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 We created the site to discuss family life issues particularly successful family relationships between husband, wife and children.  In fact, the site is dedicated to you our cherished parents, so join the community of parents to keep on discussing family issues in marriage.

 My wife and I are passionate about the family and hold the family in high regard. We are here to promote and support any discussion that enhances the growth of the family worldwide

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I am Emmanuel Toklo, a teacher, a family counselor and a writer. I had my first degree in Population and Family Life Education, from University of Cape Coast and had my postgraduate degree from Central University.` Two of my books (can be downloaded free of charge or purchase with a token from https://www.smashwords.com

I am married to a beautiful lady by name, Lizzy ( a fashion designer & a trainer),  whom, I had four kids. We are blessed with two girls, Christy (8) and Judith (4) and two boys, Edwin (10) and Nat (6). We write most of our blog posts from experience and we believe we could share our experience to help others and also learn from others.

Yours Sincerely,

Emmanuel Toklo and Elizabeth  Tuffour

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