Pay Regular Visit to Your In-laws

Relationship is one of the essential things in life family must cherished and protect. Relationship cuts across various spheres of life including inanimate objects.

If we want long term happy and successful family relationship, then we must nurture and revere the relationship we cultivate with people we meet in our everyday life and the non-human objects we interact with.

Below are the 14 relationships you must cultivate


Your relationship with your spouse will go a long way to determine whether you become a successful person or a failure in life.  We have countless people who succeeded financially but failed miserably in their family life.

In certain part of the world you can’t hold any important position such as becoming a president or Member of Parliament if you don’t have a family of your own. It’s not backward as you may think but the fact is; how can they trust a whole country into your hand if you don’t have a family to take care of and experience what goes into raising a family. At least that’s the thinking that goes into making those laws in areas where those laws existed and enforced.

A woman in certain areas of the world who has no husband and family is mocked at and very often denied certain privileges and rights because society perceived such woman as “irresponsible” If you are a family man or woman, cherish and protect your relationship.


One of the biggest challenges facing parents is effective parenting of their kids. It’s pretty easy to be called a father or a mother but quite difficult to raise children to fit into society and leave independent lives.

Many homes across the world are without responsible fathers. Fatherhood is missing and questioned in most homes because of the negative attitude of some irresponsible fathers. The United States is spending huge sums of money annually to take care of single parent families across most states. Why? Because fathers are absent in those homes.

Be present at every moment with your kids and form parental bond with them. Your physical as well spiritual presence are needed in the homes at all times. Don’t be an absentee father to your kids. Some women are also guilty of not giving the kind of motherhood attention that most children deserve. The kind of relationship you form with the kids would determine the kind of relationship they would have with you in later life when they grow up.


No matter which part of the world you come from once you are married you have a mother and a father in-laws.  They (mother and father in-laws) automatically become part of your family.

Don’t ignore them! Pay regular visit to them with your family (your kids, wife and yourself). Your mother and father in-laws cherish visit by their in laws on regularly basis. It reminds them they are not forgotten. It also tells them you have healthy marriage relationship and they would be happy to be seeing you very often. 

If there is a problem with your spouse, your in laws would be the first point of call to settle the issue and for that matter don’t forget to bond with them even after the marriage has been contracted.


How often do you call your sister or brother in law to find out how they are doing? Do you know they form an integral part of his or her life? Yes they do!

Your wife or husband is part of the family and you must also connect with them on regularly basis. You’ve know idea how excited they become anytime you call to check on them.


Your relationship should be extended to your co-workers. These are people you come into contact with every day. You must do your best to live harmoniously with them.

Learn to settle disputes or disagreement with them quickly without carrying any hurtful feelings, which will eventually strain the relationship with you and your colleagues at work.


At any point in time, you will become a subordinate to someone by virtue of the person’s position in the company or organization.

You might not like the leadership style of your boss or line managers but so far as you remain an employee or a worker in the company or organization, you must develop a good and healthy working relationship with them not because you like them but because they are placed in charge of you.

I know some line managers or leaders can be harsh in their quest to get the work done or meet certain target, but you must maintain your cool or calm posture at all time.

The knowledge and the experience you are acquiring will help you to work for yourself one day when you decided to do so. What about recommendation from your boss to secure a new job when you decided to leave your present work? Think about this!


Every family lives or comes from a particular neighborhood or community within a state or region. The people in the neighborhood should be part of your social network.

Many communities are forming community association or neighborhood watch dog association to champion the welfare and interest of the members.

Join such association and make new friends within your neighborhood. Don’t be an island and remain stuck to only your home.

 Foster good relationship with your community members so that you can easily fall on them if you need help during times of difficulties.


I know many of us love our pets very much but do we have the needed relationship with them.

Do you regularly send them to the vent doctor to check on them? What about the necessary food they need for proper growth.

I saw something two months ago in South Africa worth sharing. A dog with the owner was in a queue to catch money from a bank. When the man was about visiting the watch room, he asked the dog to stay in the queue and the dog did just that moving along the people in the queue until the owner came. 

When they got to the counter and the owner presented the cheque to the teller, the dog stretched forth its neck as if to receive the money on behalf of the owner.

That’s the relationship I am talking about. Some of us are doing great with our pets but more need to be done to grow the relationship a lot deeper with our pets.


Who doesn’t hate the paying of tax to our state or central government? We all do when we are called upon to file our tax or when it’s time to do so voluntarily.

However when you have a good relationship with this statutory obligation you would see it as part of your family mandate and act accordingly to fulfill it.

See your tax obligation as part and parcel of the family lifestyle. You can’t run ways from it. Doing so makes you irresponsible and you may fall fowl of the law


After you have worked so hard to acquire wealth for yourself and the family do you take care of them? Many of us get excited when we first acquire properties such as houses, cars, lands and other physical properties. But when was the last time you paint your house? Or take your cars to the mechanic shop for them to do comprehensive maintenance and audit on the car

Sit down and reflect on the state of all your properties and check whether everything is in order. Take a comprehensive inventory of all your assets and dispose of those that are not bringing you any income.


Many of us take our self for granted because we think it doesn’t matter anymore. This is one area many people are failing miserably. A lot of us take our work so seriously that we forsake our health and family altogether.

Some work so hard and acquire numerous properties and wealth but live a short life and leave those properties and wealth for others to enjoy.  This is a mistake you can avoid in your pursuit of a successful life. Have you been going for your annual medical review as planned with the doctor? If not you have taken your health for granted and you must change quickly and honor all your medical reviews

Don’t allow work or the economic challenges you face makes it impossible for you to develop a good relationship with yourself. You have only one life cherish and protect it.


Your relationship with the environment determines how good you take care of your surroundings. All our human activities take place in the physical environment and we must take proper care of the environment we live in.

Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure your garden, flowers, trees, green grass, lawn are properly taken care of and maintained.

A health environment produces good health to its inhabitants, so cultivate good relationship with your environment.


Whether you believe it or not, you were created by someone. You didn’t just exist!  In the book of Jeremiah 1:5 the bible says, before you were formed I knew you…………..

I don’t know what you believe in and what your opinions and religious views are but it is expected of every human being to have a strong personal relationship with his maker. All the major religions recognized this as a fact.

As a matter of fact, we shall leave this earth one by one because that is the creators’ order to all mankind.

A favorite scripture verse says love your neighbor and obey all the commandments of God, that’s the whole duty of man. God want fellowship with his creation, don’t fail him.

Don’t be deceived by what people would say and talk about as the truth (Colossians 2:8)   

We have only one universal God, the creator of heaven and earth. Love him and have a relationship with him.


You must work to earn income to take care of yourself and that of your family. Nobody can create the type of life you want for yourself and your family. I can’t over simplify the issue of work enough in this post.

However, if you do your work anyhow, don’t expect a rise in your salary or a promotion. You can’t blame anybody for these but blame yourself.

Develop good working relationship with your work and know that it is out of your work you make a living. Whether you are an employee or self-employed, positive work ethic will get you to the top and make you financially successful.

We have been able to look at 14 relationships every family must nurture and grow in the course of our live journey on earth. Cultivate these relationships in your family life and you would enjoy happy family relationship.

Until we connect again on Friday,

Stay blessed.



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