Take it or leave it, every woman secretly admire the married woman life at one point in time or the other and for that matter wish she is married just like the colleagues not to talk of some lovely families with their intelligence kids. Lucky them some say in their heart. Even though we are living in an age where everything can be done by yourself-we still need to go back to the basic. How did you come to this world in the first place? Do a sober reflection and tell me your parent were wrong giving birth to you.

Your dad and mum gave birth to as a wonderful person and the whole world rejoice over your birth because you are like none other. Don’t disappoint your parents by your pretense, “you don’t need a husband”.

Be 100% frank with the following questions before proceeding to read the articles.

  1. Have you ever thought of having your own child or adopting one?
  2. Who gave birth to you?
  3. Do you have a mother and a father-dead or alive?
  4. Are you sure you are emotionally satisfied?
  5. Are you sure you are satisfied dealing with all your problems alone?
  6. Have you ever sought assistance from a man before?
  7. Have you ever attended a wedding event before? What was the feeling?
  8. Have you ever thought of being wedded?
  9. Who are you? Do you really know yourself as a woman?
  10. If you should come back to this earth again, would you still maintain your gender?

If you agree to any three of the questions above, you are just pretending you don’t need a man and for that matter a husband. As a matter of fact many women in the world are living false life, pretending all is well while their heart, soul, spirit and mind tell them something different.

Don’t be offended reading this post with a feminine lenses but I am thinking a loud and answers seem to be far from me.

 Now let look at the reasons why every woman needs a husband.


Let face if squarely, we all need to share part of our emotions with the opposite sex as designed by nature. I know some of you may not agree with me because some of you have already prog[e1] rammed your mind not to share that emotions with someone with the opposite sex but with the same sex like you. I am not talking about sharing emotions with your daughters, sisters, and female cousins.

 I’m talking about emotions shared by the opposite sex. We all have that need that can be meant by your husband. Yes, your husband. The creator predisposes men to provide that support for their wives. If you don’t believe my story get marry and learn how couples share emotional bonding. You can’t get that kinds of emotions outside marriage


You can pretend to be fulfilled by artificial means as some women adopt as lifestyle-but that type of fulfillment is not lasting because it’s not natural. As a matter of fact some women, respectfully are living “empty life” by pretending to the outside world they are enjoying themselves and influencing others along that line.

The reality is that a substitute product can’t replace the original product. True True True. You can’t substitute water for soft drinks. The semen a man discharge during sexual encounter has its own benefit to the woman. Numerous studies have revealed the benefits of sex to the woman. The artificial method of sexual encounter can’t provide the natural satisfaction you truly want. We’ve to face it. The creator has a purpose of creating them men and men. The fluid of the man is beneficial to you as a woman.


Who doesn’t need support in life? We all do need support whether in business, career, buying a new car, relocating to a new residence, buying a house etc. Because all the genders have their shortcomings and strengths, you shouldn’t be jack of all trade master of none. There should be wisdom behind natures’ creation of all living things male and female, at least for the strong one to support the weak ones.

Don’t undermine the intelligence of nature because man’s canal mind has a limitation. Do you know the number of women who are soldiers at the war front, pilot in the war plane, farmers in the jungle etc.? It’s not by mistakes that men are involved in these activities even though the female population worldwide outnumber the male population.

The occupations are physical nature and not ideal for the average woman who are designed to relax, enjoy good health, be pampered, be given a shoulder to cry on etc. The man in your life is to provide the comfort you need. Why deny yourself what should be yours. You need a man sometimes to undertake the physical part. That’s also the reasons why your soft part must complete his hard physical party.

One day, my wife got annoyed with me and refused to talk to me. Unfortunately, she got very ill the following morning at the time I was preparing to go to work. I’ve to stop going to work and send her to the hospital immediately. The illness was so sudden that she could either talk or move any part of the body.

I didn’t know what would have happened if I was not around to call the ambulance service. Re-examine” I don’t need anybody mentality”. Even if you are a millionaire you can’t do everything as a woman, true be told. Sometimes you need the human interface such as a man in your life to see things in a different perspective.

At times we failed to recognize the fact that we are all living under the laws of the universe; which want us to have the best of life and live abundant life. Our failure to recognize this and fight our life battle alone has been the cause of disharmony and chaos in our life sometimes.


The current economic activities in the modern world can psychologically and emotionally drained you to your elastic limit and when this happens you need someone to give you support that can encourage and lift you up.

The reality is that you need that manly warm touch to assure you, darling, you are great-you can make things happen irrespective of the challenges.

A lot of women became who they are today because of the support they receive from responsible men. I know there are wicked and evil men-who don’t wish women to succeed. Don’t reinvent the wheel when you are to enjoy the support of men. There are good men out there looking for good women like you. Stop hiding yourself and get discovered

It’s not by mistakes that economic power largely drifted towards men since the time of  creation. This is nature’s design to enable men to provide the needed financial assistance as much as they can to women. This is not to mean women can’t live financial independent life. No! Some women are doing better financially than men, but my point is that women should benefit from the financial dominance of men in the commerce of life.


In the begging the creator of the universe made them man and woman at least from the historical book, the bible.

 Why kick against the laws of nature when you are supposed to take advantage of it. It looks like some women are easily influenced by what others decide “to be the ideal way of living or way of life” Why should allow your fellow mortal being decides what’s good for your life. Don’t waste your beautiful life given to you by your creator. You may never know you are carrying the next president of your country

What do you want in life, beautiful children or lonely life? Think about these things.


Life is not all about me, me, me but the ability to share yourself with each other through relationship with the opposite sex. Why do you want to share your life alone when someone is praying to have somebody like you as a partner or wife? Don’t be so hard on yourself but open up- for there’s more for you and remember there’s no love or marriage under the grave.

All our beautiful bodies would one day been devoured by termites and ants. So if you have any meaningful enjoyment in life, this is the time and not the life after this earth.


My late mother told me a story about my aunt Monica who refused to marry any man that comes her way because she thought she didn’t need a man in her life. She was a very successful business woman and has everything money can buy.

When the realization dawned on her to have a child it became too late. She got a boyfriend with the intention of getting pregnant and have a child but none came at her advance age of 45. She died without a child and left behind all the things she worked so hard for.

No man or woman can pretend to be truly satisfied without the involvement of the opposite partner.  You need somebody to appreciate your beautiful look, designer dress, shoes, necklace etc. This appreciation is so deep if it comes from a man.

The world was created several hundreds of years ago and none of us, human, can change the order of nature. We all need companionship in life. Some people are crying in their rooms alone because of lack of a companion. Others need somebody to talk to or give them basic support to assist them do basic stuff but there was nobody around to answer them.

Don’t be deceived-you aren’t going to be young forever. You will need somebody to care and appreciate you. Nobody can do that better for you than your husband or partner.

This post look at 7 reasons why every woman need a partner or husband. If you have something more to add don’t hesitate to share, please pin and read later.

Stay blessed





  1. Ha ha ha…. Not all women needs husband I personally feel so.. You hv written the reasons why women need husband.. But similarly, there are so many reasons why men needs wives… It is actually true both directions but not for all..

    Liked by 1 person

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