1. Unfaithfulness To Your Partner

The issue of faithfulness is so dear to everybody in any committed relationship. Statistics about marital unfaithfulness is becoming a big issue across the globe.

Whatever the case may be or the reasons people give for these unfortunate lifestyles, there are indications that the trend is on the increase worldwide.

 Infidelity statistics revealed interesting findings

Build trust along the way. Fulfill becoming unfaithful. You are not in competition with each other and cannot justify equality for wrong doing as the trending is pointing to.

Unfaithfulness in relationship has been one of the causes of divorce and separation in most relationship. Don’t allow the temptation to cheat on your partner destroy the relationship you have built over the years. Avoid contact with persons tempting you to cheat on your partner. Remember you are not only faithful to him but God Almighty as well. Above all, learn to let go when your partner “repent” from his or her bad ways.

  • Don’t Be Too Difficult to Be Understood

Things may be difficult sometimes in your relationship. But hold on a little while without becoming too difficult to understand your partner. This is not the time for blame game and it’s neither the time to say discouraging things to your partner

You can’t always get whatever you want in a relationship. Learn to appreciate the difficulty and relax for things to normalize.

Men need women who will understand them in times like this. This is the time for you to stand by him. Give him a shoulder for him to cry on. He needs your support in times like this. Men also need to give attention to their spouses to understand them during the transition period especially when the relationship is new.

Sometimes, it is really difficult for partners in a relationship to understand each other and move along peacefully. Study your partner to know him inside out so as to avoid the frequent quarrel in the relationship.  Read John Gray’s book (1992)- Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

This is a book written by American author and relationship counsellor, you might get some inspiration to keep you going.

Please let go of the ego and focus on your partner rather than yourself.

  • Unwillingness to Forgive Him His Mistakes

The scripture tells us: “we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. (Roman 3:23) All religion that I know of, talk about forgiveness and emphasized people to let go of whatever wrongs that have been done to them.

The more you keep the issue, the more you hurt yourself. We can’t overstress the issue of forgiveness in this book because the issue of forgiveness has received much attention in many book stores across the world.

What is the level of mistake your partner has committed that you cannot forgive? Forgiveness is a divine duty we must all adhere to. The Christian Bible in Romans 3 makes it clear that we are all sinners and did not deserve the mercies of God but, Christ through his precious blood forgive us.

Look up to Jesus and let go or look at a higher power you believe in to help you forgive your partner no matter how hurtful or disappointed you are.

We are to emulate our Lord Jesus Christ no matter how the offences were. Your partner is first and foremost human and may have his short comings. He is not a super perfect being and can easily hurt you or make mistakes. Get the issues out of your heart.

 By keeping the issue inside your heart, you weaken your soul and spirit. Un-forgiveness can kill you eventually if you continue to give the issue prominence in your heart. Let our Lord Jesus Christ or a higher power be your perfect example. Jesus Christ forgave his accusers even on the cross.

 Use your forgiving attitude to win your partner back to you. Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa are a few examples to emulate when it comes to forgiveness. Emulate them and forgive each other unconditionally.

  • Out of Fashion Dressing

I have noticed sometimes in our marriage that my wife, Lizzy, stops dressing smartly as she used to do. I called her to remind her that she is still the woman of my heart and must maintain that standard.

A lot of women soon forget that there is something special about them that attracts the men to them. Do NOT assumed that once you become the Mrs. of the house, you should ceased dressing to attract him.

 Remember that men are visual persons; they are moved by what appeals to their eyes. Your inability to continue to dress fashionably and sexily will drive him into other women’s arm.

Every man has a weakness in that area. Sampson in the Bible was attracted to Delilah even though the parents warned him against marrying from the tribe of Dan. But Sampson could not resist the beauty of the woman. That led to his destruction. It can happen to anybody. Your partner is no exception. Men out there, make your partner proud by the way you support her to dress. Let her feel that she is lucky to have you as her man. Buy her the kind of clothes or dresses you prefer her to wear.

  • Value His Time

One problem of disagreement between me and my lovely wife is time management. She is not conscious of time. Time management is a big problem for most people especially some of our women folks. The day to leave for a program-that will be the day some women including my wife will be deciding what dress to wear.

Choosing a particular dress to wear can be confusing to most women. Don’t take time for granted in any aspect of your life. But know that time lost is never regained. Learn not to unnecessarily delay your partner when it is time to attend an important event. If you want to be successful, begin to respect time as a crucial commodity. If you know you problem about time start early, it’s always to plan ahead.

 Respect each other’s time. Don’t allow the food to get cold unnecessary before coming home or appearing at odd hours for an event. The catch here is respect each other’s time since no time is more valuable than the other.

Enjoy your Sunday

Scout Linsky


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