The truth is that we all want to do things orderly and in an organized fashion, but many of us find it difficult to do things the way we wanted. We can all attest to the fact that everybody wants to eat in an organized restaurant, sleep in a hotel that’s superb and live in a well arranged neighborhood.

It’s important we learn to practice and develop the habit of organizing our lives in certain ways that will guarantee success in every department of our lives-family, marriage, work, friends, business etc. To every large extent, the environment we grow up can influence our upbringing either positively or negatively. But the good news is that any habit at all can be unlearn if we have the will power and the discipline to do so.

Find below 10 ways to organize your lifestyle for great success


Determine what you really what in life so that your can organize your life around what you really what to achieve. In fact, many people go through life without identifying what they should pursue in life, hence they chase after anything at all that come their way.

Sit down and ask yourself this question-what do I want to achieve by a way of the things I love to do in life. Can I let my passion finally gives me my pay check? Take for instance the footballer who wants to get to the top of his team. He’s expected to organize his life around training, exercises, proper diet, and weight management in order to achieve his aim.

I know a young lady of 24 years who is so confused and unorganized to the extent that she changed three different vocations in a spate of two years. She went to apprenticeship training in order to be trained as a dressmaker but truncated her training because that is not what she wants to do in life. She went again to register with a catering school to be trained as a caterer but this pursuit also lasted for 8 months and was abandoned. She again went to bakery school to be trained as a baker.

When I had the opportunity to speak to her. I asked her a simple question: What exactly do you want to do with your life? Her response was I don’t really know. If you know what you want it’s very easy to organize your life towards the attainment of that goal.


If you can’t concentrate all your effort towards the achievement of your single purpose goal in life, there is the tendency for you cut yourself on the foot by spreading thinly all your effort in doing other things you don’t really want in life.

We’ve all read about the Pareto principle that states that 20% of all your effort bring about 80% of the result. What it means there is that put in as much as possible your very best effort in all that you do in order for you to achieve the remarkable result you want. Do more than the average person and learn around your area of interest. Follow the footprint of those who’ve succeeded in the area you want to go and do what they do every day,


Do you really desire to achieve a particular lifestyle of your dream? Be ready to pay the price no what the price tag involved in achieving such goal. Don’t forget the reaping and sowing principle in life. If you are not ready to pay the “sacrificial” price for your success, then you are not ready to achieve success.

I read a story of a mother of three who in the midst of these three young kids, set a time each night after the kids were a sleep to write her book and ended up producing one of the best seller books in her industry. She sacrificed for the price and the reward was as a result of dedicated effort and the willingness to pay the price.

Many of us are good in dreaming of our ideal life but we are ready to put in the needed effort to get what we want. If you are ready to pay the price everything is possible for you to achieve.


I met a cousin who still does what has been doing for the past 10 years. He allows any of the friends to come to his mechanic shop and engage him in unnecessary discussions which has nothing to do with what he does. He fails to upgrade himself and was taken over by modern mechanic shops that uses computers to diagnose problems with cars that come to their shops. He told me “my brother, time flew away from me”

The issue is that we all at a point in time fall victim to this waster-by allowing everything to engage our attention and these things steal our productive time and space for any great achievement.

The following could be your time wasters:

  1. Too much time spend on your phone
  2. Too much time spend on social media
  3. Too much time spend on the TV
  4. Too much time spend on reading the newspapers
  5. Too much time spend with friends etc.
  6. Too much time spend on social gossips

Check what are stealing your time and eliminate them


Until you are discipline enough to eliminate a number of things in your life, it will be difficult for me and you to achieve anything worthwhile in our lives. The self is under your control and you must allow it to obey you.

Quit everything you’ve identified in your life that is not adding up to the billing and cut them off completely.

  1. If you need to save more money to achieve the lifestyle you want, do just that,
  2. If you have to quit smoking or drinking so that you can concentrate on building your dream lifestyle simply do so
  3. If you need to go to school to upgrade yourself to achieve that feat, what are you waiting for?
  4. If you need to attend seminars and listen to experts in your field, don’t hesitate to join the class
  5. If reading more books or listening to audio CDs, why not give it a short etc.


A Chinese proverb says “a short pencil is better than a sharper memory” Don’t tell me you brain is sharper than the computer. If I asked you the food you ate on the 10th of December 2018 as breakfast or the dress you wore on 10th of January 2019 to church, it may not be possible you can get the right answer. So many things may be crossing through your mind. Rightly so because if you asked me the same question I will probably give you guess answers. Because our memory fades with time

The issue of writing down goals has taken a center stage because of its benefits. There are apps that can help us organize your life into ways that are achievable.

Take for instance the following apps:

1. Google Keep

To begin, you’ll need a note-taking app where you can consolidate your scribbles, lists, and fragmented notes. We all like Google Keep, with its straightforward interface and compatibility across multiple platforms.

2. Cortana

These days, every phone comes with its own digital helper. But even if you have access to Google Assistant or Siri, you should consider using Cortana as well, particularly if you work with multiple devices or own a Windows 10 computer. Just download the app, sign in with your Microsoft account, and let her organize your life.

3. Trello

Trello has earned a strong reputation as a tool teams can use to manage shared projects. In fact, it works just as well for individuals and families, because part of Trello’s appeal is its flexibility—you can adapt it for a variety of purposes, including keeping track of whatever needs tracking.

4. Smarter Time

In order to organize your life more efficiently, you need to know how you’re spending your time—and that’s what Smarter Time aims to do. It can even track your activity automatically: While you’re supposed to log your time, the app will also attempt to fill in any blanks in your day, basing its work on your previous habits and on data from your phone’s sensors (speedy movement, for example, might mean you took a morning run).

5. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most popular to do list apps, and with good reason. This comprehensive tool works on just about every platform, provides a bright and intuitive interface, and includes advanced features for those who need them.

6. Habit List

Habit List’s tagline is “Build a better you,” and everything inside the app is geared towards that. It tries to gently nudge you into developing good habits, such as regularly filing your paperwork or creating a cleaning routine.

7. Pocket

One way many of us lose time is by falling into an internet rabbit hole. But when you find an interesting story, you don’t have to read it immediately. Instead, save it in Pocket and revisit it when you have more down time.


Who doesn’t want to get something for nothing? Unfortunately, there’s nothing like that in the world.  If you desire to achieve anything that is important to you, then you must escape the “procrastination trap”

Many people have still not decided exactly what they want to do since the beginning of the year 2019 but hope to achieve something important by the close of the year.

Start whatever you want to do now with what you have and don’t wait for everything to be 100 perfect before you start taking action. There’s no perfect time anywhere under the planet. The time is now and not tomorrow.


Learn to assess yourself each month to evaluate the action you’ve taken towards the achievement of your life success. People do it daily before retiring to bed, others like me do evaluation of how the week ended up by the close of the week especially Saturday evenings before going to bed

On your journey to success learn to evaluate yourself periodically so that you can make changes as you progress to achieve your dream lifestyle

So far we’ve been able to discuss 8 practical steps you can take to organize yourself for your personal life success. If you implement the lists identified above, it will draw you closer to achieving success in life

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky


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