What at all is the purpose of our life on earth? To work hard, have children, build a great family and be successful in achieving all that you desire while on earth and go back to wherever you came from to this earth.  If you agree with me to some extent, why do we allow you allow your life to be driven like a crazy horse that knows next to nothing where it’s going?

Find below 8 life madness that caught all of us in a web no matter where you find yourself on the globe.



I think everyone cherishes relationship with friends at work, former school mates, family members etc. Even animals cherish the company of their equals.

But, what you should know is that there’s nothing permanent here on earth. You should be able to acknowledge the fact that your relationship with all the people described above will fail one day. If you have this basic mindset, you wouldn’t allow your broken relationship with individuals to determine your life agenda for you. You’ve so much contributions to make to make on this earth before you go back to your maker, don’t waste it on things you can do very little about.

If you continue to think about the why factors, you will become depressed and stressed out. Let them go and expect other good people to come your way. What do you need to do, open up your mind to the universe and allow things to unfold naturally in your life? Life challenges will continue to stay with us, but you shouldn’t allow it define you.


Where are you going with all your busy life as if the world is after you? Sometimes, I looked at people and marvel at the speed at which they are driving their lives. These people have no time for church activities, friends and family as well their own personal lives. Difficulty in life should make us to grow wise and smart but not to kill ourself.

I have always been saying that if I die today and you die tomorrow, the world wouldn’t come to an end. Life would continue as usual, so, why do you  keep yourself so much preoccupied that you have no time to enjoy a bit of the things you are working very hard for.

A favorite uncle died in his office at Michigan in the United State, because of cardiac arrest due to his inability to go for regular medical checkups as prescribed by his doctor. For him, life is about work, work and work and nothing else. Another hardworking journalist from Ghana, who died on the job, working for BBC is late Komla Dumor.

I am not discounting working very hard, but don’t allow busy lifestyle drives you to an early grave.


A woman died recently because she can give birth after ten years in the marriage and she was so desperate that she was using all kinds of drugs she was promised could do the magic for her. Even though the husband assured her of his love and the promise, he will stay solidly behind her, she failed to take comfort in the husband and died a pre-mature death at 35. Who can do away with life difficulties we face?

I know you are working very hard but things seem not to be going your way. It can be very frustrating and disappointing. At this moment, many people give up any hope in life and unfortunately occupied themselves with failure, worries and fears about the future.

But, I want you to know that you time will come and your story will be different from others. “Hold onto your gun”. There was a man in the bible called Zachariah and the wife Elizabeth. Even though the man was a priest in the house of God, there was no child. Finally, the child came after 30+ years and the child was named John, who prepared the way for Christ Jesus.

Many children were born at the time but we didn’t hear of their account, but so much is written about John. So shall your story be. Have faith in yourself and the divine God you serve with all honesty will not disappointment you.


You’ve no idea what’s driving people emotionally as they go through life as if all is well. It appears we are living too much of the individualism and people are not willing to share what’s worry them.

Be willing to share you problems with people. Even if you don’t trust anybody, there should be one single individual you can approach. Don’t hide your issues by thinking about it day and night. I don’t believe in the concept “each one for himself, but God for us all” We are created as social beings, so learn to approach people with your issues.

Someone may have an answer to your problem, so go out and get help including go to the hospital for professional advice. Don’t allow life challenges to disorganize you emotionally.

Read my post about the reasons why we all need to seek for help


An elderly man was said “we live in a small world, but created huge problems we can’t solve” When it comes to family matters, one needs to be careful. Your relationship with your own siblings could go sour and not to talk about your parents as well as cousins.

As a matter of fact, every family has an issue, so don’t be so much disappointed in yourself if your relationship with your own family didn’t go well as you envisaged. Put yourself together and move on when all your effort failed to yield result to reconcile yourself with them.


This extended family issues may not be so much an issue in some part of the world but a big issue in every part of the world with regards to your father and mother in-laws-because every married person has a father and mother laws issues to deal with. The concerns of your in-laws should equally be your concern.

Their welfare and well beings should engage your attention and you must plan for them. However, don’t be pre-occupied so much with issues of your in-law. Some may be grateful for the sacrifices you are making in their lives but others may not. That’s part of life, face it and move on with your lives. Your worry doesn’t change life challenges that may come your way.


Financial issues seems to rank the highest in most family disputes across the world. Three days ago, I indicated why would-be couples should delay giving birth because, the upkeep of children bring a huge financial burden on the parents.

Whether we like it or not financial issues would continue to run our lives now and forever more. If you don’t plan your financial life properly, you would continue to run your life in circle. Financial worries have kept many people in bondage and poverty.

Stop your money worries and tackle your financial challenges head on. If you fail to do anything about your money matters it will continue to chase you wherever you go and your life will be full of misery.


One of the problems that made people unhappy and miserable in life is their marital problems which confront them on daily basis. The reality is that you are in charge of your life. Even though marriage is part of your life, you shouldn’t allow your life to turn pitiful because of your failed life.

Deal with your marital issues by addressing the most important issues that must be addressed by seeking professional assistance when it becomes necessary to do so. Don’t allow marriage to define you, live your life the way you want and be happy.

We’ve have been able to identify 8 ways our lives can drive us mad if we go through life. Manage all these 8 segments of life well. Even though they are necessary evils, you should not allow these life challenges to drive you crazy.

Stay blessed!

Scout Linsky



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