accept it when your partner guard you in the relationship.


In these days of uncertainties with regard to unfaithfulness in our relationships, you need a partner who can save as a “police man” who will make it impossible to jump over to the other side. If it had not been the vigilant watch of some partners, their spouses would have engaged in other sexual misconducts. Why, because they are tempted to follow their emotions rather than their reasoning. To some of you, the mere thought of your partner-scare you off from engaging in an affair or anything of that sort.

So invariably, you are protecting each other from unlawful conduct and behaviors. The end result is that your relationship becomes more solid and strengthen.


Have you ever come across a partner (man or woman) who is wild like a lion in terms of how they behave toward their partners and in their relationship? May be yes, may be no.

I have seen a lady who is a police officer but finds it difficult to close her thighs. Even though she is married to a civilian man, she opens her thighs to any man who made advance towards her. According to her, sharing herself with other men apart from the husband is normal and good. She’s beautiful but wild in heart.

It took patience, love and care on the part of the lovely husband to help her stop this odd behavior as a result of her past emotional hurt-being disappointed by a lover who later went for her best friend. She wants to prove that she is beautiful and any man may want her in bed. She has this psychological deficit in her to show that all is fine with her.

Anytime she’s not on duty the husband doesn’t allow her to go anywhere alone. If it becomes necessary, the husband has to drive her around. Yes, sometimes, protection from your partner is good for your own sake. The said woman has been treated by psychologists.


As a matter of fact, some men find it difficult to close their zips. Every woman they see is a target to be tried like a lotto game. If they succeed they would enter the “unholy gate” to show how manly they are.

Do you know the jealousy of some women protect their husband and save them from contracting HIV AIDS and having sexual affairs with other people’s wives, which could lead to early death on the part of some men?

 In some part of the world, your life is cut short when you sleep with other people’s wives. Don’t look on to allow your husband to do what he likes. You should know that whatever affect your partner may equally affect you as well, so you must speak up now to protect him. You are in this relationship together.

Enjoy your mid-week

Scout Linsky

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