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Communicating more and more in your relationship is not a choice but crucial to the health of the relationship. It’s not like “I don’t feel like talking to my partner because he or she gets on my nerve”. Communication in relationship is so fundamental to who you are- both as individual and as partners and it shows where your relationship is heading to.

Why do we need to communicate more and more in our relationship this time round if it is not part of your life as partners? A lot more has been written about this subject because of its relevance to our day to day running of affairs in our relationship. Don’t take the issue of communication for granted in your relationship.

So, why do we need to take the issue of communication a lot more serious in our daily relationship? Join me discuss the issue a bit more into detail.


How do you feel when your partner leaves the house without saying a word to you? What about when he or she comes home without a word? What’s your reaction towards your partner? Even though a lot more happen in relationship, where two or more people are involved, partners inability to deal with hurtful feelings, further build tension, because nobody is talking to anybody. Since you can’t read the construction of the face and know what your partner is thinking, the best remedy is to quickly deal with any issues you are not happy with in your relationship with your partner.

Anytime you close the channel of communication between you, you create all manner of problem for you and your partner. A man came home to see the lawful wife having sex with another man in their hall. The man didn’t utter a word but turn on the TV and watch his favorite news channel. At 11pm on the said day, he went to the bedroom without a word to the wife and slept.

When he woke up the following morning to get himself ready to take his bath, the wife killed herself-because the husband “killed her” with his silence. So, never hold each other to ransom for your inability to communicate with each other.


You can show your disapproval through the way you react to your partner, but the worst part is when you refuse to explain the reasoning behind your action. When we are not communication properly, our partners would be forced to second guess our motives.

Their guesses may stem out from what we do and the behavior we put up before them. Second guessing is like playing lotto, with your chances of getting it right reduce 0.5%. Most guessing we are told turn out to be wrong. The opinion we formed about our partners when we are not communicating with your partners are normally based on emotional response rather than fact. Because, there’s no communication.  If you see your partner giving a lift to a female co-worker or a lady who is stranded on the way, you may conclude that he has started a new affair with another lady besides you.

Likewise, your husband would think the same way if he sees you with another man, giving you a lift on your way to or from your way back home. To kill this mischief which normally affect people in their relationship, communicate any issue bothering you in the relationship with your partner and not to second guess him or her on face value.


Since you don’t talk to your partner and your partner likewise doesn’t talk to you, any little issue could lead to a bigger problem in the relationship. If my wife comes home late than usual, I may be reading in my mind that other things associated with her inability to come home early may probably due to she having a date with another man or spending her time elsewhere.

But when there’s open communication between you, most issues that are hidden from you in your relationship would be made known to each other. Make yourself available for your partner to share what’s bothering or worry him/ her in the relationship


Most conflicts arises as a result of mistrust, unresolved issues, taking one party for granted, disloyalty, lack of trust, taking advantage of others etc. 

Since, we can’t avoid conflicts in our relationship because of the fact that we are different, raised up differently by different parents, come from different background, have different exposure and education, conflict should be a normal occurrences in our life so far as we live first as individual and second as partners.

I still stand on the point that conflict is unavoidable and we should expect it to strengthen us in our relationship. What we need to be doing is that we should develop a communication mechanism in our relationship to deal quickly with any issues that both parties must pay attention to.

We should do everything possible to open the communication channel wide so as to address issues as to when it occurs.


What would you do when you close the medium of communication on your partner and something happens? Would you attend to your partner or leave him or her to their fate.

An issue happens when the couples are not talking to each other and one had a heart attack early in the morning but the partner ignored the sign and came to meet the lifeless body of the husband. Partners shouldn’t treat communication in their relationship for granted, if they do, they would leave to regret their actions.

Life is too sweet to bear personal grudges with your partner in your relationship. Spend your time rather to enhance your relationship instead of destroying it through your negative behavior.

So soon we’ve talked about 5 reasons why partners in any relationship must communicate more and more. It’s in your own interest not to close the gap of communications between you and your partner, the effects of partners not communicating to each other are too huge to risk. Communication in your relationship is a personal duty you must hold fast to as long as you live with your partner.

Stay blessed!

Scout Linsky

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