Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you’ve come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you’ve won and all the fears you’ve overcome.

Think of what author of bestselling books, too numerous to count, Brain Tracy says “the history of the human race is a history of ordinary people who have overcome their fears and accomplished extra ordinary things.


Many people with great talents, potentials, skills and abilities, out of fear, wallow in abject poverty for their inability to free themselves from the bondage of fear. Do we all get caught up in the web of fear? Yes, we do as a result of our past failures, what we hear others say, what the media feed and the newspapers including news from our TVs are discussing.

The day I decided to take full responsibility of my life and stop apportioning blame, the way becomes clear-Ask me why? I begin to identify all the talents, experiences, knowledge and education within me that I can utilize for not only towards my success but the success of others.

It took me several years to identify that. I realized that I was pretending to be comfortable in my small comfort zone, accepting paycheck month after month. A mentor of mine called me one day and told me “enough of the education, take your destiny into your own hand” and added that “the greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose” Did you get that my sister, brother, father and mother?  

What is keeping you waiting? The month of March has shown its beautiful and ugly faces. If you’ve not started anything yet, start now? We’ve moved along way to the knowledge market place, where the person who reads and updates his or her knowledge regularly can identify what part he or she can play in order to fit into the market place and benefit from it.

Until you take action by overcoming self-imposed fear, nothing is going to change in the midst of the abundance of wealth and riches circulating around you. What’s your life purpose? Look within you closely and reflectively and take note of what you can do to create the kind of life you’ve imagined all these while. You will never know what could come out of your exploit, until you master the courage to move towards your goal by overcoming the limiting belief of yourself.

Don’t allow fear to limit you from going after what you want in life. I want to challenge you to wake up and start running with your ideas. Start now. Register that business, accept to date again or accept that proposal to find love again, take that initiative now because there’s no such thing like ideal and perfect time. The perfect time is what you make of the time.


Fear could take away your creativity. If I tell you, you are creative in one way or the other, would you believe it? So, why are you not able to utilize the creative powers within you for your own good and the good of others? Because you allow fear to shield what is hidden inside you.

My wife loves everything about fabrics and sewing and can take a cursory look at someone at a distance and sew a beautiful dress for the person.

Fear has tormented a number of people from taking decision in life because they hold the view that other people are better off than them-thus hindering their own success in life. Do you know most of the fears you have are self-inflicted.

Studies have shown that most of the fears people claimed to have never occur in their life time but exist only in their imagination. So, why do you allow fear to control your life and prevent you from actually doing and achieving what you are created for? If you replace your fears with success and achievement, you would become what you’ve been thinking off and imagining every day, it’s just a matter of time for you to actualize and achieve what you’ve purpose in life.


If you live your life in constant fear and worries, you risk the chance of compromising your health. According to taking charge of your health, fears and worries poses four critical health problem to you.

  1. Physical health.  Fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility.  It can lead to accelerated ageing and even premature death.
  2. Memory.  Fear can impair formation of long-term memories and cause damage to certain parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus. This can make it even more difficult to regulate fear and can leave a person anxious most of the time. To someone in chronic fear, the world looks scary and their memories confirm that.
  3. Brain processing and reactivity.  Fear can interrupt processes in our brains that allow us to regulate emotions, read non-verbal cues and other information presented to us, reflect before acting, and act ethically. This impacts our thinking and decision-making in negative ways, leaving us susceptible to intense emotions and impulsive reactions. All of these effects can leave us unable to act appropriately.
  4. Mental health.  Other consequences of long-term fear include fatigue, clinical depression, and PSTD. (www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/impact-fear-and-anxiety)

I want you to know that there’s no point in subjecting your life to constant worries in this day and time when any information you are looking for is just a click away from your room.  Be courageous to tell yourself that you can make it in life irrespective of where you find your life at the moment and what you are going through in life.  If you are reading this post it means you are far ahead of more than 70% of the world population- that didn’t have the privilege to access the internet.


A man was shown sympathy by the boss with fairly good amount of money for the wife to start a small business to complement the income of the man because of his dedication and commitment to work as a security officer -who takes charge of the premises after the company has close for the day’s work.

Surprisingly, he turn down the offer with the explanation that “he fears big money and wasn’t sure the wife can run any business without incurring loses” The fears of handling money has crippled this man to take action to change his life.

What do you think is your greatest fear and what have done so far to overcome the problem? What you fear will not just vanish until you do something about the fear. Get more information about what you are afraid of and learn more about how others have been able to overcome the problem. But don’t allow fear to hold you down. Take action today and overcome the fear with courage.


Are you among people who are always afraid of venturing into the night, board an airplane, walk on the stairs, take a lift, afraid to make new friends, afraid of losing your spouse or boyfriend etc.

You are not alone- A 2012 Gallup poll of 31 countries found that less than half of adults surveyed reported feeling unsafe walking alone at night.

Fear is part of the human life but it can be overcome when we are exposed to new evidence-which will help us to discard our old information that is limiting us from making any headway in life.

In sum anybody can overcome his or her fear when the person has taken full control of his or her life. You should know that fear is not a friend and should be entertained as part of your thinking. Overcome your fear with courage and boldness. Discard any thought of fear with success and happiness.

Stay blessed!

Scout Linsky


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