1. Value Time

One problem of disagreement between me and my lovely wife is time management. She is not conscious of time. Time management is a big problem for most people especially some of our women folks. The day to leave for a program will be the day some women including my wife will be deciding what dress to wear.

Choosing a particular dress to wear can be confusing to most women. Don’t take time for granted in any aspect of your life. But know that time lost is never regained. Learn not to unnecessarily delay your partner when it is time to attend an important event. If you want to be successful, begin to respect time as a crucial commodity.

 Respect each other’s time. Don’t allow the food to get cold unnecessary before coming home or appearing at odd hours for an event. The catch here is respect each other’s time since no time is more valuable than the other.

2. Be Patient

Patience is a necessity to the growth of any lasting relationship. If you want to grow with your spouse, learn to be patient. Impatience has robbed many people in many relationship. Challenging times will come to test you and your partner; to gauge your level of patience you have for each other.

Reflect over and over on any issues before deciding what action to take. When you are patient with your partner, you will understand his or her side of the issues. Patience will never make you take the wrong decision about your partner.

Don’t judge issue on the face value and be quick to make pronouncement. Your ability to be patient is a hallmark of a good wife or husband. Good wives remain calm and wait for the right time to come.

 Abraham waited for a child and became the father of all nations. Zachariah and Elizabeth waited for a child. Had their son John not become the fore runner for Jesus Christ? No matter how the issue may appear, just be patient and wait for the right time to come. Nothing is permanent in life apart from change. Bad times will come in any relationship but remember just after any bad time, good times will follow because no condition is permanent

3. Be Organized

  Thank God you have found somebody to share your moment of joy and worry with. It is time to keep things organized properly in the home. The house is now under your management. Take care of the house and its surroundings.

 Be innovative and don’t allow things to go haywire without taking any responsibility.

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Continue to do what you used to do in the house to make it clean and lovely.

Do you know that you can create your own romantic environment in the house? Yes, you can do that and let the environment “speaks” (attract your partner) to you. You, the man should also assist your partner to take care of the house. Don’t look on when she is busy taking care of the house. Share part of the burden of getting things easily done in the house without one partner getting exhausted.

4. Avoid Gossip

Other people’s private issues or lives should not engaged your attention. You should use your time profitably devoid of petty gossip about your neighbor or your husband’s friend. You may latter regret saying unkind word or untrue thing about the person, because most issues that people gossip about are not based on facts.

A man was embarrassed when it turned out that the wife was the one who gossiped about the boss’s wife. The ‘woman’ and her partner all live in the same neighborhood and she went to do her hair in the same saloon the other woman also does her hair. When the issue got to the attention of the boss, it nearly resulted into the dismissal of the husband from the company.

It is not everybody you must have something to say about? If you do not have anything good to say, just keep quit. It will serve you a lot of trouble. Don’t embarrass your partner through your petty gossip.

5. Prayerlessness in the Marriage

I don’t know what you believe in but I can tell you that prayer does so many things in marriage. Why pray into the marriage? Because we are human. There are things we can’t control ourselves because of our limitation as human being. Pray into the marriage as often as possible if not every day.

Men women need women who can commit their relationship to the supreme God or the divine for the sustenance of the relationship. A prayerful partner is an anchor to the relationship. Most men are busy chasing one thing or the other forgetting their inner self has a need to connect to the Supreme Being on daily basis.

Unfortunately some women also forget to connect to their Maker on daily basis. Women out there pray your role like Esther, Abigail or Naomi as described in the Bible. These are women who interceded on behalf of their husbands and their countrymen and women. Stand in the gap for the family and pray for the family and your husband.

 I know we are living in the material world but prayers cannot be substituted for anything. There are certain things that happen beyond our control and these things can be taken care of by a higher power outside your control. Whether you believe it or not you can’t control everything so far as you remain on earth as a mere mortal.                 

6. Stop Insult in the Relationship

Be angry and sin not. That is one of the statements in the bible that constantly keep me in check as a bible believer. I know women are emotional beings and can get overboard sometimes.

But let your mouth be filled with words of comfort and exultation. Raining insults on him because you are angry does not show any sign of emotional maturity and does not solve the problem you are angry about.

 Sit your partner down and let him understand you are unhappy about certain things he did and may not even be aware-hurt you. Be different among the cohort of women and be an example to your daughters as well as your sons.

Remain calm and control your anger without insults. Don’t utter any word until you are calm enough to speak devoid of insults. As a woman take the insult of your spouse lightly and move on with him. See it as a way of releasing tension building up in him

7. Be Creative

I said relationship must be created on daily basis. Learn to do something romantic each day. Once in a while, particularly during weekends, prepare and serve his favorite meals in an entirely different way than he is used to.

Use new cups, plates, table clothes and mat. Add his favorite wine and flowers not forgetting that special music that can get both of you dancing off your feet.

If you do these things, it will make your man feel like a king. He will tell you some secrets he might not want you to be aware of. Your relationship is how you make it. If you want your relationship to flourish, do something to that effect.

Enjoy your day

Scout Linsky


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