A Warm and friendly as well as happy relationship has been the dream of everyone who enters a relationship. The beginning of most relationship is like a fanfare- where couples or partners pay close attention to each other and treat one another with ultimate care and love.

However as the relationship travels, some negative attitudes are likely to rear its ugly head. Prominent among such behaviors, typical of men include but not limited to the following


The control of men is not only limited to the world stage but some men extend that dominance to their family life as well as the home. Most men prefer their wives to be mere consumers of information rather than being active participant of the decision making process at home.

Men refusal to allow their partners the freedom to engage them in discussion with regards to whatever decision they bring to the table is very worrisome even in this 21st century.

No matter your level of education or status in the society, don’t impose your decision on your spouse and expect prompt response from her. Don’t turn the home to be like master servant relationship. Such controlled relationship never last longer and it’s a potential recipe for relationship failure.

Bring your ideas to the table for discussion. By so doing, you open the space for broader consultation between you and your partner before the implementation of your idea. I hope you want a harmonious and healthy relationship. Create a level playing field in your home and not dictatorship.


If you can’t get time for your partner after she has committed herself to you, you don’t have any business getting in there in the first place.

Some men are behaving like visitors in their home. They are always going somewhere, leaving their partners all alone in the home. This bizarre attitude by some men irritate women and should not be part of your marriage life.

Everybody knows she married or engaged to you, so, other people who might be interested in her would not show up again. Don’t tight her hand and put her into prison by confining her in the home alone while you go out and have fun.

When you both come back from work, don’t be in a hurry to go out. Have time for each other and share common interest that would advance the relationship. Don’t do things that would make your partner go cold towards you. Don’t do these silly things men do in their relationship


As a matter of fact, it may get to a point in one’s relationship where the urge to cheat on your partner may rear its ugly head. When this urge comes, muster the courage and refuse to listen to your emotion to chase other women, who possess the same physical attributes like her.

Women, for that matter your partner can’t be changed like your panties or shoes from time to time. When you go gallivanting with other women, you render her useless- by your behavior you are telling her she hasn’t got what it takes to keep a man.

Many women who found themselves in this situation ended up becoming depressed leading some of them  into the psychiatric hospital –for this negative men attitude that have so much impact on women who are so committed to their relationships.

What do other women have that your partner doesn’t have? If you found something you don’t like about her, tell her to correct them, but don’t chase other women besides her. It’s so disrespectful to her. Avoid this silly men behavior in your relationship


I am the man, the head of the family, I give orders to be obeyed. Here they go again sounding the same trumpet that their great grandfathers sound in the medieval age some 800 years ago. There’s a wise saying that “there’s no institution above counsel” This means that nobody can say he or she is know it all without any advice or counsel. Even institutions as well as companies have special advisors on their boards.

This men ego thing has hindered a lot of men from accepting genuine advices and counselling from their wives. I was once a victim for not taking advice from my wife and I have to pay dearly for that singular act.

Don’t feel too proud to listen and take advice from your partner. She might see a head of you and identify certain things that you have turn your blind eye to.


It’s told that when a man is sick he wants the wife to give him 100% attention and care but when the woman is sick, she is expected to do her household chores and put herself together quickly.

A lady came to inform the boyfriend’s wife about certain huge investment that the man made without informing the legitimate wife about the deal. The said girlfriend felt the man was selfish, greedy and wicked, having observed from a distance how industrious the man’s wife was.

A twenty year old girl has been able to deceive her 50 year boyfriend, a senator in one the countries and took away his 50,000$ from his account. If this is not childish, then what else can be used to describe it? A woman may not allow herself to be deceived by her 20 year old boyfriend to give away such a colossal amount of money. You can see why women think men sometimes behave like babies.


Don’t be offended if you are a heavy drinker of the liquid substance. However the truth be told that anyone who takes solace in alcoholic beverages is sick and ought to seek medical attention to deal with the problem. Take it or leave it, scientific studies have shown in various reports about how we destroy certain part of our organs when we become addicted to its consumption.

 The over indulgence in alcohol is bad for you and your partner and ought to be addressed immediately. The stench from your mouth and your negative behaviors would make your spouse go cold towards you, there’s no magic about.

My late dad passed on due to alcohol, even though he was not a heavy drinker, he was warned by doctors not to take the substance because of certain health problem he has, he disobeyed and went to his early grave.

It’s my fervent hope that you would deal with these 6 silly negative attitudes that men exhibit which drive their partners away from them.

Stay blessed!

Scout Linsky


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