10 Traditional Needs of Men Women Should Pay Attention to

Men cherish food by their wives

The time has come for women to study a bit more about things that can trigger the lovely relationship they have always dreamt of. Implement what the men are crazy about in their relationship and see positive tremendous change in your relationship. Let’s keep talking about relationship because it is the nerve center of any successful and lasting marriage relationship.

I have listed and discussed the 10 needs that men expect their partners to be aware of in their marriage relationship in this post so that they can pay attention to them. Life is like a school, the more we learn, the little we discover we know. You cannot afford to stop reading about men as much as men can’t stop learning about women in any relationship. It is a subject matter nobody can claim to have finished studying.

The views listed in this post are not in any order of importance but a representation of some of the needs men want from women in their marriage relationship. Every needs listed below is very dear to men.


Yes, men want good especially prepared by their wives.  I know as a man I get irritated when I am hungry.  As a matter of fact any man including your husband likes food. It is romantic for a man to be served with great and delicious meal from no other person than his lovely wife. Men get honey when they are served with their favorite meal prepared by no other person than you (their lovely wives)

The fast food joint can’t take the place of your handiwork in the kitchen as I indicated sometimes ago. Learn and get information about new dishes and practice them in the home. Men are not saying you should be an expert to prepare that special meal like a trained cook for so many years’ experience. But learn how to prepare at least one or two meals for your husband.

Every week, surprise him with a new dish. Women should be creative with men. Preparing the same meal over and over shows you are not smart and innovative. Everybody likes variety. It adds spice to the relationship. I know some don’t have the cooking skills when it comes to preparing meals. But in this information age, there is nothing one cannot learn. There are great blogs and websites teaching about how to prepare different kinds of meals.

Take the opportunity to subscribe to your favorite sites or blog and start living and practicing what you have learnt. Occasionally, you can take him out to a nice restaurant and pay for the meal. I know you can’t cook every day in this day and age but don’t forget to cook for him during the weekend.

Men also want to be pampered once in a while. Make that surprise truly special. There is a common saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”. Indeed, men like food and want it in a variety of forms. If you want your partner to get back home early every day, attract him with your delicious food. It works like miracle on every man. Learn to practice it and enjoy the love of your husband.


Even though some love sex than others, men generally love sex with the women they truly love. The sexual act is in the marriage union between husband and wife should be done in love and respect. At least, from the Christian perspective of the bible, the two becomes one. In the book of 1 Corinthians 7: 3-5, mention was made of the fact that none of the couple has right over his or her body.

The man has no conjugal right over his body so is the woman. Each of you has no excuse to deny the other of sex. If you are married and not enjoying sex with your spouse, there is something missing that must be fit. The only caveat is when both of you decide to wait upon the Lord in prayers in the case of Christian. Sex is to be enjoyed no matter what differences exist between you and your partner.

Do not under any circumstances give an excuse for not allowing your husband to have sex with you. Sex plays a key role in the union and brings you and your partner (husband and wife) together emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Continue to dress neatly and romantically to attract him to you at all times. Men are moved by sight and get aroused by what they see with their eyes. Denying him sexual satisfaction will force him to get the kind of sexual desires he wants from somewhere else. Don’t take it for granted that you are married and he cannot go out.

Nobody can tell you the number of times to have sex in the week. You should know your work schedule and determine on the number of times to have sex in the week. As you grow in the marriage, the frequency of sexual activity will reduce naturally. But don’t use sex as a weapon to maltreat your partner.

He might began to suspect you of deriving the sexual satisfaction from somewhere. Remember I said men love sex and enjoy it pretty well every three days or five days.

Sex boosts the men’s ego and they would do anything to have it. Studies also show that sex relieves stress and make the woman’s body smooth. So sex is equally good for you as well as your husband


Men value respect in marriage relationship. Men place high premium on respect they want their wives to respect them. You should know that the man is the head of the home from the Christian point of the Bible.  Respect is reciprocal, but give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Your husband is the father of your children, if there are kids in the marriage. Your attitude is teaching the kids about respect.

 You must respect your husband through your interaction with him on daily basis. The Bible makes it expressly clear that husbands must love their wives and wives must submit to their own husbands. (Ephesians 5:22-29) I have seen many women in their careers who have shown so much respect to their bosses at work, but disrespect their own husbands at home. If you can show respect to your bosses at work and any other man why can’t you do same to your husband?

 Remember you must respect your own husband and not someone’s husband. I appreciate the fact that you want to be civil by respecting all men. That is fine. But your utmost priority should go to your husband. Even if you are more educated or richer than your husband, you must respect him.

Your submissive attitude towards your husband will win you to him. Pride, arrogance, disrespect can’t stay in any healthy relationship. My sister, you must learn to swallow your little pride and give to Caesar what must be given to him. Every great relationship comes with great sacrifices. Go the extra mile and make your relationship stand up strong. As a matter of fact, don’t send equality into the relationship. I must say don’t be in competition with your husband, it wouldn’t help you. Marriage is a special union ordained by God and we must respect its commandment governing the marriage institution.


Revealing every issue in your relationship exposes your partner to the world. If he wants the issue to get to the public domain, he wouldn’t confide in you. He trusted you and that is why you need to keep issues strictly confidential. Some women are not too comfortable keeping issues secret for so long without disclosing the secret to a 3rd party. I am not saying if your husband is an evil person you should not expose him. But where the issues bother on your domestic issues, please keep it to yourself without divulging it to anybody.

Men get disturbed when their domestic issues get into the public domain. Everybody has somebody he or she can trust. So by telling your best friend who will in turn tell someone who is closer to him or her, the issue is now a public secret.

Even some of these so called friends can be wolves in sheep clothing. The bottom line is keep issues as much as possible to yourself. Other women might be having worse problems in their relationships which are not known to you. Resist the temptation to broadcast yours to them. They will be happy you have those problems.


The issue of faithfulness is very important in any stable relationship. Statistics about infidelity across the globe is alarming and couples must do everything possible to ensure they remain faithful to each other

 Fulfil your part of the conjugal assignment by remaining loyal and faithful to him. Don’t retaliate by becoming unfaithful. You are not in competition with him and cannot justice equality for wrong doing. Unfaithfulness in relationship has been one of the causes of divorce in many relationships. Don’t allow the temptation to cheat on your husband take hold of you.

Avoid contact with persons tempting you to cheat on your partner. Remember you are not only faithful to him but God Almighty as well.


 Things may be difficult sometimes in a relationship. But hold on a little without becoming too difficult. You can’t always get your way in a relationship. Learn to appreciate the difficulty and relax for things to normalize.

Men need women who will understand them in times of difficulties. This is the time for you to stand by your husband. Give him a shoulder for him to cry on. He needs your support in times like this. As a man who can be very down emotionally sometimes when things didn’t go as I planned, I get encouragement from my wife to move on. So is the expectation of every man.

As a matter of fact, some become too difficult to be understood when there is no money to run the home.  In view of this women who can’t endure a little difficulties may pack out of the home because of the current poor financial challenge of their husbands. Anybody can make money and become rich but a broken relationship is very difficult to repair.


The scripture tells us: we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Roman 3:23) What is the level of mistakes your husband has committed that you cannot forgive him? Forgiveness is a divine duty we must all adhere to. The verse in Romans 3 makes it clear that we are all sinners and did not deserve the mercies of God but Christ through his precious blood forgive us.

 Look up to Jesus and let go. We are to emulate our Lord Jesus Christ no matter how the offences were; we are to exhibit God’s love towards each other. Your husband is first and foremost human and may have his short comings. He is not a super perfect being and can easily fall (wrong you).

Get the issues out of your heart. Keeping the issue inside your heart will weigh your down and weakens your soul and spirit. Un-forgiveness can kill you eventually if you continue to give the issue prominence in your heart. Let our Lord Jesus Christ be your perfect example. He forgave his accusers even on the cross. Use your forgiveness attitude to win your husband back to Christ.


I have noticed sometimes in our nn marriage that my wife stops dressing neatly and attractively as she used to do. I called her to remind her that she is still my number one and must maintain the status quo. She told me she stops dressing the way I her to be because I’ve stopped appreciating her.  That’s is advice to the men anyway.

A lot of women mostly forget that there is something about them that attracts the man to them. Do NOT assumed that once you become the Mrs of the house, you can dress anyhow.  Remember that men are visual persons; they are moved by what appeals to their eyes.

Your inability to continue to dress neatly will drive him into other women’s arm. Every man has weakness in that area. Sampson was attracted to Delilah even though the parents warned him against marrying from the tribe of Dan. But Sampson could not resist the beauty of the woman. That led to his destruction. It can happen to anybody. Your husband is no exception.


One problem of disagreement between me and my lovely wife, Elizabeth is time management. She doesn’t quite get it so far as time is concern. It is a big problem for the majority of women.

The day to leave for a program will be the day some women including my wife will be deciding what dress to wear. Choosing a particular dress to wear can be confusing to most women.

 Most men are time sensitive people just like some corporate women. They want to adhere to time in whatever they do. It appears some women take time for granted. But know that time lost is never regained. Learn not to unnecessarily delay your husband when it is time to attend an important event.  If you respect your husband, please, respect his time as well.


Patience is gold they say. Many wise people are those who think deeply about issues before taking decision. Wise people never judge issues on the face value. They reflect over and over before deciding what action to take.

When you are patient with your partner, you will understand his side of issues. Patience will never make you take the wrong decision about your partner. Your ability to be patient is a hallmark of a good wife.

 Good wives remain calm and wait for the right time to come. Abraham waited for a child and became the father of all nations. Zachariah and Elizabeth waited for a child and gave birth to John. Has their son not become the fore runner of Jesus Christ? No matter how the issue may appear, just be patient and wait for the right time to come. Read Proverbs 31 and see what the Bible talk about concerning a virtuous woman.

We have been able to discuss 10 traditional needs of men in marriage relationships or marriage union. Try and implement what you have identified as missing link in your marriage and connect the dot. I want you to enjoy a long loving relationship in your marriage.



Men Cherished food
prepared by their wives 


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