Many people don’t know by their actions and inactions, they are putting others down without knowing it. Anytime you think more highly of yourself than your friend, spouse, partner, colleagues etc. watch your attitude towards these people.

The following are ways people put others down.


People who are ready to make you feel inferior in terms of what you do and think are people you should avoid. Because such people never feel that you are worth you salt and will not take your contributions in a discussion for anything. These people always think they have a better way of going about things than you. They talk big about how their plans are working and associate everything to their singular effort. These type of people don’t acknowledge the contributions of others apart from themselves.

No wonder the bible says “by their fruits ye shall know them”


Do you ever demonstrate to others about your special talents, knowledge, skills and abilities, wealth and possessions as well as education before others? Sometimes we all do this thing without realizing it before others. I am guilty I must admit sometimes, even though not intentional. I was giving a talk as the lead speaker and veered off talking more about myself.

When I watched and listen to the recordings, I realized my actions speak of some elements of boasting. I felt bad. People who boastful exhibit the following behaviors and attitudes

  • They are loud to be heard
  • They emphasized their achievements
  • They always want to be seen
  • They talk more about themselves
  • They demonstrate how important they are
  • They seem to know everything than anyone else
  • They don’t listen to advice
  • They want everyone to know they are intelligent right from the onset
  • They talk too much
  • They full of criticism
  • They unappreciated
  • They are gossips

So, the next time you see a boastful person, you don’t need anyone to tell you


Anytime we talk about people behind their back, we ended up saying things that are untrue about them. The problem is that once we think we are better of that others, we are likely to say negative things about them in order to tell others how we are better alternative than them.

 I always say “if you run others down in order to get to the top, you don’t have what it takes to be a leader. Very often, we see people do gerrymandering about others in order to destroy them so that they can occupy their place. Such people don’t see anything potentially good in others except themselves.

There is nothing good about gossip. It’s a mediocre way of going about your own frustration in life. Instead of bringing someone down, try and lift them up. If you lack the skills they have, which made you jealous of some sort, upgrade yourself by going back to school or acquire new skills – to make you more relevant and indispensable.


Anytime you feel you are special that a fellow colleague or partner, be mindful what you say and do.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we must acknowledge that. Even though some people are in privileged position than others, we should not put down others to make us feel better.  Sometimes in life, the people we belittle in our way to the top, are the people who become successful when we are down.

You may one day need the person you consider inferior today in the equation of life, so, never look down upon anybody in life.


Do you always have appetite to criticize everything people do? If you always do, by finding out faults in what people do, so that you can go on criticizing them, you are going to make people feel bad and they may not like you.

You are different and so do I. You believe in different things and behave differently because we are not brought up the same way. Don’t set agenda to always criticize others. Even if you know more than them, find a better way of going about it without sounding offensive. People interpret what you do and say by your actions and in actions.

When you continue in this tangent, people will eventually shun your company.


When we feel that other people are not capable of doing anything good, we find it difficult to recognize their good effort and appreciate them. We even feel bad to see others being appreciated.

There was a man in the bible named Haman who thought he’s better than any other person in the province and boast of the position the king has placed him. When the king invited him for a dinner and asked for his opinion about what kind of reward he should give to a man that the kind delight to award, he thought there’s nobody better than him. He proposed luxurious award to be given to that man including riding the king’s horse throughout the province.

Eventually the award was given to a layman named Mordechai.

Learn to appreciate the little things people do for you and they are likely to reciprocate.              

We’ve have identified 6 ways we put down people deliberately or indirectly without knowing. We should endeavor to avoid any attempt to make people feel bad.

Stay blessed and have a fruitful weekend

Scout Linsky


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