Learn to Turn on the Right Key in your Marriage

Do you really know everything about husband? May be you think you do but wait a minute, there’s a lot still left to be learned about him. We live in a very competitive world and men are always on the move to get things going just to ensure things go on well in the family.

In attempt to do so, many decisions are taken, some of which may go well and others may go bad especially business. When this happens some men become discouraged and may need the encouragement from their partners.

There are things that you can do as a wife to turn on his heart no matter the kind of man you’ve married and win his heart back to you.

  1. Encourage Him

We all have ups and downs at certain periods in our journey to success. It can be a very difficult road to travel. Discouragement can set in, leading to frustration and disappointment. This period in a man’s journey can be very challenging. Some men can easily throw in the towel if they lack the determination to continue pressing on.

This is the moment you need to encourage him to continue all his initiation he has started. Your encouragement will serve as a morale booster for him. Men need the catalyst from their wives to press on. Even if he fails by not taking your special advice, don’t discourage him in his new adventure.

No one knows which of his exploits will succeed. Successful people are not without failures, but they are people who continue to learn from their mistakes until they get what they wanted. Words are powerful. God formed the earth by his spoken words. Learn to choose your words carefully. Encourage him with positive words as much as possible. Know that you will be part of his success story. When he fails the whole family has failed and so is when he succeeds the whole will succeed, because you are part of the success equation.

      2. Attend to His Call Promptly

Taking very important things for granted can create problem in your relationship. Don’t tell yourself I would mind him. The mere fact that he is your husband does not mean you should take him for granted. Some women develop this strange attitude after the marriage.

Your inability to pick his call when he need a very urgent information from you or to do something important for him can create problem for him and for you.

If genuinely you’ve missed his call, be courteous to call him back.  It shows how serious you have taken your partner. Taking him for granted is a recipe for disaster in your marriage. Men value how much attention you pay to their calls. Do unto your husband what you want him do to you. These are little but important things some women take for granted that finally destroy the love your husband has for you in the marriage. Bottom line; never take his calls for granted.

      3. Manage His Money Well

Money can likened to the heart of man if not more. That is why people do all manner of things to acquire and possess money. There is virtually nothing money cannot afford except things that are divine. The men who possess cash command their environment and the people around them.

 Your husband works very hard for his money. Do not joke with his money. Handle the money he gives you with all seriousness. Please use it for just what asked you to use for and not the other way round. Some women don’t it when it comes to handling their husband’s money. They assumed after all the money belongs to their husband and they can use it anyhow. Don’t make that mistake.

Money made some lovely relationship to end because certain things didn’t go well about how money was handled by some women. Let be honest when it comes to money. If for any reason you think otherwise why the money cannot be used for what he suggested, tell him. Do not use the money on a different thing before telling him what you used his money for. It makes ‘men mad’. Try to avoid this temptation

        4. Appreciate Your Faults and Say Sorry

Saying sorry is a difficult thing for many people. Such people never learn to say sorry. They are blindfolded into believing that when ever you say sorry, you are exhibiting weakness. These people are ‘full of themselves’. They are proud to link the fault to the other person leaving themselves out the issue.

None of us is perfect except our Savior Jesus Christ. I have my weaknesses and strengths so do my wife. We complement each other perfectly.Don’t be too pompous to say sorry to your husband or partner if your inner small tells you to do so. Great people are quick to say sorry ‘I didn’t get it right’

A woman wronged me some years ago. When I approached her to say I am sorry for my outburst, she cried uncontrollably. I keep on repeating this because it demonstrates how sorry can mend a lot of wounds in our marriage. According to her, she should have done what I did. But she found it extremely difficult to do so.

 Many problems in relationships could be solved if we summon the courage to say I am sorry,forgive me. If your partner fails to forgive you, you have played your part before the Almighty God. Even, when you are right; for the sake of peace, say sorry to cut matters short. It appears we allow pride to take the best part of us. It does not take a million dollars to say Sorry but not saying it can destroy a million relationships. Be humble enough to tell your partner you are sorry.

       5. Learn to create jokes and smiles

 If you die today and he dies tomorrow the world will not come to an end. Women of power, wealth,fame and affluence have all been consumed in the bottom of the earth. The bible says there is no enjoyment in the grave. We are to be happy and enjoy our labor because this is the time the Lord God has blessed us according to Ecclesiastes.Be lovely and create the environment in the home for him to feel your love around him

Some relationships are seriously suffocating because there is no life in it any longer. Don’t be too serious to laugh when the time demands you do so. After all, laughter is good for your own health. Create jokes and laughter as often as possible. Most men like myself are not good in that regard, so complement him in that regard by your smiles and lovely jokes

Be cheerful in narrating your jokes. Cause him to laugh his heart out. We are not to endure our marriage relationship but to enjoy it to the fullest. Nobody can make magic in your relationship to make it exciting except the two of you. If your husband is serious every time create jokes to calm him down. You don’t need to be a comedian to create jokes. Women are created in a man’s life to neutralize all the “acidic nature of man” Besides any successful man, surely there should be a woman

        6. Be Creative

Even though some are endowed with creativity more than others, we all have some element of creativity to exhibit. A creative person always wants to do something new. They come out with original ideas and make society love what they come out with.

You should be creative in your cooking; always coming out with something that existed but repacked anew. He will never know it is not something new. Be creative in your dressing.

Change your dress designs from time to time. Rearrange the things in the living room and make the hall look new. Go to the bed room and change the direction of the bed and do new setting with the same old items.

You don’t need to hire a decorator to do these simple things for you. Send your creativity to the kitchen and see whether new arrangement can’t be done.Utilize your creative power and take control of your environment. The power is sitting right inside you. Activate it and see how creative you are and draw him closer to you.

closer to you.

        7. Be Bold To Initiate Sex

Even though I indicated earlier that ‘sex is men thing’, sexual fulfillment is a fundamental need for both genders.  When it comes to initiating the sexual act,most women lack the confident to initiate. Our society has made our women to coil back to their shells when it is time for sex.

Most women behave as if they do not have any need for sex.This ‘tradition thing’ has gotten into the head of some women to the extent that they play no role in the act or contribute towards making it really joyfully and exciting.

The pathetic aspect of this whole thing is that up till nowt he majority of women can’t ask their husbands for sex if they feels like it.Sad indeed! This ‘disease’ affects both the educated and uneducated and cuts across most cultures of the world be it developed and undeveloped world.

Most women have this old age perception that their partners would brand them ‘bad’. Remember society is not static and keeps changing. Men want their partners to also take the initiative when they feel for sex. In that way, it will not appear as if it is the man who is always in need for sex. It becomes boring when it is only the man who has to initiate and play active role.

What role do you play during the act? If you just lie down for him to do whatever he wants to don, then it is unfortunate. Men actually want the active involvement of their partners in the sexual act. Ask for it and do not feel shy about at all. It is your right to demand for it since you are joined together as man and wife. His body does not belong to him alone much as your body does not belong to you alone.

Demonstrate the girl in you for him during the sexual act so that he can call you sweetheart after the ‘game’ Sex is for both of you, don’t make it a preserved for only your husband.

          8. Be Appreciative

Some women behave just like the nine lepers described in the Bible. We do not show gratitude to our partners for the little things they do for us. We are waiting for a big present before we show appreciation to them.

Out of the ten lepers described in the Bible it was only one leper who was grateful to show appreciation. When we appreciate very little gifts from our partners, we tell them our doors are opened to receive more.

If we are not appreciative of the little we receive how can we be appreciative of the big ones that will come our way? It is not the sizeof a gift that matters but the intention and the love that accompanied it. Even if it’s a handkerchief someone gives to you we need to show gratitude.

Unappreciative attitude of some women have blocked the way for their husbands to give them more. Be content with what you are given while you wait for bigger door to open for your husband to give you more. Don’t attempt to force your husband to give beyond what he can afford. Be patience,better days are coming.

We’ve been able to identify 8 things that also matter to men in marriage that most women can really look at work at them. Marriage is about work and the more we work at our marriage the better the result that will come out (successful and happy marriage). I wish your marriage God’s blessing and I want you to know that I am part of those praying for your marriage. Don’t be discouraged, things would work again in your marriage. Believe it and it shall come to pass

Stay Blessed!




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