The smallest thanks is always worth more than the effort it takes to give it-Unknown

Lack of appreciation in some relationships has created artificial distance between lovers who are supposed to be best friends and live closer emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. When partners in a committed relationship felt they are not been appreciated, they may withdraw from their partners-leading to disharmony and relationship conflicts.

Meanwhile one of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to be understand and to be understood- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Now let jump straight to discuss 5 better ways to show true appreciation to the person we really love in our life.


How would you show to your partner to know that you care and value all the little and bigger things he or she has done for you in the relationship. It’s not enough to say a big thank you for your partner. Make the appreciation truly remarkable.

Follow it up with a citation with words that show how deeply your partner’s appreciation meant to you. If you are not good in playing with words, get someone to write your appreciation of gratitude on your behalf. The citation should be properly framed and hang in the hall or the bedroom where she or he can see and read about what you think of him or her on daily basis through the magical words on the framed citation.

It’s lovely and beautiful to have your partner presents a citation to you as a form of appreciation. Make it poetic so that he can come back and read it again and again. I have citation presented to me during my university days and during my teaching career as best municipal teacher as well as region best teacher. I read these citations quiet often in my hall-because they are so encouraging.


Appreciation should not be once upon a time event but continuous demonstration of gratitude in all that your partner has been doing.

 Buy her or him something simple that shows you are thinking about him or her on your way back from work. Some people designated appreciation for special day to appreciate their loved ones. Assist him or her in doing the laundry or cooking a meal for the family. Find out from her what you can cook for him or her.

You can kiss him or her regularly and tell your partner you will not substitute her or him for any other person. Appreciate her beautiful hairdo and dress anytime she wears these special dresses. Always create a feeling of being needed and wanted in your relationship. If you do this every day, appreciation will become part and parcel of you.


It’s a fact that people set special event or days to appreciate their partners or spouses. If you set a side event like birthday, Halloween, valentine day etc. to do your appreciation. Then the gift and choice of place should vary at each given event.

If you are the type who always present a particular gift item to your partner, then choose a different method this time round. For instance, sponsor her to have a hot massage in a luxury SPA alone or arrange for a solo buffet party for him or her alone.

Since these are special events in your calendar to appreciate your partner, plan a head and factor that in your budget in order not to have a budget over run. Plan for your special appreciation and makes it really memorable and truly unique


A verse in the bible tells us there’s more blessing in giving than receiving. Don’t just position yourself to always receive from your partner without you also giving anything to your partner in return.

Have you also considered giving something to your partner in return? It doesn’t matter the value of the gift but the good intention behind the gift. It might not be possible to have the same income level, but the reality is that there’s always something you can afford to give.

Think of a set of handkerchief, special pen, panties, men’s socks etc. to show appreciation to him or her. Nothing is too small to be undermined for appreciation


Don’t forget this type of appreciation is between lovers in a relationship who can agree to allow their partner’s blind date someone else for a short period.

Wikipedia defines blind date as a special social engagement between two people who have not previously met, usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance.

If you are comfortable about your partner meeting another person, then arrange with a friend who is also comfortable to meet somebody for the first time.

The date should not go beyond two hours and discussions should center on getting to know each other and the usual social, work and family life. The venue for this place is usually public place.

This type of date is to kill the boredom in the today-today relationship we’ve with our partners.

Studies suggest that many people who go on blind date come out of the date lovelier than they were previously. If you don’t have any issue of trust, then try such a blind date by swapping with your friend’s partner and check how the feeling would be like.

The question is: would you allow your partner to go on a blind date with your friend whether you trust her or him?

Today we’ve looked at some unconventional means of showing appreciation to your partner. There are many other ways of showing appreciation to your spouse, explore as many ways as possible. Vary the appreciation and make it long lasting in his or her mind.

Stay blessed

Scout Linsky


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