Moral goodness of character and behaviors are upheld in high esteem so much so that society respect and acknowledge people who still hold societal virtues for the good of the society.

Modernity seems to be in conflict with what has been handed down to the so called modern man by our fore fathers and mothers. Unfortunately people are of the opinion that virtues and morality has no place in the modern world. I disagree and hold the opinion that good virtues still matter and for that matter should guide our relationships in the “modern world”.

Good virtues does not change because technology and its applications are changing rapidly. Human beings continue to be the same irrespective of the geographical location they find themselves.  



What’s kindness?   Kindness is simply good behavior towards someone. Why is kindness so important in relationship? It’s so because offences are common features in any relationship and partners must be kind enough to forgive their partners the wrong committed against them.

It would surprise you to know that people sell their partners for ritual money and other ridiculous reasons in some part of the world. People who internalized kindness as a virtue in their relationship wouldn’t do such act to harm their partners.

There was a story in certain part of the developed world where women poison their partners for the purpose of settling marital disputes.

Be kind towards your partner so that you can have a kind heart to forgive him or her when they offend you.


Friendship is basically a relationship between friends. Why does friendship so important even after we tied the knot or engaged in a serious relationship?

As a matter of fact friendship with our neighbors, family & friends and co-workers are still important because they exist before marriage and they would not go away.

In the event of separation,breakup and divorce our family and friends come in to provide a comforting zone for us to release our frustrations, worries, fears and what have you.

Many successful people realized the importance of relationship and friendship and they do everything to maintain these relationships even on their way to the top. Separation and breakup can happen but true friends would not forsake you.


 The act of forgiving someone is one of the main ingredients also missing in most relationships across the globe.

Thousands of articles and sermons have been preached worldwide in various religions and faith based organizations about Forgiveness. In the bible we are admonished to forgive even our enemies and not to own anybody anything apart from love (Romans 13:8)

If you can’t forgive your partner for any wrong or offence, then, you are setting yourself apart; making you appear as a righteous person.  But you should know that you can’t always be right. You equally offend your partner but out of maturity, he or she manages to let go for the sake of the relationship. So learn to do same.

Let go and let God take over your heart to heal you from every bondage of un-forgiveness holding you back from enjoying your life and your relationship for that matter.


Whoever wants respect must be respectful in order to respect everybody including the spouse. Who doesn’t value respect? We all do but people with certain uncontrolled ego find it difficult to respect people lower in the ladder of life than them.

If you disrespect your partner don’t expect to be happy in the relationship no matter how much money you are pumping into the relationship. Let me remind you to know that you can’t exchange respect for money or any material thing. Respect can’t be substituted so humble yourself and respect your partner in the relationship.


Can you be trusted by your partner in all fronts? What’s trust? Trust is a strong belief in the honesty,goodness etc. of someone or something.

I know so many people are of the view that people can’t be trusted any more not even in a marriage relationship.There have instances to justify that claims but that can’t be the truth for all relationships. Those of you reading this post are probably truthful and hold the truth as a priceless commodity in your relationship.

Whatever the case you may be going through in your relationship, be truthful to your partner even if they have been untruthful in the past.  You have your own reputation and integrity to protect and they have theirs as well. Keep yours intact without any blemish.


Another virtue missing in most marriage relationship when times are hard is our ability to wait a bit longer.It’s easier said than done you say but we have stories of people who hold on to their marriage during difficult times until things get better.

Others could also not wait longer to reap what they have sown into the relationship only to leave the harvest for“strangers”.  Good things don’t happen over  night.

Many people don’t have the gut to remain calm and accept delay without argument, quarreling, insults, separation and divorce as pertain in most marriages. It’s not easy I must admit when you are going through difficulties especially lack of money to run the home. I have been there before when three successful businesses I established all failed with huge bank loan to pay.

The 10 years in my marriage has been terrible and we were at the time leaving like a brother and a sister. My wife has to run around to provide food for the family. Payment of the kid’s school fees was a huge challenge. But at the end of the day patience wins the day. Be patience when going through time of financial difficulties, encourage each other and take steps to overcome the adversity


Being humble in your relationship is not a demonstration of weakness as many people falsely believe. There are a lot of great men and women who humble themselves irrespective of their social status in society.

Mention can be made of Ingvar kamprad  founder of IKEA with a net worth of $3 billion being considered humble by Daily Mail, Tim Cook of Apple, Chuck Freeney, co-founder of Duty Free Shoppers Group has donated more than $4 billion to disadvantage children and public health initiative etc.

Don’t feel proud to humble yourself before your wife or husband. Many people were forced by circumstances to appreciate humility in their relationship either through business failure,accident or sickness. Don’t allow situation force you to humble yourself.

I personally know a man who became a millionaire and suddenly refused to take water. Instead of water he results to taking beverages and soft drinks with the excuse that the water in his entire neighborhood is not hygienic. He refused to listen to the advice of the wife to take water intermittently because of pride. Guess what? He became sick and died shortly. Please humble yourself if you want to stay longer in your relationship.


Peace is freedom from disturbances; tranquility. Others view peace as the period when people are able to resolve conflicts without violence or conflict and can work together to improve the quality of their lives.

Some people are not peace loving and extent this attitude to their relationship. They are not ready to resolve marital or relationship conflicts without resulting to violence. Do you know people cause bodily harm to their partners as a result of petty disagreements?

You should desire peace in place of quarreling even if you are right. Former president Nelson Mandela of South Africa won a Noble Peace Prize for his unparalleled revolved to peace after being imprisoned for 27 years. He seeks for peace by forgiving all those who masterminded his incarceration.

What can you be remember for in your relationship? A peace loving husband or wife! Be a peacemaker and denounce conflict and violence in your home.


Sincerity is the absence of pretense, deceit or hypocrisy. In all your dealings with your partner have you been sincere with her or him.

The current dispensation we find ourselves shouldn’t make us to be insincere in our relationship with partners. Can your partner vow for your sincerity with him or him?

In a scale of 10, where would you place yourself? If you have not been sincere, this is the time to turn on a new leaf and become sincere with him or her.


Gentleness is the quality of being kind, tender or mild mannered. People who are gentle learn tolerate others and move on with their life easily.

What have been your approach to dealing with your spouse when you are angry or disagree with her or him? Things may not always go the way you wish and want but your approach to every issue with your partner should be done with a tenderness of heart.

We’ve discussed 10 good virtues that you can use to enhance your relationship. Even though they appear common on the table, its practical demonstration will go a long way to guarantee the harmonious relationship we always seek to have.

May your week be blessed! Connect again with me on Wednesday with a powerful post that has to do with the thought we have in our life and how we can use it to our own benefits

God Bless you!


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