Are you all out for you’re the relationship or you hanging on and looking for a greener grass at the end of the other side. Some people are not inside the relationship and blame themselves for making the wrong decision, but fail to measure their commitments in growing, nurturing, watering and pruning it to maturity. If you know that you get what you put into your relationship, you will stop handling it anyhow and make total commitment in your relationship.

Read these 5 things we don’t take serious when we enter into relationship

1. Respect Your In-Laws

Your partner is coming from a family. He or she wasn’t living on an island before you met him or her. Take note of the mother and the father. Periodically visit them and give them some gifts. They will appreciate it.

Remember you will not remain the way you are forever. Your child will also grow and get married and leave you one day. When that happens, you also become an in law.

 Do not forget his or her siblings and call them to find out how they are doing. It is very important to build your relationship around these people who matter to him. When problems come up between you and your partner, your in-laws come handy to provide assistance.

They serve as counsellors because they command so much influence in your partner’s life.

Don’t view your in-laws as intruders. They are part and parcel of the relationship. They make the whole relationship or marriage union complete. In some cultures, the in-laws play significant role in the marriage arrangement.

When your in-laws are heavily involved in constituting the marriage, divorces in such marriages are rare. The man or woman will think twice before taking any wrong decision.


2. Avoid Discouraging Words during Difficult Times

We all have ups and downs at certain periods in our journey to success. It can be a very difficult road to travel. Discouragement can set in, leading to frustration and disappointments. This period especially in a man’s journey can be very confusing.

Some men can easily throw in the towel if they lack self-tenacity to continue pressing on. It can make men to easily give up and resort to suicide to end it all. This is the moment you need to encourage him to continue all the good things he has started.

Your encouragement will serve as a morale booster for him. Men need the catalyst from their partners to press on. Even if he fails by not taking your special advice, don’t discourage him in his new adventure. No one knows which of his exploits will succeed.

Successful people are not without failures, but they are people who continue to learn from their mistakes until they finally achieve success. Words are powerful. God formed the earth by his spoken words.

Learn to choose your words carefully. Encourage him with positive words as much as possible. Know that you will be part of his success story. When he fails the whole family has failed and so is when he succeeds the whole family will rejoice.

Men, encourage your partners to achieve their dreams as well. Don’t confine them to the house but encourage them when they are down. She needs your encouragement as well when things are not going well with her. Encourage her to speak out about what is bothering her and in that way, you can assist her. Let your p

3. Don’t Take Your Partner’s Calls for Granted

Taking very important things like calls for granted can create problem for you in the relationship. Don’t tell yourself “after all”, it is Edwards who is calling”. The mere fact that he is your partner does not mean you should take him for granted.

Some people develop strange behaviors after they enter into a relationship. Your inability to pick his call can be interpreted as taking him o for granted and he no longer mean anything to you. If genuinely you missed his call, be courteous to call him back.  It shows how serious you have taken your partner.

Taking his calls for granted is a recipe for disaster in your relationship. You should value how much attention you pay to your partner’s calls. Do unto others what you want them do to you. These are little but important things we take for granted that finally destroy the love in the relationship. Bottom line; never take your partners calls for granted.

4. Stop Assault on Your Partner

What distinguishes us from animals is our ability to control our anger and emotions. You are human and can be angry because we dislike certain behaviors of our partners. You are not alone. I do get mad about certain things that did not go down well in the house.

In the midst of all these things, it never crosses her mind to lay her hand on me or push me. Don’t forget we have women beaters because they are stronger than the men they married. That display of ‘animal like’ behavior belongs to the animal kingdom. Avoid pushing your husband with the least provocation.

 Men are not supposed to beat their partners-so are women. Do not allow your anger to lead you into physical assault on your partner. Learn to control your anger and emotions. You are more rational than animals.

5. Deal with Dissatisfaction Feeling in the Relationship

The journey of marriage is long and demands hard work, perseverance, commitment, patience and “can do” attitude to make it work.

When things are not going well it may seem you have made the wrong decision for marrying him. Hold on and trust your supreme God, who makes all things beautiful at his own time.

Sometimes our negative thought brings about the way we feel and the result we get in our relationship. If you are always thinking of marrying the wrong person, you would ruin any good thing in your partner and you will continue to feel dissatisfy with him.

Most women pack their bags and leave the home when things are very difficult only to realize that their one time broke husbands are now multimillionaires.

Have you created a lovely atmosphere in the home for him to miss home anytime he is out of the house? Something about you might be chasing him out of the house. Do you call him to find out when he will be closing from work? Do you call to tell him you have prepared his favorite meal and want him soon at home? Do you call to tell him you are waiting for his French kiss?

The questions could go on and on. But these questions draw the men home after work. It makes them connect to their partners anytime they are out of the house. Create something unique that will make your partner want to come home after he closes from work. Don’t allow alcohol or other things to be his second partner after work.

How do you handle her weakness? Do you shout at her and treat her like a maid. If you don’t have her back in the relationship, you will always find something wrong with her. My wife has a problem of arranging things orderly. It gets me unhappy initially in our marriage, but having realized this as her weakness, I stopped talking about it and rearranged anything that she has disorganized in the home. You can also do likewise to avoid conflict in your relationship.

Stay Blessed and Happy May Day

Scout Linsky

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