I never knew parenting is such a daunting task until I got married and has to deal with nurturing and raising four lovely kids whose photos I used for the cover of this post.

When I reflected on all the sacrifices my late mother of blessed memory has made in our lives (the six children), I silently cry each time we are about celebrating Christmas because of what she has to go through as a single parent along the way to get us few things for the Christmas.

I know there are millions of responsible parents all over the world who are doing all they can to put food on the table and keep the home lively for their family. Some parents do the “unthinkable” to provide food and shelter for their families worldwide.

Join me to wish all parent Merry Christmas and say a big thank you to all hardworking parents and ‘to be parents’ in the making. So why do we need to wish all parents Merry Christmas. Please read on to appreciate the call


Think of the good things your parents have done and continue to do for you and prepare you for where you are and where you will be tomorrow. Are you able to keep accurate record of all the contributions they’ve made in your life? Do you know some parents continue to support their children even after they left the home and get married? Indeed, the role of parents whether physical, financial, spiritual and emotional is indispensable.

I heard people sometimes say their parents didn’t take care of them. It’s possible you are saying the truth to some extent but do you know they have breastfeed you, clothed you, sheltered you and provided all the necessary care including health are at the time when you are most vulnerable and could die easily if you are not well catered for at your infancy.  

Do you know you would not survive if your parents should leave you unattended to? You may not receive the best of treatment but I want you to appreciate the contributions they made in your life. They did what they can under the circumstances for you, appreciate that and drop your bitterness against your parents. If he or she also wants the blame game to continue, they would also have their parents to blame.

As a matter of fact nobody can do what your parents did for you. Learn to recognize that and move on

# Merry Christmas to all parents

# Thank you


Many things can be compared to each other but every parent is unique and faces different circumstances and challenges when raising their kids.

Even though parents live in different locations of the world, every parent ensures that the child is brought up well and taken care of properly irrespective of the condition they live in.

One unique thing about parent is that every parent wants the best for the child and many do everything to achieve that end.

I want you to know that your parent can’t be compared to any other parents in the world no matter how you view them.

# Merry Christmas to all parent

# Thank you parents


Companies and organizations compensate their clients and employees for personal infringement, industrial risks and damages etc.

But what compensation would be just and fair for parents especially mothers who sacrifice all their time, efforts, money, personal lives, luxury and comfort for their children.

Is it possible to have an appropriate measure of compensation packages for a parent? Where will the compensation start from? Is it from pregnancy to adulthood where the child leaves the home? Somebody should help me here. I am not too good in dealing with figures. Probably we need an actuarial scientist to design a scale for calculating appropriate compensation packages for parents if it is possible. I brought this issue up owing to the way some parents are treated by their kids in their old age.

This scale would inform children to know how much have been invested in them by their parents, so that they can behave responsible towards them.


Do you know many adult children abandoned theirs parents to their feet at their old age? Yes, some do and it’s very pathetic to be treated by your own children at the time when they most needed them.

Do you also know that some children after marriage debar (prevent or stop) their parents from visiting their homes? Yes, some children see their parents as nuisance who must not be allowed into their homes. What a tragedy to commit against parents who move heaven and earth to make sure their children reach where they are today only to be abandoned along the line when they needed their attention most.

What can you do for your parents that would be commensurate enough to all their sufferings and contributions? Parents only want you to recognize the sacrifices they have made in their children’s live so that they can be acknowledged when appropriate.

Set aside a time to visit them and put a smile on their faces. Go with your family if possible and don’t go empty handled to see them. Buy what they like while leaving with them.

# Merry Christmas to all parents

# Thank you to all parents


“Can a woman forget her nursing child? that she would have no compassion on the son of her womb” That phrase from the bible show the degree of love parents have for their children.

When it comes to the love parents have for their kids, you have no idea the extent to which parents on daily basis out of love for their kids can go. Most parents go the extra mile to feed their families and keep things going. The world population is showing us that we have 51.9% female population as compare to 48.1% male population. The World Bank reports also indicates that there are more females who are household heads, meaning a lots of household are being managed by women.

Do you know some mothers sleep empty stomach and give the little food they have for their kids to eat because of the love they have for their kids. My late was seen wearing two dresses for a whole years just to make sure we are school. She makes sure we eat the best food while she deny herself any nutritious food because of the scarcity of money at the time.

May be you have not come across such situation in your life before probably because of your geographical locations? But these things are real and happening every day across the world. Since you can’t love your parents like they love you, be responsive and kind towards them when they need you.

We have been able to discuss 5 reasons why we need to say merry Christmas to our parents and a big thank you. They deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated because no compensations would be enough to justify the contributions they made in our lives. For that matter, wish your parents merry Christmas.

 # Merry Christmas to all parents

# Thank you to all parents

Merry Christmas in advance and remain safe during the yuletide and wait for my next post on Sunday.

Stay blessed!



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