A parent who fails to pay attention to the holistic wellbeing of the child will live a disappointed life in old age when the odds will be against you because of your inability to pay attention to what matter the most in your child’s formative years.

There’s more to be a parent than making yourself available in the house and confine yourself in self-imposed prison without making yourself available to your children and the family. Be a responsible parent

  1. Create a school-like playing environment for the child in the home.

Yes, gone are the days when everything we need in the school are provided in abundance to the extent that we even brought some of the things we use in the school  home, for us to play with. Every child wants a school like environment in the home for practical demonstration and practice and also to satisfy their insatiable curiosity. Your kid would not stop playing until he or she fulfills all requirements relevant to the growing age. If your kid fails to destroy, dismantle, disorganize and break things around, then something definitely must be wrong somewhere.

Your child mental faculty comes to play when he or she is allowed to play around her immediate environment beyond the school environment. Do you know that your child spends more time at home than at school? Think about that and help him or her develop the right mental faculty formulation for learning in the future. That is the more reason why parents must create a friendly school-like environment in the home. The reality is that the time allocated to the various school subjects as enshrined in the school curriculum is limited and your child may not have enough time to practice and play with whatever she or he has been taught in the school.

Try and use the corner or the porch to create that school-like home environment for your child. Add coloring books, toes, story books on various subject disciplines, picture books, maps and some exercise books. Assist your child to draw a home time table to guide him or her to utilize the time profitably.


Children always want to hear their mum or dad tells them their own fairy tale from their own mouth. In fact, children get excited about this and always look forward for dad or mum to tell them a story. Even if you are not good in storytelling, create one from your childhood time to tell them. Remember what happens at your first day in school, how that bully was punished in the class for the excitement of everybody, a story you have read some years ago or told by a friend.

You can always get something to tell your children if you so wish. Storytelling and reading to your children motivate them to want to do the same. It facilitates the acquisition of literary skills and improves the child’s performance in other subject areas. I don’t know your work schedule, but try to find an hour during the weekend to do so. In my case, I use Saturdays and Sundays to tell the children a story and or read a favorite story to them.

After reading a story to your child or children, ask them to identify some of the characters in the story and what they have learned in the story. When you do this at the early stage, they will grow to love comprehension and English Literature. In fact, if your kids can comprehend a story and retell the story and the roles played by various characters in the story, you should be excited of seeing future scholars in the family.


Yes indeed, your child will be happy to introduce their friends they have been playing with at school. Surprise them to play around and occasionally take part in the activity. Your child can’t live like an island and you should give him or her the opportunity to interact with other children in the neighborhood. Don’t be over protective and deny your child the opportunity from learning something positive from their neighborhood friend.

 Asking your child’s friends to come and play with them, will also give them the opportunity for you to learn about the type of children your child play with at school. Your duty is to guide them in the course of their visit. Don’t be scared but be proactive in your children’s formative years.


As you are already aware, the child’s first learning encounter is the home. According to Sigmund Fred’s theory of learning, the child first learning interaction is the environment. Since the home is the first environment the child interacts with, parents should play active role in that environment to stimulate the learning experience of the child.

If parents take active part in the activity of their children at home, they are motivated to develop their skills and talents early in life. Many of us ride on the platform of no time. I know how life in the city is playing a fast one on all of us. Many of us have time to do other things and relegate this important part of upbringing of our children to day care attendants and nannies. But, you must know that your part in this upbringing can’t be relegated to anybody.


This is the time where the child is allowed to tell an interesting story he or she has learned or heard with the parents. The quite ones would find it difficult to tell a story for the first time, but continuous encouragement will make the child develop the skills to tell his her own story. Many parents are too serious about work, thus creating ‘artificial interactions with their kids. Create an intimate bond and relationship with your kids from the onset.

If you didn’t have time to bond properly with your own child, or children, a time will come when they will not be available when you need them. Why, because you are just an ‘artificial mum’ or ‘artificial dad” but no bond exist between you and your children during their formative years. Most men in the name of chasing money to take care of the home, neglect this very important issue to women. It is not sufficient enough to provide money and pay utility bills but take time to know your children’s likes and dislikes, fears and worries and expectation of you, as a dad. I will be very happy to hear from you. Send me an e-mail through our at e-mail  I will respond and have a fruitful discussion with you.


As a professional teacher with over a decade of teaching, I have observed that pupils who get the support of their children and parents do well and develop interest in academic work. Dear parents, where are you? Your children want you to show interest in their school work. Don’t be too hard on your children because of time. Show interest in their school work and they will reciprocate your good gesture through academic excellence. Don’t provide only their physical needs but be in touch with what they bring home. You might not know anything about the subject because the curriculum keeps changing, but your mere presence will be motivating enough. As a father of four young children, 9, 7, 5 and 3 years, I spend time every day to supervise them daily before going to school the following day. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. 

Have relax Sunday and stay blessed in the bosom of the Lord Almighty

Scout Linsky


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