It’ shameful to be born into a world that’s full of opportunities and challenges without knowing who your true parents are and your own identity.  A wise man once said the saddest thing in life is not death but a life without purpose.

Many parents for strange reasons shy away from telling the truth to their children where they come from and their true identity in life. They are quick to dismiss the issue anytime the kids raise the issue. How long can you deny yourself from telling the truth to your kids about whom you are and some background history for them to know who they are and for that matter their identity on earth.

Now read the six things most parents are not bold to tell their kids.


Don’t you think it’s necessary and proper for your kids to know who their parent are in terms of where the come from and some family history about your own identity. Who are you, your kids want to know. Who are their grandparents and where have they come from?

These answers could give your kids all the answers to their nagging questions running to their minds especially when you find yourself in an entirely new geographical environment as a parent. Take for instance a Russian couple living and raising their kids in Canada, an African migrant living in the US and raising their kids in the US.

When you tell them their background history it would enable them to situate themselves and realize their uniqueness in their new environment. Many children are still dealing with identity problem because their parents failed to conscientize their kids. A fake life is an empty and hollow life that deprived the individual from achieving anything worthwhile life.

As soon as your child knows who he or she is they would not shield any part of their potential for fear of being discovered. They become bold and confidence in pursing their dreams. Never fake the identity of your children for any reasons. Everybody is placed on this earth for a divine assignment; to be able to contribute his or her quota for a better world no matter your color, race, religion, education and political lineage.

Ex US president Obama never hide his true identity by tracing his Kenya Parental origin. His bold decision has made a lot of people to come out of their shells and disclose who they truly are.  Let your child know everything they need to know about you the parent.

Tell them every stuff they need to know about their grandparent, where they come from, their occupation and their beliefs. All these long family narratives will guide the children with regards to choices they will make in the future. Again the wise will tell you that “history is a guide to the future” Think about that!


Some parents are having problem with who they are and for that matter they unable to tell their kids what their true identities are. Your child must know who you are and where you come from. This question may sound funny but it appears some parents themselves are dealing with their own identity challenges and don’t want to robe in their kids. Accept who you are and make it plain and pure to your kids.

Teach your children to know you and the kind of parent you are. Hiding family history from them would be a great disincentive to your kids. If you failed to do so, they would find out some days later and they would never believe you again.


There are so many things people believe in. Your child wants to know what your beliefs are and what made you believe in what you believe.

It will be irresponsible on your part to ask them to choose what to believe. I am a Christian father and I am not ashamed to tell my kids about what I believe and why they should believe same. I know some of you may hold contrary opinions. That’s fine. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one.

My position to tell my kids about my believe stems from the fact that I brought them to the world and I would be accountable to my God how they live their lives on earth. If I do my part and they later on pick their own beliefs I have played my part as a responsible parent.

There’s a scripture verse I want to share with you in Colossians 2:8 “ See to it then, that no one enslaves you by means of the worthless deceit of human wisdom, which comes from the teaching handed down by human beings and the ruling spirits of the universe and not from Christ” (Good News Bible)


Every society expects the adult population; who are mostly parents, to be responsible. So, every parent should place some expectations on the children. These expectations should revolve around their goals.

When children are aware that their parents want to see them successful in life, they would work hard to achieve that because they know their parents want the best for them. Sit your children down and tell them the expectation of society as well as you the parent.

I always tell my children that the world is a bigger platform with so many opportunity for them. They are not expected to indulge in drugs and other illegal activities but to work hard and smartly. Tell your children not to fail themselves by inculcating in them the desire to have a life purpose.


One bad thing some parents make in life is their inability to tell their kids their success stories as well as their failures.

Most parents assumed that telling them these stories are not necessary because the bad stories would discourage them from pursuing similar ventures or taking risk in life.

Once you’ve ventured into a business and failed before as a parent, you definitely have a story to tell them and a lessons you learn from your failure. This will guide them in their pursuits.

When your kids know that there’s nothing shameful about failure in life, there would be motivated to take more risk in life and sooner than later success would be theirs. Tell them your success stories as well and let them celebrate the success narratives in your life. Don’t forget your kids take your personal experience seriously than anything they read in books. Never let them down by sharing your success stories with them.


When we were young we all thought our parents could do anything they wish to do. Our expectations about our parents have no limit. We make demands on them left and right because we thought a pile of money is hiding in the room.

Do you know your kids want to be like you? Yes, they admire everything about you especially if you are successful in life.

Tell them what your goals in life are and what you are doing at the moment to achieve them. These information will help them focus in life just like you. When your kids know how you have been able to go through life amidst the challenges you went through, they would be encourage to overcome any challenges that come their way. “If dad and mum can do it”, then your children can do it as well.

We’ve been able to look at 6 things that parents fail to tell their children and how they must gather courage to do so now.

Stay Bless



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