Consequences of Pride in Marriage is Irreversible

Demonstration of Pride in Marriage


Anyone with a sound mind, health and well-being goes into a marriage relationship with the intention to have happy, successful and long lasting marriage.

However our inability to deal with this little fox called “PRIDE” can destroy everything we’ve worked for in the marriage.

I come across this message from a platform and think it’s useful to continue to share with my marriage friends who visit my website to read and reflect on the message so that they don’t repeat the mistakes being made by the man and the wife in this case study.

Read below with little modifications.

Once, a man returned from work and found his wife cooking. She gave him a sweet loving kiss. They shared happy moment while preparing dinner together. While at the dinner table, the woman’s cell received a message from her friend who wished her good night.

The husband saw the message and thought it was from a man. He got so upset and left the dinner table without talking to his wife and went to bed without eating dinner.

The woman looked at her husband with disbelief and wondered how he could be bothered by a simple message? She said to her “this’s ridiculous and I will not go after him. He’s not a kid after all”

The woman had eaten her meal and went to bed. She didn’t speak to the husband and neither did the husband speak to her.  Instead both of them moved to the furthest corner of the bed and turned their back each other. Their night was very miserable!

At midnight the wife got a fever and started sweating profusely. She started having difficulties with breathing. She reached out and touched the husband’s back. Without even talking to her, he angrily removed his wife’s hand. The wife went silent and died of heart attack.

In the morning, the husband woke up, took a bath and prepared himself some breakfast and went to work.

The wife was still in bed and he didn’t bother to talk to her. He proudly said to himself. “I will not speak to her, until she does it first”

By the afternoon, the man thought about his behavior and decided that his love for his wife was greater than simple good night message from some guys. He therefore returned home with a beautiful watch that he knew his wife would love.

When the husband got home, he was all happy that he was going to give that precious gift to his beloved wife and tell her how much he loved her.

He went straight to the kitchen hoping to find his wife there and give her the surprise gift.

Instead he found the breakfast remains and utensils just as he had left them in the morning. He was convinced that she was still mad at him.

The man went slowly to his bedroom and found his wife in the same position he had let her. He rushed to wake her up only to find that she was long dead. The husband screamed but unfortunately the wife is no more.  Read also 13 Barriers to communication between husband and wife


  1. Ask yourself how many times you have taken a hard line position in your marriage just to prove a point to your partner.

2. Time is too short for fights between you and your spouse. Make the best use of time by maximizing your happiness.

3. Appreciate your partner with all his or her weaknesses and avoid being selfish due to empty pride. I want you to know that pride and love can’t co-exist together.

4. In the event of disagreements or quarrel try as much as possible not to go to bed while upset with each other. Try to meet each other in the middle through compromise.

5. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice for love; there are no perfect marriages in the world. You’ve to invest heavily in improving communication and forgiving one another. Had this couple decided to talk and get out of their positions of pride, they would not have gone to sleep angry at each other and the husband would have saved his wife’s life. The consequences of pride in marriage is irreversible

6. If anyone told you that he or she has a perfect marriage, just know right away that he or she is not telling you the truth. Couples quarrel and some fight badly but their ability to revise their stand, respect each other and communicate effectively is the determinants that would make the marriage to stand.

Remove pride and arrogance in your marriage relationships

We’ve been to discuss the consequences of pride in our marriages and the lessons that can help our marriages stand the test of time.

Have blissful weekend and give a lovely deep kiss to your wife or husband after reading this post and tell him or her to visit

Look forward for my next post on Monday, you can’t help to miss it.




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    1. Thanks for liking the post. I really wish you success in your marriage. There is no perfect man but we have responsible men. Accept the fact that your partner has the best of intention for you. Don’t dwell too much on his weaknesses and you will be happy. Don’t hesitate to visit our blog again

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