Women know what to do right in their relationship

What we continually do in our everyday undertakings becomes our habits. Knowing what to do and failing not to do it from time to time  and expecting the worse, becomes something sociologist called self-fulfilling prophecy. Look at this way-knowing that something bad could happen to you as a result of your attitudes and behavior toward your partner and when it does happen becomes your own doing.

These are the four things women do to create silence in their relationship.

1. Failure to Engage Your Partner in All Your Undertakings

Once you are blessed to have a partner as your permanent mate, you must be opened and get your partner involved in everything you do. Don’t keep anything you do as private anymore.

Unfortunately, most people in a relationship still keep certain things secret in their engagement with their partners. If your partner finds out that he has been side-lined from some important decision, you should be prepared to deal with mistrust.

Once mistrust has been established, the foundation of the relationship will begin to shake. It is difficult to deal with mistrust and everything should be done to involve your partner in all your doings.  Don’t create silence in your relationship by doing things secretly

 Don’t hide your true financial status and business ventures from your partner. Don’t engage in any secret affair and keep it as a secret from your partner.

2. Create More Surprises

We all get excited when we receive surprise gifts from our lovely partners. These surprises make us feel we are loved and cherished. It connects us the more to our partners and put our mind at rest. It reminds us that your partner thinks of you and wants you to be happy.  Make surprises in your relationship a regular feature.

Occasional buy something for him like (boxer shot, shoes, shirt etc.) and what you think will make him scream when he received them.

Women, do surprise your partner with his favorite food he was not expecting or different sex position. Let him do something naughty he has not done before. You should be able to know what will make your partner happy and get him falling in love with you again and again.

3. Create Humor and Fun

In my two previous books (Secret Men Desires & Hidden Secrets of Women) I have illustrated with clear evidence that relationship should be created every day. What this means is that there is no relationship that can create itself if the partners involved did not take the trouble to make it the way they want it to be.

Many people in a relationship take it like a world cup without any opportunity for fun and humor. You have the creative ability to make your partner laugh as often as possible. Tease him when your partner comes back from work.

Don’t be too serious in your relationship with your partner. Life is like an ice cream; enjoy it when it is caked or you will wait for it to melt away from you. Make it possible for your partner to have fun in the relationship with you

Most men are too strict with their partners without any allowance for fun or humor. Such men turn the relationship into a military academy. That’s why you must calm and entertain him. Make your partner feels at home to play with you and make you his dependable partner and friend.  After all the saying ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ should play a center role your relationship.

4. You Aren’t Dating Him Anymore

Do you know that all men were once boys and still have the ‘boys’ in them? Your partner has a boy in him despite his age. Try and woo him every day by some of the stuff you use to tell him when you were seeking hard to get him to bed.

In fact, from my over 15 years of experience in relationship matters, I realized that men also want you to lobby them once in a while. Tell him something nice especially his appearance; how great he looks in her new shirt.

The world of men is so special; so, women ought to school themselves every day to be able to win in their relationship matters with men. If you know how to handle men, you will realize that they are not difficult to please.

‘If you fail to date him again, ‘a naughty lady’ will connect the dots and win him over by flirting with him. Don’t stop dating him again and again by what you do in the relationship. He want to be your best friend, travel with you, and hold your hair gently with his hand

5. Making Him Feel Special

Your partner wants other men to envy you-for having you as his number one partner. He wants to feel special in your arms and will do anything possible to maintain that status around you. In the eyes of the public, he wants to be envied and he cherish it as being lucky to have a great lady like you.

You must endeavor to help him both materially and financially to make him live up to that expectation. The more he feels happy about the relationship, the more he will give out himself out to you.

In fact, do you know how lucky he feels having you as his partner while his friends are still struggling to find suitable partners? Help him to feel truly lucky having you as his partner so as to make her friends ‘envy’ her. Making a man feel happy isnot difficult, it is an art everybody can learn including you.

Today is a special Friday, because Christians all over the world including me are morning the crucifixion of their Jesus Christ on the cross. I want to encourage you to give your life wholly to him- for he cares and love you.

Stay blessed under his protection

Scout Linsky

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