Many people still go through life without realizing that, the world is a neutral judge when it comes to what you want to become and how you want to live your life. Yes, I understand when you say “the world is not fair” to a very large extent-but, who tells you, it’s going to be fair some days to come.

Even from the creation narratives, there’s no fairness. People where favored more than the others. It’s the creator own design for things to go the way it does. The story of Essau and Jacob, Hannah and Penninah and Esther a slave girl, chosen above all other virgins to become a queen due to God’s favor, that discriminate her from the others. People were privileged to be born into rich families through no effort of theirs. Others were born in a developed world through no effort of theirs while the rest were born in a developing world, through no effort of them. At the same time, others were born into war ravaged countries and suffer the effect of war they have no hand in.

I can go on and on. But, the reality is that, people become successful no matter how difficult the situation the find themselves as a people. They take advantage of their precarious situation and make life out of their mere existence. Below are the 6 common sense approach to life success you must learn to admit and move on with your life, no matter where you find yourself under the planet.


It’s very difficult to admit that the majority of people still think someone should be responsible for their life some way, somehow. In fact, I was having that wrong notion sometimes ago, without looking at what I can do to help myself. I thought I was helpless and nothing can be done about my situation.

I went to school and had my degrees and came back to see ordinary school drop outs in my locality being successful by what they do- build their houses and buy their own cars. I asked myself the hard question one day, when my young niece of 10 years, wanted to know why I couldn’t buy a car like my other school mates, who dropped out of school.

I feel embarrass and went to my room and shed a little tears. The reality check came and I told myself, Emmanuel you got to do something out of life and you must start this very minute. I decided to take 100% responsibility for life. I stop complaining, listening to political news about corruptions and what our government is failing to do right. I stop joining people who are negative in their thinking and start thinking straight about what I must do to improve my living condition from now.

I started facing my own faring square and dancing to my own music. I told myself, I also deceive the good things in life. Since then, I started seeing improvement in my life, because I am spending more time to do what I love to do and less time to do what I don’t want in life. What’s your current situation? Do you like where you are and what are you doing? Do you take 100% responsibility for what you do? Stop wasting time to listen to your politicians and news detractors. The day you decide to take personal responsibility of your life, you will join the world 20% population, who become successful.


Are you still blaming your parents or your birth place, your government’s inability to give you good education, your failure to live in a decent neighborhood, live in a beautiful house or drive a nice car? Who cares what you blame? If you have any blame at all, blame yourself for taking some decisions in life that didn’t help you and learn from those mistakes to become a better person in life. Don’t dwell on your mistakes for too long and fail to take any action to correct them

I made plenty of mistakes in life out of ignorance and learn to take the hard path to create a new life for myself and family. Don’t allow the mistakes of yesterday determines your tomorrow. If you can focus on what you want to achieve in life, you would stop playing the blame game and remain focus towards the achievement of your major purpose in life.

Anytime you drive in your city or town, you are amazed to see new beautiful buildings, new registered cars, new businesses etc. in the same economy you live. They might be doing something right to get to where they are- you can also get there if you are determined and drop your gun on blaming others for your mistakes and failures.


You have something in you to give to the world. Yes, you have. Nobody is born without anything in him or her to develop and make life better for himself and herself. Some people are quick to know what they have in them that can be beneficial to themselves and the world.

Even, if you can’t identify your talent and others close to you couldn’t do that either, you can still learn from others? Yes, I believe in the saying: “Follow the follower” Do what successful people do and with time you too will become successful. Some people become footballers not necessarily as a result of talent in football, but the money and other incentives that accompany it made them learn to develop the interest. Be motivated by success to give life your best shot.

Nobody is born a business man or woman or an entrepreneur but, they learn from others to do likewise and today, they become successful like them. Don’t sit down and give up in life. It’s not too late to start a new career, a new business or hobby. I am waiting to read your success story one day


Those who continue to give excuses are not ready to face the reality of life. It’s easy to give excuses and justify it with tangible reasons. But, the fact still remains, excuse givers never achieve anything tangible in life. They give excuses for lack of proper education, bad governance in their country, corruption of state officials, bad economy, their inability to connect to the right people in government etc.

All the above mention excuses exist in any economy in the world, from South Africa to Nigeria, from Brazil to Mexico, from the United States to the UK.  But, there are millionaires and billionaires in all these countries especially in the US. People come to the US with nothing to declare to officials at the airport, but are now success business men and women. Surprisingly, most of the millionaires are self-made millionaires, who, through the dint of hard work, become who they are today. Leave the excuses for your child, so that you can encourage him or her to take full responsibility for his or her action in life.


I indicated earlier that the world is a neutral referee. It doesn’t take part in what we do as individual, as a country or state.  The world is like the first computer lesson I learned from my instructor some years ago. Baggage in, baggage out. What you feed the computer with, is what the computer process and the result is what you see on your screen.

So, is the world you find yourself?  What you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow, it doesn’t matter which corner of the world you find yourself. Work very hard and wait for the reward of your labor. Don’t be in a hurry to achieve result within the shortest time. The waiting period makes many people to give up on their dreams. Hold onto your dream, no matter how long it takes to achieve that dream.

Continue to work in the quiet and the world will celebrate you in the open. Be the master of your life and not a victim.

Stay blessed!

Scout Linsky

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