Marriage without sacrifices lead to no where


Do we have sacrifices we’ve to make in marriage? Yes we have and we need to make these sacrifices every now and then for the sake of the relationship no matter how uncomfortable some of them may be.

Do you know lack of sacrifices on the part of some couples especially women during difficult times has been one of the causes of divorce worldwide. Believe it or not our generation are not ready to make sacrifices and this has been extended to marriages. Many people want good things to happen as quickly as possible in their marriages and if they don’t things they want, they get disappointed

Our forefathers and mothers made great sacrifices in their marriages just to ensure that the children they give birth to are brought up together not in a separate home but a united home where mum and dad are always present together to nurture and raise the kids together. Divorce is rare in those days. Whatever opinion you hold about that generation, they are committed to their marriage than we do today.

What sacrifices do couples have to make in order to make their marriages to make it sustainable and long lasting? Below are a number of sacrifices couples make in their marriage. But you have the right to choose your own sacrifices to make. I am not endorsing the case study mentioned in this story. I hold a contrary view but use the real story to make my point.


We all know the role money plays in our relationship whether the lack of it or too much of it.  Either way, money is significant in any relationship well-being. We know by now that individuals who come into relationship, didn’t come with the same financial status; some are finally equipped than the other.

Since most cultures endorsed the man to go and ask for the woman’s hand in marriage, the man is expected to have more money than the woman. Because he is bringing someone’s daughter to come and stay with him in his home. He needs to take very good care of her and the children. It’s an obligation which is non-negotiable.

Whatever the case may be someone has to make more sacrifices than the other in terms of money. The contributions of women in this regards is not quantifiable hence my inability to quantify them. Women make so much sacrifices in terms of domestic chores. It’s more than office work, which, unfortunately, most men are failing to acknowledge.


Time is one of the most important resources in our relationship next to money, it is also one of the resources very much abused in our relationships.

When it comes to time spend in marriage, we can vividly calculate how much time we’ve spend together in our previous or current relationship. Time is mentioned several times in our spoken word than any other word in our daily conversation. What then is time? Time is what we measure in minutes, hours, days and years. Now that we’ve appreciation of time we can proceed to explain the sacrifices people make in their relationship in relation to time.

  1. The waiting moment

Do you know the number of people who were disappointed by their partners after waiting on them to be married only to be disappointed?

  • Wasted time
  • When people tie the knot, from all intent and purpose the marriage should last a life time

However, this is not always the case. After people commit themselves so much to each other in the marriage and spend several months and years, any separation and divorce is a wasted time and effort.

  • Who can quantify the amount of time in monetary terms? How painful it was to spend so much time with a lover only to lose him or her to another person. Don’t forget people build all their lives around their partners because of their level of commitment and love for their partners. When you’ve spent 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, 6 years and things go bad you would appreciate what I am talking about.
  • The sad aspect of time spend together is when the relationship is no more and people who’ve invested their time has nothing to show for it. Women are normally at the receiving end of wasted time after they heavily committed themselves emotionally, sexually, physically and materially in the relationship. That’s the reason why most women breakdown when there’s unjustifiable separation.
  • As a matter of fact, time lost cannot be compensated for by anything. A partner who is rejected at age 30, and spent 6 years in the relationship can’t grow younger. She could spend that time and may probably meet someone else and build a successful relationship with him or her.That’s the huge sacrifice people have to make when things go bad.
  • A pregnant woman has to sacrifice her sleep in order to nurture the pregnancy in the womb including denying herself certain delicious food she love all for the sake of the yet to be born baby. When my wife was pregnant with our second child she can’t eat anything apart from coca cola.
  • A woman who is married to a man without money has to wait for things to get better and suffer in silence for things to change in the marriage. She has sacrifice her personal comfort contrary to many women’swish to have a comfortable life in their marriage.
  • A man has to work 24/7 just to ensure he can provide enough to take care of the family. Many men die before their age because of the undue pressure brought on them by their families and secular job.
  • A time spent with a sick partner during that time can be used to do something else but for the sake of your marriage, you endure all the discomfort to ensure your partner get well.


Many marriages don’t know anything call luxury because of lack liquid cash in the marriage. Who doesn’t want to have a taste of luxury in life before he or she depart from this physical world?

But the majority of couples struggle in their relationship, hope and pray that one day things would improve. In some cases things do improve and other cases things don’t and people have to forget about anything called luxury in their marriage. Do you have luxury in your marriage? Write to me.


When you are in a relationship your whole body is sacrifice for your partner. Although the body is for you, you can’t just do anything with your body if your partner is not in agreement.

If you want to tattoo your body for instance and your partner doesn’t believe in this lifestyle you have to abandon the idea because of your partner.

Something happened between couples worth sharing to demonstrate the extent to which people make sacrifices in their relationship. A lady banker is married to a businessman and the couple had one baby girl.Unknown to the woman, the partner is a gay who hid this sexual orientation from the wife but have a relationship with a male partner.

One day the man told the wife that this time round he can’t have sex with her as he normally does but can only do so through the anus. The couples were much respected members of their church. Painful as it was the woman agreed in order to save her marriage.

After 5 years of anal sex with the wife the man broke the new to the wife, ‘he is no more interested in the marriage’ after he has destroyed the anal of the wife and derived no  satisfaction from it. The woman was shocked and perplexed about the wicked and callous attitude of the man. The said woman now wears pampers and the case is pending in the human right court of a named country. What a painful sacrifice to make!

5. SEX

As soon as you are into a relationship, you are sharing part of you with your partner through sex. Sex is a powerful covenant between you and your partner and should not be played with lightly.

Anytime you’ve sex with your partner, you are sharing your emotional, spiritual and physical part of yourself with your partner.

Do you know people become victims of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Syphilis etc. through no fault of theirs because of the love they have for their partners. Yes, that’s the baggage you have to carry once you find yourself into a relationship. It’s based on these cases that I advise would be couples to go for medical screening before engaging in sex no matter how you love your partner. The consequences can be very devastating and can sometimes lead to death. Don’t engage in sex for the fun of it. Love your life and be wise.


In this case, I am talking about physical resources like houses, cars, and other properties like land etc. When people are in love sharing of anything is possible. People make these sacrifices to demonstrate their commitment to the relationship.

If you can afford any of the things mentioned above for your wife or your husband go for it. Sharing is love or love is sharing which ever way you look at it, but anyone who is privilege to have more money should make this sacrifice for the sake of their relationship. Don’t withhold anything good from your partner when it’s within your power and control to do so.

Don’t attach conditions to whatever good you want to do for your partner. Do it with the best of intention and free heart and God will reward you?  Recipients of any good gesture extended to them by their partners should also be appreciative by being faithful to their partners and not to turn their back against their partners after receiving such sacrificial gifts from the husbands.

Lack of appreciation and unfaithfulness has been one of the reasons why men don’t want to give special gift to their partners for the fear of the unknown. Don’t take your partner for a fool and fail to play your partner very well. When you exhibit this negative behavior you would be blocking the way of a faithful woman, because men who suffer such disappointment are likely to label all women as ungrateful and unfaithful, so, be faithful and be committed to your relationship.

In this post, we’ve been able to identify 5 sacrifices people have to make in their marriage and suffer the consequences for it when things go bad but benefit from the relationship when thing go well. In a nutshell, every marriage comes with some sacrifices to make.  

See the sacrifices as part of the processes you’ve to go through to build your relationship.

Please remember to get back with your comment. We’ve love to hear from you

God Bless you!


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