Most of the issues we faced in our day-today interactions with our partners are things we can handle with our partners provided we’re ready to adopt a little common sense in our dealings with our partners.

These issues are not new to us but our failure to come to the stack reality that they matter to the people we are dealing with dent us from enjoying healthy and long lasting relationship.

Find below the 8 common sense approach to building a healthy relationship with men

COMMON SENSE 1-Failure to Keep Encouraging Him

We all have ups and downs at certain periods in our journey to success. It can be a very difficult road to travel. Discouragement can set in, leading to frustration and disappointments in an attempt to achieve life success. This period in anybody’s life especially men can be very challenging and frustrating.

Most men can give up easily if they don’t have the self-discipline to continue forging ahead. This is the moment men need their partner to come on board to encourage their partners to continue all the good things they have started. Your encouragement will serve as a morale booster for them.

Men need this encourage as much as men encourage women to press on. Even if they failed by not taking your advice, don’t discourage them in their new adventure. No one knows which of their exploits will succeed one day. Successful people are not without mistakes, but they are they are able to overcome their mistakes until they reach at nothing but success.

Your Words are powerful, use them wisely. God formed the earth by his spoken words. Learn to choose your words carefully. Encourage him with positive words as much as possible. Know that you will be part of his success equation. You have the power to build a healthy relationship if you choose to do so

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 2-Failure to Be Humble

I am not saying be humble so that your partner would look mean upon you. No madam! But, The Bible says wives should submit to their own husbands and husbands should love their wives. What do you make out of date. Relationship is not fighting for equality but living in peace with your partner.

You can’t respect your friends and colleagues at work and come home to do the opposite. Many career women are submissive to their managers at work but disrespect their own husband at home. No matter the economic status of your husband, humble yourself to him. Showing humility does not make you a fool, it is admonition from the bible.

No sensible man in his right sense will disrespect any woman who demonstrates humility before him. Don’t follow the so called women’s right and do otherwise. You can get whatever you want from a man by being humble. Pride they say, goes before a fall. Run from pride and exhibit humility towards him at all times and build a healthy relationship with him.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 3-Failure to Make Him Comfortable

Do not create problems at home. Some women have made the home uncomfortable for their husbands to an extent that the men don’t feel like coming home after work. Their attitudes at home makes the men take solace elsewhere than their own homes. If you belong to these groups of women I encourage you change your behavior towards your own husband.

Have you created a lovely atmosphere in the home for him to miss home anytime he is out of the house? Something about you might be chasing him out of the house. May be true and maybe not.

But whatever the case may be. Reexamine your attitudes toward him again. Create something unique that will make your husband want to come home after he closes from work. Don’t allow other things to be his second partner after work.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 4-Failure to Make Him Happy

Evidences have shown that most men die from stress related diseases than women. The two reports I have read connect men’s stress related ailments to risky adventure of men, unfulfilled dreams, bad businesses, unstable relationships and family pressures to some extent.

In conclusion, the reports recommended to men to take vacation at least once in the year. What this mean is that you have to ensure the right home atmosphere for him.

I hope you do not want your husband to die and leave you and your children behind. That is the reason why you need to make him happy. Sex relaxes the muscles of men and makes them sleep well. Do not deny him sex if he requested for it. Create the enabling condition in the home to make him happy at all times and he would likewise do same to you.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 5-Failure to Show Affection to Him

You must always thought of your husband everyday with affection as he does for you. Remember how much you were in love with him during your courtship time. It is important to bring back some of the things that made you want to see each other every day.

Learn to write a poem and deposit it into his pocket or wallet. Hug and kiss him as much as possible. Let him feel the fondness in every aspect of your life. Men also want affection just like women.

Don’t hide your affection towards him. Demonstrate it and let him know about it. It will not make him slip out of your hand into other women. Because he gets all the satisfaction a man may desire from a woman at home.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 6-Failure To Look Sexy And Romantic

All the genders are visually sensitive but men more sexually active when visually attractive women cross their way. Men easily give up when what they see is attractive to their eyes. I think the creator made it so to enable men locate men chase after what they want. When it comes to dressing do not compromise at all.

 Make your dressing appeal to him as if you are still in the dating mood. Whether you like it or not you will not be the most attractive woman in the area you live. There are girls and women who are beautiful and dress elegantly well than you.

Every man turns to look at a beautiful woman once or twice when he sees one. Some women once married stop dressing romantically and stop being sexy. They think it does not matter anymore. It does matter to us as men. If you leave yourself anyhow before him all the time, women that he sees everyday can easily attract him.

Do you know office romance is still real and happening every now and then? Let him know that you match any type of woman he sees every day. Try as much as possible to appear neat, attractive and sexy.

COMMON SENSE APROACH 7-Failure to Associate With Women Achievers

As I indicated earlier a praying wife is a jewel to the husband. Your prayer life can go a long way to save the man from unforeseen difficulties and problems. The friends you choose can influence you positively or negatively. Make friends with other women you share the same faith with. Join them to pray for the family especially your husband. Jesus who is omnipotent pray at all times.

He urged us to pray without ceasing. Your prayer can save your husband from falling ‘flat’ for anything in skirt who calls herself a woman. We are human and full of weaknesses. Prayer defends what we cannot defend ourselves. Your prayer would go a long way to save your husband from various temptations.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 8-Failure to Show that you Care

We all want to receive care and affection from someone. It tells us what somebody thinks of us. Our Savior and Master Jesus Christ commanded us to owe nobody anything except love.

The small things you do for him can tell him your level of care and affection you have for him. Even though men are supposed to demonstrate and show more care to women, never fail to also exhibit to him that you care.

 When he is not well how do you respond to him? How do you treat him before other people? Do you make him feel special and valued? It’s something you must do every day. In fact, it appears as if some women take their husbands for granted in the relationship as the years go on. Do what is right and best even if he fails to appreciate them. Look up to God and He would strengthen you to overcome all difficulties.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 9-Failure to Manage His Money Well

Money is the blood line and sweat of everybody. That is why people do all manner of things to acquire and possess money. The men who possess cash command their environment and the people around them. Your husband works very hard for his money. Do not joke with his money. Handle the money he gives you with all seriousness.

 Some women are not diligent when it comes to handling money. They assumed after all the money belongs to their husband and can be used by them anyhow. Money made some lovely relationship to end because a partner didn’t handle money properly.

Let be honest when it comes to money. If for any reason you think otherwise why the money cannot be used for what he suggested, tell him. Do not use the money on a different thing before telling him what you used his money for. It makes ‘men mad’. Try to avoid this temptation and live in harmony with your partner

COMMON SENSE APPROACH 10-Failure to Help Him Deal with His Problem

We all have a problem at one time or the other. You are not just anybody but a partner to support his ambitions and goals in life. You are to add direct or indirect value to his life aspirations. Don’t just assume the role of a wife and sit there and watch things unfold.

Some women are not assertive enough to offer any real value to their partners. They relegate their creative powers to the background. Your husband could be a professor but he does not know all things. He may need help at times.

Your vigilant eye could detect a loop hole in a business venture he wants to undertake. Pressure at work may sometimes blindfold men not to see through things carefully with a ‘second eye’. That is where you come in handy with your views, suggestions and advice. Make yourself relevant to him and let him value your timely opinions.

Building a happy and healthy relationship is not rocket science but common sense in approaching issues that come up in our relationship. Revise the 9 points again to build a lasting relationship.

Stay blessed!

Scout Linsky


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