Everybody who goes to school has one aim-to finish well and come out successfully. However, many, if not all fear to take exam to guarantee the success they have been dreaming about.

We all fear examination when we were in school but others are simply not ready to take any exam in life-for the sake of failure or being exposed to public ridicule. If these e people have their way, they could hire others to write the examinations for them. The hard truth in life is that, we all have to take the exam in one way or the other. If you are successful, congratulations but if you failed, you’ve learned something than those who didn’t make the effort at all.

Many people go through life without the boldness to take stock from time to time about their personal life and other dimensions of life. Why is this so? This is so because most people are not prepared to face the harsh reality which will stare at their faces.

Find below the 5 bold personal assessment test you must take regularly but failed to do so


A rich wise man once said at a lecture “ a life without purpose is a misery” He added that a “purposeless life is a life without a destination” I know everybody has a beautiful dream he or she wants to achieve during their life time before  departing from mother earth.

However, the difficulty we have is that the majority of people lack the courage to do regular self-assessment about how to proceed or how to start.

What are you doing to get to where you want to reach? If you have started doing something. Do you set SMART goals to assess your level of progress and what you have to do different or modify to achieve your said objectives? For example I want two of my books publish as eBooks as well as hard copies by Amazon. I have given myself up to the end of March. I have started working on these books for some time now and I have achieved that result ahead of the March deadline I have set for myself. Check them out on Amazon at https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/bookshelf?publishedId=J5M3NJ0S7G6

The two books are 80 Silent Triggers of a Woman and 98 Romantic Turn on Keys for Men. You may like to get a copy

For instance, you may want to read 10 topmost books millionaires read to get inspiration to drive you quicker towards your goal. Have you bought any of those books? If you do buy them, have you started reading them? You must discipline yourself to enable you achieve anything meaningful in life. It took me several sleepless night to finish my second book.  But I was motivated within to have these books published. These books were rejected during the initial submission because they didn’t meet certain specifications for publishing. This also took me some days to rework on those specs in order to have them publish.

Today, two of such books are being published and sold as eBooks and hard paper at Amazon. The hard copies are pre-financed by Amazon at 2.46$ per copy and this cost would be deducted after each sale. I don’t know what you have planned to achieve this year. Get the ground running. The first quarter is almost drawing to a close. Do personal assessment and take action now. I want to sell 100,000 of my books by the close of this year through marketing and advertisement. I want to motivate you to take action towards the realization of your dream.


The WHO (World Health Organizations) has not stopped echoing one of their slogans “Health is wealth” There’s no debate about that.

Indeed we need to live in healthy bodies so that we can work to achieve all our numerous desires and aspirations in life. What are you doing now that can enable you live a healthy life to pursue the things that matter to you in life.

  Some successful people are living with health related problems that adversely affected the way they live their life. It’s sad to see people who have worked so hard to acquire wealth failed in their health.

Prior to the demise of my late mum, her doctor prescribed several drugs for her to take daily. At a point she was taking 36 doses of different drugs on daily basis. It got to a point when she said to us the children that she was prepared to die- enough is enough. She stopped taking those unnecessary drugs that didn’t give her any relief but destroy her system entirely. She died three months later. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

If you really want to live and enjoy your wealth, then, do regular check up on your health. It will serve you from a lot of problems in the future.

  1. Don’t forget your regular exercise
  2. Drinking more water
  3. Eating more vegetables
  4. Eliminating stress and anger
  5. Getting more sleep
  6. Eliminating hard drugs and alcohol consumption
  7. Eliminating too much sweet in your diet etc.


Your relationship with others may fail along the line, but try as much as you can to maintain a healthy relationship with your nuclear family members (spouse and children)

Some successful people had problems with their immediate families, largely due to their inability to devout time to this important aspect of their lives-just as they do with their businesses. Steve Jobs and many successful entrepreneurs failed in this respect.

If you don’t bring your spouse as well as your children along with you, it will get to appoint where it will be extremely difficult to do. Don’t only focus on your business pursuit at the detriment of your family. Your success in life will not be complete if you failed to maintain a healthy relationship with family.

Set aside a time to send with your family. Connect with your family as effective as your do with your business.


What’s your current financial status? How much money do have sitting in your account and how much do you hope to make within a given period in your life.

When it comes to money, almost everybody want more-because of what money can help us to achieve. An extra money could solve a number of issues in your life.

From time to time you ought to ask yourself some hard questions about your money matters. More money could solve a couple of problems in your life and you must desire it desperately to trigger your conscious mind to take action. The fact of the matter is that-even though there are many opportunities in the world today than it was in the time past, many people are not able to take advantage of them

You ought to take action every to better your financial life. Do a regular assessment of your financial situation. Seek the right financial and investment advice to know where to put your money to work for you. Learn the rudiments of entrepreneurship if that fits your life aspiration to run your own business one day.


Every human comes from a family. Whether your family takes care of you or not, you are part of a family. Your family becomes bigger by virtue of marriage to another person who also comes from a family.

Your relationship with your parent, in-laws, sister and brother’s in-laws as well as your siblings would go a long way to shape your family life.

You need all these people at one point or the other and you must do all to maintain a healthy relationship with them all. What is your current relationship with your parents as well as your external family members? Don’t isolate from your family. They should be part and parcel of your life. You need them one day, so, never joke with your relationship with them. Check frequently to find out how they are doing and intervene to offer assistance when the need arises

Stay Inspired!

Scout Linsky


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