Happy family gives birth to a happy home. Which family doesn’t want to live in happy home where there’s less conflict between the couples as well as the kids. Happy and long lasting harmonious home don’t happen as an event but continuous process in the marriage institution.

A retired police officer ever asked this rhetoric and hypothetical question sometimes ago-the question is: “is it possible to have happiness in marriage”? “Why did you asked”? I responded.

After two failed marriages, I came to the conclusion that there can’t be happiness in marriage.

If you also think like the police officer described above, then take the opportunity to read these 10 secrets to creating a happy family home..


Everyone you marry has a weakness. Only God does not have a weakness. So, if you focus solely on your partners’ weaknesses all the time, there will not be space TIME for both of you to create a happy marriage home for you and your spouse as well as the kids.

My wife has a problem of organizing things in the home but she is friendlier than me. You marry your spouse to complement her and not to disperse her


Everyone has a dark history. No one is an angel. When you get married or you want to get marry, stop digging into his or her past life. May be she has changed or about changing. A onetime UN general secretary from Egypt, Brutros Brutros Ghali “said it is only a fool who doesn’t changed his mind” this was the time he was contesting for the second term in office, having denied going for a second term.

What matters most is the present life of your partner. Old things have passed away. Forgive and forget. Focus on the present and the future.


Every marriage has its own challenge. Marriage is not a bed of roses. Every good marriage has gone through its own test of blazing fire. True love proves in times of challenges.  Fight for your marriage. Make up your mind to stay with your spouse in times of need. Remember the vow. “For better for worse. In sickness and in health”.

Don’t take the vows you made before man and God lightly. The framers of the marriage vows had very good insight for coming out with the vows. It’s for a good reason. The God who institutes marriage will help you to overcome all the challenges that come your way in the marriage.


Every marriage has different levels of success. Don’t compare your marriage with any one else. We can never be equal. Some will achieve success in a relatively short time while others may take years to achieve the same feat.

 To avoid marriage stresses, be patient, work hard and with time your marriage dreams shall come true. Be positive in your marriage and always pray and wish the best for the marriage.


To get married is like declaring war. When you get married you must declare war against enemies of marriage. Some enemies of marriage are:

  • Ignorance
  • Prayerlessness
  • Un-forgiveness
  • Third party influence
  • Stinginess
  • Stubbornness
  • Lack of love
  • Rudeness
  • Laziness
  • Disrespectful
  • Cheating
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Lack of trust
  • Boredom
  • Taking your partner for granted
  • Ungratefulness
  • Lack of entertainment
  • Lack of money
  • Stop nagging and whining
  • Avoid selfishness & greed
  • Poor or no sexual life

Be ready to work on the above items as much as possible to create the kind of home you envisage before going into the marriage. It’s possible to have a happy home when you work at it every day.


There is no perfect marriage. There is no ready-made marriage. Marriage is hard work. Volunteer yourself to work daily on it. Marriage is like a car that needs proper maintenance and proper service. If this is not done it will break down somewhere exposing the owner to danger or some unhealthy circumstances. Let us not be careless about our marriages and live it unattended to while wishing to live in a happy marriage hope.


God cannot give you a complete person you desire. He gives you the person in the form of raw materials in order for you to mold the person that you desire to meet your taste. This can only be achieved through prayer, love and Patience. If you desire a complete and happy marriage home you must first and foremost learn to accommodate your partner’s differences. Don’t expect perfection from him or her- there’s no perfection in marriage


Getting married is taking a huge risk. You cannot predict what will happen in the future.  Situations may change, so, leave room for adjustments. Husband can lose his good job or you may fail to have babies. All these require you to be prayerful otherwise you might divorce for lack of a child.

If you desire a happy marriage life then learn to adjust according to the situation you find yourself


Marriage is not a contract. It is permanent. It needs total commitments. Love is the glue that sticks the couple together. Divorce start in the mind and the devil feeds the mind. Never ever entertain thoughts of getting a divorce. Never threaten your spouse with divorce. Choose to remain married. God hates divorce. The great marriages you see today are the marriages that went through the most challenges sometimes ago but the couples resolved to remain in it and make it successful in order to encourage others like you to do same. Once they have been able to overcome the challenges in their marriages- you too can do same


Every marriage has a price to pay. Marriage is like a bank account. It is the money that you deposit that you withdraw. If you don’t deposit love, peace and care into your marriage, you are not a candidate for a blissful marriage home.

Ask yourself this question- what sacrifices am I making in order to secure my marriage in the future. Am I playing my role effectively as expected of me? Do I take my partner seriously etc.?

So, today, pray for your marriage and ask God to help you where you are lacking in the marriage. Believe that things will change for the better and always feed your thoughts in your marriage with positive thoughts. Desire a happy marriage home and it shall be possible for you.

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky



The truth is that we all want to do things orderly and in an organized fashion, but many of us find it difficult to do things the way we wanted. We can all attest to the fact that everybody wants to eat in an organized restaurant, sleep in a hotel that’s superb and live in a well arranged neighborhood.

It’s important we learn to practice and develop the habit of organizing our lives in certain ways that will guarantee success in every department of our lives-family, marriage, work, friends, business etc. To every large extent, the environment we grow up can influence our upbringing either positively or negatively. But the good news is that any habit at all can be unlearn if we have the will power and the discipline to do so.

Find below 10 ways to organize your lifestyle for great success


Determine what you really what in life so that your can organize your life around what you really what to achieve. In fact, many people go through life without identifying what they should pursue in life, hence they chase after anything at all that come their way.

Sit down and ask yourself this question-what do I want to achieve by a way of the things I love to do in life. Can I let my passion finally gives me my pay check? Take for instance the footballer who wants to get to the top of his team. He’s expected to organize his life around training, exercises, proper diet, and weight management in order to achieve his aim.

I know a young lady of 24 years who is so confused and unorganized to the extent that she changed three different vocations in a spate of two years. She went to apprenticeship training in order to be trained as a dressmaker but truncated her training because that is not what she wants to do in life. She went again to register with a catering school to be trained as a caterer but this pursuit also lasted for 8 months and was abandoned. She again went to bakery school to be trained as a baker.

When I had the opportunity to speak to her. I asked her a simple question: What exactly do you want to do with your life? Her response was I don’t really know. If you know what you want it’s very easy to organize your life towards the attainment of that goal.


If you can’t concentrate all your effort towards the achievement of your single purpose goal in life, there is the tendency for you cut yourself on the foot by spreading thinly all your effort in doing other things you don’t really want in life.

We’ve all read about the Pareto principle that states that 20% of all your effort bring about 80% of the result. What it means there is that put in as much as possible your very best effort in all that you do in order for you to achieve the remarkable result you want. Do more than the average person and learn around your area of interest. Follow the footprint of those who’ve succeeded in the area you want to go and do what they do every day,


Do you really desire to achieve a particular lifestyle of your dream? Be ready to pay the price no what the price tag involved in achieving such goal. Don’t forget the reaping and sowing principle in life. If you are not ready to pay the “sacrificial” price for your success, then you are not ready to achieve success.

I read a story of a mother of three who in the midst of these three young kids, set a time each night after the kids were a sleep to write her book and ended up producing one of the best seller books in her industry. She sacrificed for the price and the reward was as a result of dedicated effort and the willingness to pay the price.

Many of us are good in dreaming of our ideal life but we are ready to put in the needed effort to get what we want. If you are ready to pay the price everything is possible for you to achieve.


I met a cousin who still does what has been doing for the past 10 years. He allows any of the friends to come to his mechanic shop and engage him in unnecessary discussions which has nothing to do with what he does. He fails to upgrade himself and was taken over by modern mechanic shops that uses computers to diagnose problems with cars that come to their shops. He told me “my brother, time flew away from me”

The issue is that we all at a point in time fall victim to this waster-by allowing everything to engage our attention and these things steal our productive time and space for any great achievement.

The following could be your time wasters:

  1. Too much time spend on your phone
  2. Too much time spend on social media
  3. Too much time spend on the TV
  4. Too much time spend on reading the newspapers
  5. Too much time spend with friends etc.
  6. Too much time spend on social gossips

Check what are stealing your time and eliminate them


Until you are discipline enough to eliminate a number of things in your life, it will be difficult for me and you to achieve anything worthwhile in our lives. The self is under your control and you must allow it to obey you.

Quit everything you’ve identified in your life that is not adding up to the billing and cut them off completely.

  1. If you need to save more money to achieve the lifestyle you want, do just that,
  2. If you have to quit smoking or drinking so that you can concentrate on building your dream lifestyle simply do so
  3. If you need to go to school to upgrade yourself to achieve that feat, what are you waiting for?
  4. If you need to attend seminars and listen to experts in your field, don’t hesitate to join the class
  5. If reading more books or listening to audio CDs, why not give it a short etc.


A Chinese proverb says “a short pencil is better than a sharper memory” Don’t tell me you brain is sharper than the computer. If I asked you the food you ate on the 10th of December 2018 as breakfast or the dress you wore on 10th of January 2019 to church, it may not be possible you can get the right answer. So many things may be crossing through your mind. Rightly so because if you asked me the same question I will probably give you guess answers. Because our memory fades with time

The issue of writing down goals has taken a center stage because of its benefits. There are apps that can help us organize your life into ways that are achievable.

Take for instance the following apps:

1. Google Keep

To begin, you’ll need a note-taking app where you can consolidate your scribbles, lists, and fragmented notes. We all like Google Keep, with its straightforward interface and compatibility across multiple platforms.

2. Cortana

These days, every phone comes with its own digital helper. But even if you have access to Google Assistant or Siri, you should consider using Cortana as well, particularly if you work with multiple devices or own a Windows 10 computer. Just download the app, sign in with your Microsoft account, and let her organize your life.

3. Trello

Trello has earned a strong reputation as a tool teams can use to manage shared projects. In fact, it works just as well for individuals and families, because part of Trello’s appeal is its flexibility—you can adapt it for a variety of purposes, including keeping track of whatever needs tracking.

4. Smarter Time

In order to organize your life more efficiently, you need to know how you’re spending your time—and that’s what Smarter Time aims to do. It can even track your activity automatically: While you’re supposed to log your time, the app will also attempt to fill in any blanks in your day, basing its work on your previous habits and on data from your phone’s sensors (speedy movement, for example, might mean you took a morning run).

5. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most popular to do list apps, and with good reason. This comprehensive tool works on just about every platform, provides a bright and intuitive interface, and includes advanced features for those who need them.

6. Habit List

Habit List’s tagline is “Build a better you,” and everything inside the app is geared towards that. It tries to gently nudge you into developing good habits, such as regularly filing your paperwork or creating a cleaning routine.

7. Pocket

One way many of us lose time is by falling into an internet rabbit hole. But when you find an interesting story, you don’t have to read it immediately. Instead, save it in Pocket and revisit it when you have more down time.


Who doesn’t want to get something for nothing? Unfortunately, there’s nothing like that in the world.  If you desire to achieve anything that is important to you, then you must escape the “procrastination trap”

Many people have still not decided exactly what they want to do since the beginning of the year 2019 but hope to achieve something important by the close of the year.

Start whatever you want to do now with what you have and don’t wait for everything to be 100 perfect before you start taking action. There’s no perfect time anywhere under the planet. The time is now and not tomorrow.


Learn to assess yourself each month to evaluate the action you’ve taken towards the achievement of your life success. People do it daily before retiring to bed, others like me do evaluation of how the week ended up by the close of the week especially Saturday evenings before going to bed

On your journey to success learn to evaluate yourself periodically so that you can make changes as you progress to achieve your dream lifestyle

So far we’ve been able to discuss 8 practical steps you can take to organize yourself for your personal life success. If you implement the lists identified above, it will draw you closer to achieving success in life

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky



The smallest thanks is always worth more than the effort it takes to give it-Unknown

Lack of appreciation in some relationships has created artificial distance between lovers who are supposed to be best friends and live closer emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. When partners in a committed relationship felt they are not been appreciated, they may withdraw from their partners-leading to disharmony and relationship conflicts.

Meanwhile one of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to be understand and to be understood- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Now let jump straight to discuss 5 better ways to show true appreciation to the person we really love in our life.


How would you show to your partner to know that you care and value all the little and bigger things he or she has done for you in the relationship. It’s not enough to say a big thank you for your partner. Make the appreciation truly remarkable.

Follow it up with a citation with words that show how deeply your partner’s appreciation meant to you. If you are not good in playing with words, get someone to write your appreciation of gratitude on your behalf. The citation should be properly framed and hang in the hall or the bedroom where she or he can see and read about what you think of him or her on daily basis through the magical words on the framed citation.

It’s lovely and beautiful to have your partner presents a citation to you as a form of appreciation. Make it poetic so that he can come back and read it again and again. I have citation presented to me during my university days and during my teaching career as best municipal teacher as well as region best teacher. I read these citations quiet often in my hall-because they are so encouraging.


Appreciation should not be once upon a time event but continuous demonstration of gratitude in all that your partner has been doing.

 Buy her or him something simple that shows you are thinking about him or her on your way back from work. Some people designated appreciation for special day to appreciate their loved ones. Assist him or her in doing the laundry or cooking a meal for the family. Find out from her what you can cook for him or her.

You can kiss him or her regularly and tell your partner you will not substitute her or him for any other person. Appreciate her beautiful hairdo and dress anytime she wears these special dresses. Always create a feeling of being needed and wanted in your relationship. If you do this every day, appreciation will become part and parcel of you.


It’s a fact that people set special event or days to appreciate their partners or spouses. If you set a side event like birthday, Halloween, valentine day etc. to do your appreciation. Then the gift and choice of place should vary at each given event.

If you are the type who always present a particular gift item to your partner, then choose a different method this time round. For instance, sponsor her to have a hot massage in a luxury SPA alone or arrange for a solo buffet party for him or her alone.

Since these are special events in your calendar to appreciate your partner, plan a head and factor that in your budget in order not to have a budget over run. Plan for your special appreciation and makes it really memorable and truly unique


A verse in the bible tells us there’s more blessing in giving than receiving. Don’t just position yourself to always receive from your partner without you also giving anything to your partner in return.

Have you also considered giving something to your partner in return? It doesn’t matter the value of the gift but the good intention behind the gift. It might not be possible to have the same income level, but the reality is that there’s always something you can afford to give.

Think of a set of handkerchief, special pen, panties, men’s socks etc. to show appreciation to him or her. Nothing is too small to be undermined for appreciation


Don’t forget this type of appreciation is between lovers in a relationship who can agree to allow their partner’s blind date someone else for a short period.

Wikipedia defines blind date as a special social engagement between two people who have not previously met, usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance.

If you are comfortable about your partner meeting another person, then arrange with a friend who is also comfortable to meet somebody for the first time.

The date should not go beyond two hours and discussions should center on getting to know each other and the usual social, work and family life. The venue for this place is usually public place.

This type of date is to kill the boredom in the today-today relationship we’ve with our partners.

Studies suggest that many people who go on blind date come out of the date lovelier than they were previously. If you don’t have any issue of trust, then try such a blind date by swapping with your friend’s partner and check how the feeling would be like.

The question is: would you allow your partner to go on a blind date with your friend whether you trust her or him?

Today we’ve looked at some unconventional means of showing appreciation to your partner. There are many other ways of showing appreciation to your spouse, explore as many ways as possible. Vary the appreciation and make it long lasting in his or her mind.

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky




Even though judgment is merely an opinion we express about issues we strongly feel something  about-the outcome of any judgment can be positive or negative depending upon who is giving the judgment and the parties receiving it.

Most often the receiver of the judgment may interpret the judgment in his or her own way of understanding the issue at stake and the possible reaction to the judgment.

So the question is- is judgment of our partners in a relationship bad or not? I would say it depends without giving any definite opinion. But come to think of it, why, do you always want to find something negative to make judgment about your partner. I’ve come to acknowledge that the good things people do in their relationship go unappreciated and for that matter go unnoticed but we are quick to response to the negative weaknesses of our partners


The bible says in Matthew 15:1”Do not judge or you too will be judge, for the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Anytime we make judgment of our partners, we introduce an element of guilt feeling in the heart of our partner who is at the receiving end.

There’s no relationship under this beautiful universe without any wrongs doing on the part of those who are involved. But the reality is that when the offences come, the way and manner we handle it bring about the quarrel or otherwise.

Since we are to remain the best of friends in our relationship and if that is the case, we are to reduce the frequency at which we pass judgment on our partners. Don’t forget, it hurts to be judged by someone you love so much dearly.

Who doesn’t want to be happy in his or her relationship when everything he or she does is not seen with a “negative eyes”? Of course you won’t be happy.

Frequent judgment of your partner will take the beauty in the relationship and render it to disunity and disharmony between the lovers. If you are in the habit of subjecting everything he or she does as a judge, you will always have him or her defending his or her action. The result of this type of relationship will lead to frequent quarrel.

See your partner as yourself and consider his or her feelings as your feelings. If you do so, you will have no time to criticize him or her because anytime you judge him or her you are judging yourself and no one wants to judge herself or himself.


Everybody knows the work of a judge in the courtroom. So, anytime you make judgment of your beloved partner, you are more or less sitting in the judgment seat.

Our attitude towards a judge are very often in the negative and so is the impression your partner may have about you if you continue to play the role of a judge by expressing opinion on every single issue.

Do you know you can correct things you don’t like about your partner without judging him or her? In the case of my wife, one of her weaknesses is her inability to organize stuff properly at home. She is very hardworking and can work under pressure to achieve any goals she sets for herself but slow in rearranging stuff she has scatted in the course of doing her work.

Instead of complaining as I used to do, I quickly gather the stuff and arrange them because I have realized that this thing still remained one of her biggest weaknesses since I married her. The question still remains- are couples playing the complementary roles expected of them in a relationship? I may be wrong in my opinion of this issue but it appears to me as  if many people still think as individual in their relationship without looking at what they can do to assist their partners.

Continue to do what she or he has not been doing right and with time he or she would change with time without a word.


Nobody goes into a relationship at least with his or her enemy unless there’s ulterior motive of doing so.

We’ve to create our relationship everyday if we want to enjoy our relationship and live happily with our spouses. Don’t always develop the appetite to find fault about everything he or she does. No one can live as an island in the relationship and so far as we do things together, offences would come, we shall hurt each other and anger and tension would rise- but these things are normal part of any relationship and should not be used as basis for launching attack of judging your partner.

Anytime I have issue with my wife, my output of work is drastically affected and always not up to peak because of the psychological effect it has on me.

Do anything you can to avoid any negative opinion that may appear judgmental on your partner.


Don’t allow your relationship to appear as a football match where there’s always a winner and a loser.

The funny thing about judgment is that people who pass judgment on their partners do so under emotionally unbalance state of mind as a result of anger. And when people become angry they are unable to make fair judgment, hence their partner at the receiving end of the judgment, may appear as a loser.

No one becomes happy if he or she is made to feel as if he or she is the cause of everything that goes wrong in the relationship.

To avoid judgment in your relationship try to look for positive things he or she does and appreciate them instead of dwelling on his or her weaknesses.


In every relationship, partners must first be friends before graduating into serious relationship. No friendship can stand the taste of time when we continue verbal attack on each other.

Friends are supposed to cover the mistakes of each other in order to aid the relationship into the future. Do you need to keep quiet and shut your mouth if your partners is not doing what is expected of him or her? No for good reason. But give your opinion in love without destroying the beautiful relationship you’ve nurtured over the years with your partner.

Air your view cautiously and respectfully by employing the greatest love attributes espoused in the Bible-1 Corinthians 13:4-8


If you continue to criticize and judge your spouse fairly or unfairly, a time will come where he or she would not take you serious anymore-take you for granted.

Too much of everything we are told is bad if not very bad, so if you continue your judgment on your partner, she or he will be tired of your negative attitude which can lead to apathy

Instead, delay judgment and discuss what you don’t like about your partner freely without becoming offensive in the first place. Don’t continue to repeat over and over again your partners’ mistake. Ask yourself whether all that you do is right in the relationship with your partner.

If both of you continue to do same, your home would not be able to contain you-why is that so? Because you’ve created a hostile environment in the home instead of happiness. Learn to accommodate some amount of mistakes if you want to be happy with your spouse.

Take a look at these 6 reasons to suspend judgment of your partner because anytime you judge your partner you are judging yourself.

Have a fruitful week and stay blessed!

Scout Linsky



An ancient proverb said “the sweetness of a food is in the eating” This ancient saying can be applied to our relationship with our partners if we really want the best from our partners and taste the sweetness of what they bring into the relationship.

If you realized that your love life is dull and uninteresting, then, read this post and utilize the idea herein illustrated.


Yes, I am not mistaken and you read the word right. Sometimes, in your relationship with your partner you must provoke her for a small” romantic fight”. This type of fight is not the normal fight that result into physical blows or slapping each other. I am talking about a fight that can lead to romantic tension and can only be resolved through romantic pampering and giving her extraordinary attention and care.

How do you do this? Provoke her and make her angry so that you can pamper her in return. I will talk about how to pamper your lady in later subheading.

The mistake most men make is to appear too nice where your partner can read everything about you. Too much gentility does not trigger sexual and romantic tension in the relationship, but rather make the relationship dull, boring and stagnant. You’ve to aggressive sometimes to get her to behave as a woman.

The reality is that you must create some temporal uneasiness with your partner so that you can use the opportunity to draw her closer to you as a baby-where you can give her all the care and affection. Don’t forget there’s a girl in every woman. Provoke the girl in her so that you can pamper the woman in her. Make her feel love once again. Tell her sweet things he hasn’t heard for you in along long time. Allow her to feel like a woman once more


Doing the same thing over and over again can lead to boredom. Any sexual boredom can siphon  the romantic desires  you have for each other and this can set your partner  up to look for sexual exploit with someone else. Wrong move anyway but don’t forget we human and not angels from heaven.

Prepare her mind in advance for a wild sex by triggering the sexual responses in her that will prepare her to look for that great and wild sex.

Engage in rough sex that day and let her feel the sexual explosion inside her. There’s no gentility when it comes to doing wild sex. When it comes to wild sex put everything aside and ride on the rough road with all the energy within you. Delay ejaculation so that you can truly make the experience long lasting in her mind. Prepare yourself physically by checking your health status before embarking on such wild sexual encounter with your partner.


It’s not surprising that some men fail to know the kind of person they have been living with all this while because they didn’t establish that close intimacy in the relationship from the beginning or they allow it to die a natural death.

One way to create intimacy in the relationship is by knowing what makes your partner happy and bring the woman in her to speak.

How do you do this? Sit around her and discuss issues that matter to her. Encourage her to speak her heart desires out without any interruption.

Make her the center of the discussion and relegate yourself to the background. Make her aware that she is the center of attention and hence your reason to sit beside her to all her concerns and worries. Be cool and gentle with her to illicit the response you want from her.


Women by tradition are excellent cooks and they have been cooking and eating their own food since time immemorial.

Get the necessary ingredients in place and cook her best appetizing food for her. Don’t forget to add wine with low alcoholic content that will her day special so that he can enjoy the food to the fullest.

Set a romantic table adorn with flowers and her favorite country music or blues whatever her taste of music is. Sit beside her when she is eating and assure her with your unflinching love, care and attention.


I heard it said many times that every woman was once a girl with all her desires and passion. Even though these desires may decline and in some cases die as a result of non-activation, you can still activate and bring back that romantic lust in her.

There are several ways you can pamper your partner to bring the lost romantic feeling in her

a. Give her money to go on romantic trip without you accompanying her.. Don’t be afraid of anything. She will be fine and faithful as she has always been.        

b. Give her money to buy the stuff she wants

If you read the book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray-“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, you would probably not try hard to force yourself to completely understand your partner. The book states that most problem between men and women are as a result of fundamental psychological difference between the sexes.

So, don’t try asking her what she will be using the money for. Allow her to use the money freely and loosely without you looking at her shoulders. Never try to understand her, doing so will make you confuse, worry and unhappy. My late grandmother said one day that women are not to be understood but to manage. Do you get that? The bible says live with wisdom with your spouse.

c. Take her out for a luxury dinner

 Give her the opportunity to choose the hotel or her favorite restaurant where she would like to   relax and eat her diner with you. Make that diner night truly romantic and special

Make every effort to get her relax and enjoy her herself. You can alternatively arrange for buffet service where the romantic diner can run into the night.


You can’t water down the importance of laughter because various studies have confirmed its significance to promote good health.

Scientists tell us that laughter, humor and joy are important part of life. We are told laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and increase muscle flexion.

Create a situation for her to laugh her heart out through teasing and jokes that she may not be expecting from you. If you can’t create a joke, take her out to the moving hall to watch funny movies. Laugh along with her.


Writing romantic letter is not dead but has taken new dimensions such as WhatsApp, Face booking, ‘instagramming”, twittering etc.. Remember your former love letters and write a similar one to her. There are a lot of love poem on the internet. Look for a romantic one and customize it to meet your partner’s taste 

I hope you would adopt one of the ways indicated above to get your wife or partner come alive sexually once again with you. Share with your male partners to act.

Stay alive, be Happy and do something crazy at least for today.



Scout Linsky


A great philosopher once said relationships are not made but they created on continuous basis by the actors in the union. So, whatever you want to see in your relationship, you must make conscious effort to make it happen each passing day by what you do with your partner.

If you want to see great and happy relationship be great yourself and do great things with your partner because people do extra ordinary things in all their pursuits.

Read below the 10 relationship pitfalls to avoid

Relationship Pitfall 1

No More Laughter & Jokes In The Relationship

Many of us men, have taken life too too serious. If you die today and I die tomorrow the world will not come to an end. Men of power, wealth, fame and affluence have all been consumed in the bottom of the earth.

The bible says ‘there is no enjoyment in where we are going’. We are to be happy and enjoy our labour because; this is the time the Lord God has blessed us according to a bible verse in Ecclesiastes. Some relationships are seriously suffocating because there is no life in it any longer.

Don’t be too serious to laugh when the time demands you to do so. After all, laughter is good for your own health. Create jokes and make it look real. Be cheerful in narrating your jokes. Cause your partner to laugh his or her heart out. We are to enjoy our marriage relationship to the fullest and not to endure it.

Nobody can make magic in your relationship to make it exciting except the two of you. Take the stillness out of the relationship and give it a fresh breath. If your husband is serious every time, create jokes to calm him down. You don’t need to be a comedian to create jokes.

For example, tell him what he makes of a lawyer who takes the wife brassier and pant into the suit case and sent into the court room. The said lawyer was too serious to take notice of the things he was putting in the suitcase to the court.

When it was time for him to speak and he opened the suitcase to bring his document out, the whole room exploded into laughter. Any serious man will calm down after hearing this. Practice it and create your own jokes to make the relationship lovely.

  Relationship Pitfall 2

Be Creative to Bring Freshness in the Relationship

Even though some are endowed with creativity more than others, we all have some element of creativity to exhibit. A creative person always wants to do something new. They come out with new ideas and make society love what they come out with.

You should be creative in your cooking; always coming out with something that existed but repacked anew. He will never know it is not something new.

Be creative in your dressing. Change your dress designs from time to time. Rearrange the things in the living room and make the hall look new. Go to the bed room and change the direction of the bed and do new setting with the same old items.

You don’t need to hire a decorator to do these simple things for you. Send your creativity to the kitchen and see whether new arrangement can’t be done. Utilize your creative power and take control of your environment. The power of creativity is sitting right inside you. Activate it and see how creative you are. Don’t be predictable as a man. Change your hair style and your shirt designs from time to time. Change the restaurant and the places you take your partner to from time to time.

Relationship Pitfall 3

Be Humble and Shun Pride

I have heard people say time without number that they can’t change their attitude. They assume their behaviors are innate aspects of them that cannot be altered. I tell such persons humility is not heredity we acquire from our biological parents. It is a learned behavior and nothing else.

Humility paves the way to ordinary people to climb to stardom. The former US president, Barak Obama was once seen carrying the file of one time former President Bill Clinton. But as fate may have it, he became the president of the world most powerful and successful nation.

Examples of people who rose to stardom as a result of humility are too numerous to mention.

Showing humility does not make you a fool, it is admonition from the bible. No sensible person in his or her right sense will disrespect the person who demonstrates humility before him or her. You can get whatever you want from your partner by being humble. Pride they say goes before a fall. Run from pride and exhibit humility towards your partner at all times and take your relationship to the next level. Humility should come from both of you and must come from within.

Relationship Pitfall 4

 Be romantic to Ask for Sex

Even though I indicated earlier that ‘sex is men thing’, sexual fulfilment is a fundamental need for both genders.  When it comes to initiating the sexual act, most women are still feel shy asking for sex if they feel like having sex with their partners. I think society has made some women to coil back to their shells whenever it is time for sex. Most women behave as if they do not have any desire for sex.

This ‘tradition thing’ has got into the head of some women to the extent that they play no role in the act. The pathetic aspect of this whole thing is that up till now most women cannot ask their partners for sex in this 21st century. This ‘disease’ affects both the educated and uneducated. Women have this old age perception that their partners would brand them flirts.

Remember society is not static and keeps revolving. Men want their partners to also take the lead when they feel for sex. In that way, it will not appear as if it is the man who has to take the lead all the time. It becomes boring when it is only the man who has to initiate and play active role.

What role do you play during the sexual act? If you just lie down for him to do whatever he wants to do, then you wouldn’t enjoy the benefit of the sexual act. Men actually want the active involvement of their partners in the sexual act. Ask for it and do not feel shy about it at all. It is your right to demand for it since you are joined together as man and wife.

His body does not belong to him alone much as your body does not belong to you. Demonstrate the girl in you for him during the act so that he can call you sweetheart after the ‘act’. Men must also desist from calling their partners names when the take the initiative and exhibit creative sexual styles during any sexual encounter with them.

Relationship Pitfall 5

Stop Your Persistence Nagging

Some women as well as men complain just about anything their partners do in their relationships. Don’t expect perfection from your partner overnight. He or she has formed these behaviors from childhood. You have to exercise patience for your partner to adjust in order to meet your expectations. Things may not always go right with your partner but you have got to accommodate his or her mistakes.

There are relationship facing difficult situation than yours but the partners in those relationships chose to remain calm and trust the Lord in their relationship.

 Complaining about everything your partner does is a recipe for disaster in the relationship. Your nagging won’t change the situation but could make you frustrated in the relationship. God sets the times and the seasons in motion.

Your peculiar situation would not last forever. We all go through very turbulent times in our marriages. This turbulence will not remain forever. Good times will definitely come and the situation will come back to normal. That’s why you don’t need the world to hear the difficulty you are going through with your partner.

Telling sympathizers to hear your story amount to immaturity on your part. Keep the issue to yourself and pray to God to change the situation for the better. After all the first and second world war came to an end and became history.

Your current situation is not unique to you alone and will not last forever. Most men hate to see their women talking about their domestic issues outside the corridor of their homes. Women also hate to see their partners always complaining of the food, hair, dress and how they take care of the home.

One man who spoke to me during a discussion said “when I heard that my wife was discussing my unemployment with the friend, the love I had for her diminished” The book of Proverbs says even when a fool remains silent he is considered wise. Instead of nagging take your issues into prayers and allow God to come into the picture and make the relationship a new. I believe in God and can trust that he strengthens me when I am weak and can do so for you. Your fervent prayer would be heard by God. Let that be your guide as you journey through life with your partner. Trust God to do what you can’t do with your strength, knowledge and wisdom

Relationship Pitfall 6

Learn to be organized

When a man is not organized in the home it is not as disturbing as a woman who is not organized in managing the home; at least from society point of view. Because women are considered the managers of the home and society has very high expectations of them.

Anybody who visits a well-organized and clean home will know there is a responsible woman behind it. Unfortunately, we have some of our women who are not organized to say the least. Their very hair is unkempt and remained unwashed for days. Go to the hall and the kitchen and what greets you is a testimony of how they organize themselves. Children can alter the organization of the way you arrange your things at home but don’t leave things to go unmanaged.

Try to arrange and organize the things they have scattered around. No visitor will take an excuse for your inability to keep things organized in the home. You are responsible for the way things are organize in the home. Your husband will assist you but it is your primary responsibility. If you have young children, teach them how to arrange things in the home.

Many women have relaxed after marriage. Their negative attitudes sent their husbands to the arms of other women; who are well organized and appear neat and attractive.

Know that God look at the inside of people to determine how they walk with Him but earthly PEOPLE like your partner will look at the outside to draw conclusion. That is why you need to keep yourself organized for him every day.

Don’t blame the disorganization of the home to the kids alone without taking any blame for it. Never assume that once you are married to him, he can’t look elsewhere as some women believe after marriage

 Do your part and let him do his part. Keep everything of yours clean: your hair, dresses, shoes, wardrobe, kitchen, bedroom, hall and the surroundings organized. You married him to fill the loop holes. Don’t wait to be told what to do right. Keep doing what is best for the relationship even if he doesn’t appreciate it. He will come to his senses one day and praise you for all the good things you have been doing.

Relationship Pitfall 7

Continue to Show Appreciation to your Partner

Permit me to refresh your memory about the ten lepers whom Jesus had healed and commanded them to go and show themselves to the priest.

A lot of people in a relationship behave just like the nine lepers described in the Bible. We do not show gratitude to our partners for the little things they do for us. We are waiting for a big present before we show appreciation to them. Out of the ten lepers it was only one leper who was grateful to show appreciation.

 When we appreciate every little gift from our partners, we tell them our doors are opened to receive more. If we are not appreciative of the little thing we receive how can we be appreciative of the big ones that will come our way? It is not the size of a gift that matters but the intention and the love that accompanied it.

Even if it’s a card someone gives you, we need to show appreciation. Unappreciative attitude of some partners have blocked the way for their loved ones to give them more. Don’t compare what your partner gives you to what your friend’s husband gives her. Their sources of income and opportunities could be different. That kind of comparison amounted for comparing orange to apple and could spell doom for your relationship. Don’t attempt to force your partner to give beyond what he or she can afford to give.

Relationship Pitfall 8

Effective Communication

One of the key issues that can pose a serious threat to your relationship is your inability to communicate among yourself. Your failure to effectively communicate your message to your partner can result in misunderstanding between the two of you.

Be clear and straight forward to the point as much as possible. Make sure your partner understands what you want to communicate to him or her. If you did not get the message your partner put across, seek for further explanation before taking any decision. Most people fail to put their message across clearly and create gap in the message being distorted.

Learn to understand how your partner communicates his or her message using all the forms of communications; whether verbal or non-verbal. 

If you do not understand your partner ask questions for further clarification. Don’t assume anything in your mind until you are clear in your mind what exactly your partner is putting across.

Relationship Pitfall 9

 You No More Listen Attentively to Each Other

What do you do when your partner is communicating to you? Do you give your full attention or you partially listen while doing your own thing. In fact, most people do not pay attention when their partner is discussing very important issue with them but just pretend to be listening.

If you love and cherish your relationship, you must pay attention to what your partner has to say at all material time. It will go a long way to enhance your lovely relationship.

Don’t be reading your message or browsing the internet while your partner is discussing something important with you or passing information to you. Some of us are now paying more attention to our cell phones than our partners. Hey! Do not allow the phone to create problem to your relationship instead of enhancing the relationship.

Relationship Pitfall 10

You are not Consistent in Whatever You Do with your Partner

Let your partner knows everything about you. He or she should know what you stand for. Unfortunately many people entered into relationships with their inconsistencies in their dealings with their partners. Today they come up with plan A and the following morning they change their minds with another plan.

You need to be consistent with your dealings with your spouse. If your partner does not know how you will behave in the coming days or years to come, then you cannot be depended upon for a steady relationship. Consistency brings about trust and promotes happy long lasting relationship.

We’ve been able to look at 10 relationship pitfalls to avoid in our relationship by doing things differently this time round.

We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Be blessed!


If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are living in a world where everything seems to be changing as a speed of light and you must get yourself updated regularly as we normally do with apps on our phones. A reading individual is someone who will never lack behind with information and move according to the changing times.

Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are-–P.J. O’Rourke

A writer once said “we live in an age with abundant over flow of information but many people are still ignorant of where to get information and they would never find it.

There’s no need to litigate the argument that we are in the information age and whatever you need is just a few chick on the button and you’ve a thousand hyperlinks splashing your face on the internet with useful and not too useful information. Again someone said “we have more books written in the 21st century than never before in the history of all the centuries but we have few readers in the world.

 Now read the 6 reasons why you must read more books this year as a responsible parent


The reality is that the more you read the less you would realize you know about happenings around you.

So, here are some benefits you derived from reading books this year.

  • “You become young” Even if an old person continues to read, he becomes younger with information than a younger person who knows next to nothing by refusing to read.

 Well, it turns out that reading helps in almost every area of our life. Those that read have higher understanding of life issues, higher intelligence, and general knowledge than those that refuse to read.  

  • Excuses are not ground for refusing to read. No matter your level of education, you must continue to read new books because things keep changing every now and then. You become what you read and you can’t achieve anything without acquiring more knowledge. Reading is a key to get you to where you want to go in life.
  • Reading reduces stress and allow you to relax your mind and body. If you are having difficulty in sleeping, take a good book and read.
  • Anytime you are reading a book, your mind shifts from moving around and focus on the material you are reading. I read a book every day from lifestyle to millionaire mind. You can read from poetry, fiction, English literature etc. Reading is an awesome way to sharpen and relax the brain.


Every day, thousands of books are published both in hardcopy and electronic form to make information available to millionaires of readers across the globe.

 According to Yale researchers who studied 3,635 people older than 50 and found that those who read books for 30 minutes daily lived an average of 23 months longer than non readers or magazine readers. Apparently, the practice of reading books creates cognitive engagement that improves lots of things, including vocabulary, thinking skills, and concentration. It also can affect empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence, the sum of which helps people stay on the planet longer.

This is because high achievers are keen on self-improvement. Hundreds of successful executives have shared the books that have helped them get where they are today. Need ideas on where to start? Titles that have repeatedly made their lists include: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz; Shoe Dog by Phil Knight; Good to Great by Jim Collins; and Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson.


As a responsible parent, you should be interested in the economics of lives and not only parenting. You should be concerned about money matters in the economy you live.

According to Forbes, business owners and investors plan for the future and it’s critical that they consider external forces that will affect demand. Here are 19 social, technological, economic, ecological and political trends that will impact businesses in 2019 and beyond: It’s in your interest to know how the trends are leading to.

1. Economists Are Predicting A Softening Of The U.S. Economy

The Congressional Budget Office predicts real GDP growth will slow to 2.4 % in 2019, down from 3.1 % in 2018. By Q4 of 2019, Goldman Sachs projects year over year growth of:

Consumer spending: 2.7%

Residential fixed investment: -1.3%

Business fixed investment: 4.2%

Federal spending: 3.8%

A slowing economy means you can expect companies to invest less in heavy equipment and other fixed expenses.

2. Global Growth Is Also Tepid

3. U.S.-China Relations Remain Tenuous

The Trump administration has demonstrated a pattern of making dramatic announcements in order to establish a basis for negotiations (such as with North Korea). Renewed fears about the tariff negotiations were one driver to recent market volatility. The world is watching with wonder to see whether the “trade war truce” is legitimate, or if tariffs represent the long-term trade policy of the U.S.

4. Investors Are Starving For Yield

With uncertainty in the U.S., China, Japan and Europe, there are few safe options for investors. Interest rates are still relatively low, and real estate capitalization rates are undesirable. Goldman Sachs projects the 10-year Treasury rate to reach 3.2 by Q4 of 2019. Businesses sitting on cash will have to settle for modest returns.

5. The Technology Of The Year Will Be 5G

While artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) get all the attention, 5G could be the technology of the year in 2019. 5G, which could improve processing speeds by more than 10 times and could enable remote surgeries and Uber’s announced food delivery drones. In fact, 5G is so important that China, South Korea and the U.S. are embroiled in an arms race to be first to market.

6. Bots Will Revolutionize Customer Service

Research from Gartner, Inc., shows that the use of chatbots in customer service will have increased 10 times between 2017 and 2020, and bots can reduce customer inquiries by up to 70%. This will also lead to an abandonment of mobile apps by large brands.

7. Traditional Social Media Companies Are Struggling

I believe 2019 will mark a down year for social network companies such as Facebook. Companies focused on growing through social media are shifting spending to new platforms.

8. E-Commerce Grows At A Torrid Pace

E-commerce is expected to grow 20%, on pace with its 2017-2018 growth rate. More and more, even traditional brands are considering direct-to-consumer to be a channel they can’t ignore.

9. The Software As A Service (SaaS) Revolution Dominates Small Business

Historically, small and mid-market businesses have had a difficult time finding sector-specific software products. A Cisco study suggests 74% of application workloads will be SaaS-based by 2020. For example, companies who once focused only on CRM (such as Insightly, Zoho and MS Teams), are expanding their offerings to include functionality like project management, email marketing and survey technology.

10. U.S. Manufacturers Will Shift Production To Mexico And Elsewhere

I believe many U.S. manufacturers have grown weary of China’s currency instability, cyberattacks and possible failure to protect intellectual property rights. With the threat of tariffs, many are considering options including India, Thailand and Malaysia. The recent signing of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement only boosted the prospects of U.S. companies leveraging Mexico’s proximity and low labor cost.

11. Central Banks Keep Interest Rates Low

There is uncertainty about the degree of rate hikes by the Fed, but higher rates are generally expected. The cost of money will certainly be higher in the years ahead. Companies will be focused on reducing inventory and tightening their cash cycle.

12. The Split Houses Of Congress Will Lead To A Legislative Standoff

While Democrats won’t have enough votes to block Trump appointments, they will have the opportunity to block his legislative agenda. There may be common ground on some issues, such as revisions to the Affordable Care Act. Other priorities may include a transportation bill.

13. Europe Is In Shambles

With leaders including Germany’s Merkel and Britain’s May losing favor, combined with Italy’s budget crisis and Brexit, Europe’s political core is unraveling. Britain’s financial system has been a credible hub of commerce, and Brexit is feared to trigger instability.

14. Businesses Will Continue To Feel The Pain Of Full Employment And Higher Labor Costs

With the unemployment rate hovering around 4%, Amazon and others have announced higher wages to keep pace with escalating minimum wage rates. Cities such as Burlington, Iowa City and Boulder have a low unemployment rate, below 3%, and companies are desperate to hire there at any skill level.

15. Real Estate Values Are Suffering In The Wake Of Housing Unaffordability

There are already signs of strain, as real estate investment trusts (REITs) have performed poorly of late. It appears we may be at the end of a real estate cycle, and higher interest rates create a natural ceiling.

16. Natural Gas Enjoys Its Status As The Preferred Fuel

While the administration aims policy at coal, many coal plants will close in the next 24 months as natural gas volume continues to expand. The cost of energy should be more predictable in the days ahead.

17. Oil Prices Will Stabilize

Markets swooned after the U.S. exited the Iran nuclear deal, but oil prices should normalize in 2019. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts per-barrel prices in the mid-$70s.

18. U.S. Companies Must Adhere To More Stringent Privacy Laws

Recent comments by Apple CEO Tim Cook are reflective of the sentiment that U.S. companies will need to adhere to privacy regulations that would mirror the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

19. There Is Heightened Awareness Of Equality As A Business Issue

Over 100 women won congressional seats in the 2018 midterms. Companies are re-evaluating their gender equality policies and seeking out more female independent directors.

It appears as though our economy is in transition, and companies are likely to modify their investments to weather the storm ahead.



If you continue to live in that small corners of your city, you may think the whole world resolves around your country, but the world is much bigger than you can imagine.

In order to improve your world view you should be a good reader to understand the world and its people. Don’t second guess what you can be better informed about through the reading of good books. I know quite well about different countries I have not yet visited through profiling about the countries I want to visit and know about.

The more you read about other people and their way of life the less bias you will become and you would be less judgmental as well


Every day new discoveries are made in various field of endeavors and you should not be ignorant about these useful information. There are new ways of dealing with the following and you must be in the know

  • Stress management
  • Weight management
  • Anger management
  • Diabetic management
  • Diet management
  • Early and late menopause management
  • Personal finance management
  • Credit management
  • Debt management etc


 In fact, there way our parent brought us up some 4 decades ago cannot be the same ways our kids can be brought up. Why? Because the approach to parenting 21st kids have drastically changed.

Top 10 Ways To Enhance Your Parenting Skills:

  • 1: Be a Good Listener:
  • It is essential to understand your child and for that, it is important to listen to them. Many parents just keep on explaining the do’s and don’ts without giving the child an opportunity to explain his fears, anxieties and doubts. Be sure to give your total and undivided attention to your child, when they communicate with you.
  •  Show Your Unconditional Love:
  • Sponsored
  • It is obvious that all parents love their child, but it is also necessary to show your love and affection visibly. After all, nobody, least of all a kid is a mind reader! An embrace every day and few loving words can make your child feel cherished and beloved. At the same time, the child will feel safe and happy.

 Spend Some Quality Time with Your Children:

  • There is a difference between ‘spending time’ and ‘spending quality time’. Being a parent you should try to make the most of your time with your kids interactive, i.e., by playing games, telling stories or even by simply chatting about all things under the sky. This will strengthen your emotional bonding with your child.
  •  Be Firm, Fair and Friendly:
  • It is important to decide disciplinary rules at home. The rules should be fair and just which implies that punishment for breaking a rule should not be too harsh. However, in all cases the communication should be amicable, non-threatening and non-abusive. Your child should respect you and not be afraid of you.
  •  Be Firm, Not Flakey in Your Boundaries:
  • Don’t make rules just for the sake of them! It is necessary to establish firm boundaries and to stick with them. One should not change rules frequently as per their convenience. If you strictly follow the rules that you had created, it sends a firm signal to your child to abide by them.
  • Set a Remarkable Example:
  • A parent is a child’s first role model and they should not have clay feet. What you tell your child and what you follow should be the same. As it is rightly said, a child might learn less from what you say but more from what you do. Be a role model to your child in all senses.
  •  Use Appreciation, Not Condemnation:
  • Positive parenting is very important. Instead of always telling your children what not to do, try to tell them what to do. Also remember to give them proper praise and recognition for all the good work they do. You can also reward them for their good deeds; it ensures that such behaviour gets repeated.
  • Be Open to Learning:
  • Always keep on searching information about good parenting skills and understanding and learning them. You can browse for books on parenting skills, search the internet for some quick tips or simply learn from your peers. There is always a room for improvement so never stop learning

           Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes:

  •  Before judging your children’s behavior, it is necessary to understand their point of view. Also remember how you were, when you were a child. Always give them a chance to explain their behavior. It is easy to be judgmental but more rewarding to be forgiving and understanding.
  •   Be Patient with Yourself and Your Child:

Always remember that Rome was not built in a day. Never expect your child to change overnight or expect yourself to become a great parent instantaneously. It all takes time and changes come only gradually. So be patient.

We hope you will make use of the above tips for good parenting skills. One day when your child rises to great heights, you can be proud that you have played a significant part in his success and happiness. All the best!


Six reasons have been identified as basis for reading more books, even if you don’t read regularly, you can start now by reading a chapter a day, because it would bring you tremendous benefits this year than never before.

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky



Even though there are various schools of thoughts about the origin of valentine, its celebration has come to stay. While some people believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of valentine’s death or burial which occurred around A.D 270-Others claimed that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to recognize St. Valentine.

Again, other schools hold the view that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape the harsh Roman Prison conditions, where most prison atrocities such as beating and torcher occurred.

Whether we admit it or not valentine day will always be with us. So, why is it significant for our personal life as individual? Not really significant for everybody across the globe but very important for personal reflection so far as your life is concern.

 Many people are failing to recognize the fact that their body is the container that is carry them around and must be maintained once in a while. Don’t be so mean on yourself to fail to pamper yourself. You are so special and deserve the best in life.

Here are the 9 ways you can pamper yourself this Valentine Day.


If you know how to swim, then going to a pool and do some swimming is the best thing to do to celebrate your valentine day. Or you can sun bath along the pool side to relax. The day should be dedicated to you and you should make it special.

It’s your birth right to love, cherish, be happy and pamper yourself. Don’t forget you have only one life. This is the only time you have under the sun and you must appreciate yourself-very important. Remember if you are no more the world will not come to an end, so why are you so hard on yourself. You don’t need to work so very hard and be a multi-millionaire before you enjoy yourself.


There are a lot of benefits associated with going to the SPA as a way of treating yourself as a baby and also deriving the benefits of cool massaging.  When you undergo a complete massage, the benefits you derive will go a long way to rejuvenate your body and renew your energy. Take a look at the benefits you can get when you undergo a massage.

  • Disengaged from work, family and friends.
  • Slow down and allows the body to re-generate.
  • Improves blood circulation hence sending more oxygen and nutrients through the body and cells.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to rid of the body of toxins.
  • Releases Serotonin and enhancing the “feel good” factors.
  • Relieves chronic pain situations – arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.
  • Body exfoliating treatments polishes the skin, promotes cells re-generation, refines pores and offers skin relief.
  • Water is yin and yang – when your body is submerged in water, it offers true balance.
  • Heat treatments to stimulate blood circulation and initiate purifying process.
  • Body wraps to re-mineralize the body, re-charge the body with nutrients and elements, boosting moisture in the skin, helping to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind.

Check out a good SPA in your area or state or municipal district and book for a complete massage therapy. Most SPA have guest houses. Book a complete package so that you can have a one night stay.


Arrange for a low cost hotel near your neighborhood and let them serve you as a queen. Allow them to treat you as a special quest.

Refuse to get yourself involve in any activity in the hotel and consider yourself as a total stranger. Don’t forget you are there to pamper yourself. Eat, drink and sleep plenty…………..


There are variety of buffet service you can order at the restaurant.  The buffet services are

1. Waiter service

More commonly known as sit-down service, a waiter takes care of everything from taking orders to serving food and payment.


Service is more personalized as diners are served directly.

Special requests can be more easily accommodated compared to other services

Guests feel more relaxed because of the communal sharing dishes.

Food served is usually pre-ordered so the waiters don’t have to worry about taking orders.

2. Chinese banquet service

Another form of waiter service where each waiter takes care of a table or group of tables with 10-12 guests. Dishes are usually communal and shared.


Guests feel more relaxed because of the communal sharing dishes.

Food served is usually pre-ordered so the waiters don’t have to worry about taking orders.

3. Buffet service

In a buffet service, guests can choose their food from a wider selection made available on the buffet line. There are 4 common types of buffet service:

  • Simple Buffet – Guests get food from a buffet line and waiters move around to clear tables and help guests with minor requests.
  • Station-type buffet – Waiters serve the beverages while guests get the other dishes from the buffet line.
  • Modified deluxe buffet – Tables are set with cutlery; waiters serve the beverages, coffee and dessert while guests get the other dishes from the buffet line.
  • Deluxe buffet – Waiters serve appetizers, soup and/or salads and beverages. Guests take the other dishes from the buffet line.


Buffet tables are easy to prepare.

Waiters focus only on serving a few dishes and clearing tables

4a. Self-service

Diners place, pay and pick up their orders at a counter similar to fast casual and fast food establishments.


Waiters only need to stay behind the station counter to take orders.

Waiters do not have to go around the restaurant as food is self-serviced.

4b. Semi-self service

Similar to self-service, diners order and pay for their orders at the counter but their food is served to them when ready.


Waiters only need to stay at the counter to take orders and receive payment.

Services have an easier time delivering orders because diners are identified via a number system.


Check which buffet is right for you in your local restaurant and book your private order. The day is for you so enjoy it to the fullest without any 3rd party; not even your boyfriend or husband.


I know there are people who think setting aside a time to pamper oneself is a waste of time. It’s not. Your body at a point in time needs rest and you must obey its orders so that it can last you a lifetime.

Acknowledge the day you set aside to pamper yourself and avoid all form of human activity that will nullify the beauty of the day.


You have listed a number of books in your wish list to read probably this year. What time can be better than the special day you reserved to pamper yourself?

Don’t focus any other things in life apart from the theme of the story. Disconnect yourself from the world and relax your brain and mind. This will make you better when you resume your normal work.


You can request for your favorite movie in your hotel or any other place you considered private and “bury” yourself in the movie- while letting go of all attachments of life.


Even though the social media assist us in our social engagement with many people in diverse ways, studies upon studies revealed that the social media if not properly used can have negative effects in our life. Some of the effects include Depression and Anxiety, Fear of Missing Out, Unrealistic Expectations, Negative Body Image, Unhealthy Sleep Patterns, General Addiction etc. With the worst social media apps being Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat when it comes to addiction.

So, on the day you set aside to pamper yourself, please switch-off your mobile or cell phone completely. I would advise you that you should not take it along on that day. You aren’t going to miss anything. Don’t allow your mind to deceive you. Disengage yourself all together from the external world for at least a day or two


Our countryside largely remains cool with less or no commercial activities as we do in the cities. These places may be ideal for you- by visiting a local resort or any place of interest in the local area and book a motel for your peaceful relaxation. Enjoy the siren atmosphere and taste the local dishes. You will enjoy their food.

We’ve identified 9 things you can do to pamper yourself once in a year. You have only one body, and one life- take very good care of it.

Scout Linsky



Many people hold the strong view that February is the month of love and it is obvious to see of evidence of it through the display of flyers of companies, shopping malls, commercial ads welcoming Valentine. Even though love is in the air so to speak, some people can’t see it because their love speedometer stop working. Use the month of February to revive the love in your relationship.



Do you still have that strong feeling and liking you have towards her the first time you met her? Does she bring you that pleasure and joy any time you are around her or him? Do you still have that intense sexual attraction for him or her?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above truthfully, then congratulations. Continue to love your spouse as if you are meeting each other for the first time.

Your partner wants to know you still love him or her just like he or she loves you. Continue to love her and make her feel excited and happy every day that she finds you. Show her that you love her and her alone. Tell him you wouldn’t substitute him for anyone else.

Your partner just wants a practical demonstration of your love. Let her or him feel your love all around her or him. In his or her absence, demonstrate that you missed her or him and wish him or her back sooner than later.

As the relationship travels, you are likely to meet challenges on your way, but let the love you profess for each other hold you together. Financial difficulties accounts for one of the things that can take away the love in the relationship.

Deal with your financial issues promptly and restore your relationship quickly. I know some women who packed out of the house because the man was unable to provide for the upkeep of the home.

The fact of the matter is that money is the blood that runs the home just as financial liquidity makes a company strong and viable. There are many ways of making money these days, explore the one that is best for you.

In case of layoff, see alternative job elsewhere no matter how meager the wages might be just to keep the family going until you secure a meaningful employment. You should also try setting up your own side business along the line since your personal work is the guarantee for financial freedom.

Women, especially want practical demonstration of their partner’s continuous love towards them. They actually feel proud when their spouse exhibit love publicly for all to see. Do you know how your wife feels if you show to others around her that you really love her and her alone?

 Love is like light and whenever there is light, it shines for all to see. Unfortunately most men find it difficult to show how much they love their spouses. This category of men may genuinely love their wives in their hearts but seriously find it difficult to exhibit it.

 Walking with the woman holding the hands, touching the woman gently while walking, whispering into the ear I love you, and sitting beside her to tell her what happens at work is important to your spouse. Try to find out about her fears and worry and assure her of your availability and support. You should be fond of her and make it known to her every single day.


You can believe it or not, every woman has some sort of insecurity in her relationship. This insecurity may stem from being disappointed along the way, being separated, being divorced along the way, losing her spouse through death accidentally etc.

It’s against this background that men must keep using the magical word ‘I love you’ every day. That four letter word reassures her of your reliability at all times. Most Men take it for granted that once they stay together every other day with their wives, there is no need to repeat the word I Love.

As a man, I know it is not easy to say it and demonstrate it every day, but we must learn to practice it; because women want to hear I love you every day. Your wife is not tired of hearing it each day so do not be tired of telling her.

Your attitude towards each other and how you respond to each other’s call and other little, little things you do to each other show how much you love each other. There is a common saying that If you love someone, show it by what you do to them. You may not be a multimillionaire to take her to Four Seasons Resort in Nevis or hire a private yacht for you to cruise on the ocean but show what you can do to make each other happy by demonstrating it through your daily habits


‘Sex’ even though perceived by most people to be men ‘thing’ is equally enjoyed by women. The sexual act is to be enjoyed in the relationship without any manipulation from any of the party. Some women tend to hold the view that when it comes to sex, they are in control.

The control of some women by denying their partners sexual intimacy, has resulted into many diverse problems- where dissatisfied men who are sexually starved look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction and others abandoned the home altogether.

Sex should not be the ground to make demand of your partner when he requested for it. Give it naturally and it will be reciprocated through other means to you by your partner. The catch is to make the demand after the sexual act with your partner and go about your request tactfully and diplomatically.

 From the Christian perspective of the bible the two people in marriage are become one. In the book of 1 Corinthians 7: 3-5, mention was made of the fact that none of the couple has right over his or her body.

The man has no conjugal right over his body so is the woman. Each of you has no excuse to denying the other of sex. The only caveat is when both of you decide to wait upon the Lord in prayers. Sex is to be enjoyed no matter what differences exist between you and your partner.

Do not under any circumstances give an excuse for not allowing your husband or partner to have sex with you. Sex plays a key role in the union and brings you and your partner (husband and wife) together emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Continue to dress neatly and romantically to attract him to you at all times. Men are moved by sight and get aroused by what they see with their eyes. Denying him sexual satisfaction will force him to get the kind of sexual desires he wants from somewhere else as I indicated earlier.

It doesn’t matter his social standing (whether a priest, bishop, senator, chief executive etc.)

Don’t take it for granted that you are married and he can’t cheat on you. I can’t tell you the number of times to have sex in the week.

You should know your work schedule, health condition and age to determine the number of times to have sex in the week. It could be one, two, three, four or five times in a week. 

As you grow in the marriage, the frequency of sexual activity will reduce naturally. But don’t use sex as a weapon to maltreat your partner. If that continues to happen in the relationship, he or she might begin to suspect you of deriving the sexual satisfaction from elsewhere. Remember both sexes love sex and want it in non-controlling manner.

Sex boosts a man’s ego and he would do anything to have it. Studies have shown also that the female hormone, estrogen, release during sexual intercourse makes their skin soft and shiny, besides making them look 10 years younger than their actual ages.

Visit https://www.mindbodygreen.com, https:// http://www.consumerhealthdigest.com https://www.m.huffpost.com to learn more about what sex does to our body.

Arouse your partner before the act and learn to avoid anything that will trigger negative emotions. A partner who is bitter and carrying negative emotions will find it difficult to engage in any free sexual activity with the partner. Deal with any negative emotions and bitterness before the act.


The issue of faithfulness is so dear to everybody in any committed relationship. Statistics about marital unfaithfulness is becoming a big issue across the globe. Whatever the case may be or the reasons people give for these unfortunate lifestyles, there are indications that the trend is on the increase worldwide.

 Build trust along the way. Fulfil your part by remaining loyal and faithful to your partner. Don’t retaliate by becoming unfaithful. You are not in competition with each other and cannot justify equality for wrong doing.

Unfaithfulness in relationship has been one of the causes of divorce and separation in most relationship. Don’t allow the temptation to cheat on your partner destroy the relationship you have built over the years. Avoid contact with persons tempting you to cheat on your partner. Remember you are not only faithful to him but God Almighty as well


Things may be difficult sometimes in your relationship. But hold on a little while without becoming too difficult to understand your partner. This is not the time for blame game and it’s neither the time to say discouraging things to your partner

You can’t always get whatever you want in a relationship. Learn to appreciate the difficulty and relax for things to normalize. Men need women who will understand them in times like this. This is the time for you to stand by him. Give him a shoulder for him to cry on. He needs your support in times like this. Men also need to give attention to their spouses to understand them during the transition period especially when the relationship is new.

Sometimes, it is really difficult for partners in a relationship to understand each other and move along peacefully. Study your partner to know him or her inside out so as to avoid the frequent quarrel in the relationship.  Read John Gray’s book (1992)- Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

This is a book written by American author and relationship counsellor, you might get some inspiration to keep your relationship refresh.

Please let go of the ego and focus on your partner rather than yourself.

These five key elements can make or unmake your relationship. Reflect on this

Stay Blessed



The dream of every man is to discover the soft spot of a woman (what women truly want) in a loving relationship) so that they can play it safe and smooth with them, but unfortunately, most men are still naive and not ready to learn about these wants of women in a relationship. We arrogantly pride ourselves as men but know next to nothing about women.

When God told Adam, the first gentleman who ever lived once upon a time not to eat the forbidden fruit created in the Garden of Eden so far as the creation story is concerned, he didn’t ask any question but just obey the instruction but when Eve came into the garden, it was not long for her to taste the forbidden fruit and damned the consequences. The scripture says by eating the fruit they became wise. An old wise man once said the initial “W” of a woman signifies wisdom.

As a matter of fact when it comes to relationship whether married or unmarried women are intelligent and smarter than men. Yes they are. Believe it or leave. Let me prove it to you. What on earth would cause a 60 year old man to sign a total of $500,000 from his account to an 18 year old lady for a period of 3 years? Don’t tell me it may be due to magic or something connected to spiritual forces. The girl is just smart to take advantage of unintelligent rich man who can’t close his zip whenever he sees young beautiful ladies.

Let look at the 20  WANTS you must discover about women


Shame on you if you still have the bravado to shout on your wife because you are offended in one way or the other. Learn to subject your emotions under control if you call yourself a man and want to live happily with a woman who exhibit so much intelligence right from the creation of the world.

Live with tact and diplomacy with your partner if you want to be happy because women are people you can’t just manipulate and walk over them easily. Discover this truth about women and the truth shall set you free.


Do you think by washing your dirty linen in the public the problem will be solved? Don’t deceived yourself. You are joined together with your wife so, don’t go your way to say negative things about her to another woman. This is a demonstration of weakness. If you think there are better women than her, why bother her by engaging in a relationship with her. Talking ill about you wife amount to gossip and when she finds out someday, your relationship with her will be severed. Avoid this relationship pitfall.


Tell me, what is it about other woman that your wife or partner didn’t have? As a matter of fact we are witnessing unprecedented report of infidelity in the history of the world than any century. Even though sociologists assigned various reasons for this negative behavior among the genders especially men, they are of the view that emotional sexual disconnection accounted for a significant reason.

Whatever the reason you may have, try and deal with the problem with your partner. There’s no justification to share her love or affection with another women. If you treat her like your princess, she will in turn treat you like her prince.

In the Bible (Malachi 2:14 the scripture made an important observation “You asked why he no longer accepts them. It’s because he knows you have broken your promise to the wife you married when you were young. She was your partner, and you have broken your promise to her, although you promised before God that you would be faithful to her. Reflect on this powerful words.


One of the biggest mistakes men make with women is to compare their partners with other women. How do I know my wife and other women told me so? When I was naïve in marriage I do compare my wife with other women anytime she does something wrong. Don’t forget I was childish in marriage then with little or no experience. I know no peace during that infantile journey in our marriage.

Please stop comparing her with that next door neighbor, “the grass is always green at the other side” That woman you are comparing her with has her shortcomings. Hold your breath! Treat her nicely and you can get the best out of her.


She has done so much for you by sacrificing her time and resources. Stop reacting with everything she’s done wrong. She might not intend to hurt you or grieve you but remember “the servant who washes the mug every day, would one day breaks the mug” so is your wife who interacts with you every day. She’s bound to offend you. If there’s offense, admit it, forgive and move on but don’t treat her like any other person.


Recognize that you are one and she’s your help mate for Christ sake. Stop working hard to hide things from her when she should be the first to know everything you possess and every information about you. The mystery of life is that no one can predict what tomorrow holds.  Today may be yours but you can’t guarantee what tomorrow may bring.

Since you can’t tell whether you will be alive tomorrow or the next day, be humble to make everything plain or known to your wife or partner.


Your wife has increase in shape by putting on additional weight due to various reasons. But it should not be the basis for making negative comments about her to discourage her. Every woman wants to be in her best shape and look attractive for the husband or partner. You are to continually hold her in her esteem irrespective of the changes taking place in her physical body.

Women are so sensitive to their weight issues and the least they expect from you is to “muddy the waters” by making negative remarks about her shape.


A man insults the wife as good for nothing after the wife has put on additional 40k due to her 2nd child birth. Some men who could stand the change in shape of their partners chase after other women. Your partner has so much to contribute in the relationship than her look.

Don’t judge her shape to determine her value, she is more worth than gold. Value her gift of intelligence and contributions she makes daily to assist you than her mere aesthetic look, which profit nothing. Remember one day this physical body would be food for the ants.


Some men take the issue a step further by displaying this negative behavior to the public by shouting at their wives in the full glare of the public. Shouting at your wife whether indoor or outside the home is disgraceful and should be avoided at all cost. Treat her with the utmost respect she deserves and she will honor you for the rest of her life on earth.


I am not ignorant about the power of money and what money can do in a relationship. But using money to control your partner is an evil practice and a trap you should avoid.

Don’t allow money to influence you on how you treat your wife. If you value her you will treat her respectfully.


Do you know that when you expose the weaknesses of your wife or partner you are indirectly telling the world about your own weaknesses? Why, because you can’t separate yourself from your wife or partner. Deal with your partner tactfully and with wisdom.

The single most painful thing in a relationship is lack of appreciation. We’re human and we want people we work with to appreciate our hard work, contributions and good effort. So it is in any relationship. If you fail to appreciate and thank her for the sacrifices she makes daily in a relationship, you can’t get her to response to you as a man. Think about these-appreciation and thank you.


Do you know that all women can’t cook the same way? That’s the reason why you must recognize her cooking as unique. It takes time and effort to cook a great meal and you must recognize that effort. All her intention is to prepare a fantastic meal for you, appreciate it.


I know a man who will postpone buying something nice for the partner but buy same to the kid sister of 25 years because she doesn’t want to see her unhappy but prefers the wife to sacrifice. Is good to help your baby sister but your wife request should be meant first before giving consideration to any other person unless in the case of emergency.

Prioritize the issue of your wife above any other person in your life.


Assist your wife or partner to grow spiritually by encouraging her to draw closer to her maker. Take her to church if you are a church person or any place where you worship your God. You are in her life to assist her to live a godly life.


How sad to see a wife engrossed in checking messages on her phone while the husband is also doing something different without any form of fun activity for the couple to communicate about. The mobile phone is now your wife friend instead of you. Everything seems to be ‘questions and answers’ in the home.

Your wife should be your friend- enjoy her company. There’s a bible verse that says let the breast of your wife satisfies you. Did you hear that? Instead of chasing after other women, create time to enjoy her.


Many people are no longer excited to read the truth in the bible but may prefer to listen to what the world is saying more than what the bible says. Assist your wife to read the bible and explain certain things she didn’t understand in the bible. That means you should read the bible daily yourself.

A woman who understands the bible is a woman who will remain loyal and faithful to you. Don’t leave the bible from you relationship. Read and meditate upon it day and night and your relationship shall be fruitful and stable.


One of the things we are to acknowledge is to honor our parents and extend same to our in-laws including our sisters and brothers in-laws. These people are essential part of her life and you must acknowledge them.

Don’t isolate her from the parent as well as her siblings. Find time to make regular visit to them.


Continue to tell her how much you love her. When it comes to this four letter words, women will not stop to hear it again and again, so don’t forget to demonstrate your love to her by telling her about your love and affection each day.


My wife used to complain about everything I do until the sister told her to stop the practice if she want a peaceful marriage.

I know some men who are never satisfy with all the efforts and hard work the women are making in the relationships. If you want to be happy in your marriage and live a peaceful life then listen more to your wife than complain.

We’ve have been able to discuss 20 truths men must discover about women if they want to live happily with their partners or wives.

Enjoy your weekend by taking her out to have fun because we are in the month of love

Stay bless




It’ shameful to be born into a world that’s full of opportunities and challenges without knowing who your true parents are and your own identity.  A wise man once said the saddest thing in life is not death but a life without purpose.

Many parents for strange reasons shy away from telling the truth to their children where they come from and their true identity in life. They are quick to dismiss the issue anytime the kids raise the issue. How long can you deny yourself from telling the truth to your kids about whom you are and some background history for them to know who they are and for that matter their identity on earth.

Now read the six things most parents are not bold to tell their kids.


Don’t you think it’s necessary and proper for your kids to know who their parent are in terms of where the come from and some family history about your own identity. Who are you, your kids want to know. Who are their grandparents and where have they come from?

These answers could give your kids all the answers to their nagging questions running to their minds especially when you find yourself in an entirely new geographical environment as a parent. Take for instance a Russian couple living and raising their kids in Canada, an African migrant living in the US and raising their kids in the US.

When you tell them their background history it would enable them to situate themselves and realize their uniqueness in their new environment. Many children are still dealing with identity problem because their parents failed to conscientize their kids. A fake life is an empty and hollow life that deprived the individual from achieving anything worthwhile life.

As soon as your child knows who he or she is they would not shield any part of their potential for fear of being discovered. They become bold and confidence in pursing their dreams. Never fake the identity of your children for any reasons. Everybody is placed on this earth for a divine assignment; to be able to contribute his or her quota for a better world no matter your color, race, religion, education and political lineage.

Ex US president Obama never hide his true identity by tracing his Kenya Parental origin. His bold decision has made a lot of people to come out of their shells and disclose who they truly are.  Let your child know everything they need to know about you the parent.

Tell them every stuff they need to know about their grandparent, where they come from, their occupation and their beliefs. All these long family narratives will guide the children with regards to choices they will make in the future. Again the wise will tell you that “history is a guide to the future” Think about that!


Some parents are having problem with who they are and for that matter they unable to tell their kids what their true identities are. Your child must know who you are and where you come from. This question may sound funny but it appears some parents themselves are dealing with their own identity challenges and don’t want to robe in their kids. Accept who you are and make it plain and pure to your kids.

Teach your children to know you and the kind of parent you are. Hiding family history from them would be a great disincentive to your kids. If you failed to do so, they would find out some days later and they would never believe you again.


There are so many things people believe in. Your child wants to know what your beliefs are and what made you believe in what you believe.

It will be irresponsible on your part to ask them to choose what to believe. I am a Christian father and I am not ashamed to tell my kids about what I believe and why they should believe same. I know some of you may hold contrary opinions. That’s fine. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one.

My position to tell my kids about my believe stems from the fact that I brought them to the world and I would be accountable to my God how they live their lives on earth. If I do my part and they later on pick their own beliefs I have played my part as a responsible parent.

There’s a scripture verse I want to share with you in Colossians 2:8 “ See to it then, that no one enslaves you by means of the worthless deceit of human wisdom, which comes from the teaching handed down by human beings and the ruling spirits of the universe and not from Christ” (Good News Bible)


Every society expects the adult population; who are mostly parents, to be responsible. So, every parent should place some expectations on the children. These expectations should revolve around their goals.

When children are aware that their parents want to see them successful in life, they would work hard to achieve that because they know their parents want the best for them. Sit your children down and tell them the expectation of society as well as you the parent.

I always tell my children that the world is a bigger platform with so many opportunity for them. They are not expected to indulge in drugs and other illegal activities but to work hard and smartly. Tell your children not to fail themselves by inculcating in them the desire to have a life purpose.


One bad thing some parents make in life is their inability to tell their kids their success stories as well as their failures.

Most parents assumed that telling them these stories are not necessary because the bad stories would discourage them from pursuing similar ventures or taking risk in life.

Once you’ve ventured into a business and failed before as a parent, you definitely have a story to tell them and a lessons you learn from your failure. This will guide them in their pursuits.

When your kids know that there’s nothing shameful about failure in life, there would be motivated to take more risk in life and sooner than later success would be theirs. Tell them your success stories as well and let them celebrate the success narratives in your life. Don’t forget your kids take your personal experience seriously than anything they read in books. Never let them down by sharing your success stories with them.


When we were young we all thought our parents could do anything they wish to do. Our expectations about our parents have no limit. We make demands on them left and right because we thought a pile of money is hiding in the room.

Do you know your kids want to be like you? Yes, they admire everything about you especially if you are successful in life.

Tell them what your goals in life are and what you are doing at the moment to achieve them. These information will help them focus in life just like you. When your kids know how you have been able to go through life amidst the challenges you went through, they would be encourage to overcome any challenges that come their way. “If dad and mum can do it”, then your children can do it as well.

We’ve been able to look at 6 things that parents fail to tell their children and how they must gather courage to do so now.

Stay Bless


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