It’s common to hear that young children are the future leaders of any nation.  Indeed they are our future leaders. Generation will come and go, the world will not stop to exist. In fact, in the next 100 years all human being on earth today may be no more.

Children are the key stakeholders for the future. Unfortunately the actions of the adult population doesn’t guarantee the future they hope to see, hence their call. Below are the 15 call young children want world leaders to take action on as a matter of children’s right under the UN chatter.


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Our world is engulfed with wars, ethnic conflict and cleansing, terrorism, suicide bombings on ideological principles, high school shootings in some cases, etc.

The world seems not to hold the needed promise for our kids. All our human efforts don’t seem to factor the children as future stakeholders, who will grow to inhabit the new world. Many places across the globe are being subjected to constant bombardment, harassment, abuses and so on. Children are the worst affected in most of these cases, leaving some of them badly injured and disabled.

Can our kids have any life in the current world and for that matter live in a peaceful world? The current generation of adults seem to be failing the future inhabitants of the planet. If we (adults) take pragmatic approach in dealing with activities that promote disharmony in the world, peace can be restored to a very large extent. It’s not too late to pledge our support towards a peaceful world.

# our children, our world, # our children need a peaceful world


According to America Psychological Association discrimination is the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based characteristics such as race, gender, age or sexual orientation. (www.apa.org)

The causes of discrimination is difficult to understand since so many people give various reasons as being responsible for discrimination. When people are discriminated against based on gender such as race or color, the family is directly affected and the children suffer the consequences.

Even though it will be practically impossible to give the same treatment to people across the globe, discrimination in all its forms is terrible and should be stopped forthwith.

Because kids are the hardest hit when their parents are discriminated against, the global community should double its effort to curb the menace. Any form of discrimination is discrimination against the child. # stop discrimination now   # discrimination affect children.


The just world hypothesis or just world fallacy is the cognitive ( or assumption) that a person’s actions are inherently inclined to bring morally fair and fitting consequences to that person, to the end of all noble actions being eventually rewarded and all evil actions eventually punished (www.en.m.wikipedia.org)

The global world doesn’t seem to present a fair system to all people of all nations. There have been numerous agitations around the world about fair trade; where restrictions are placed on some commodities from entering into some markets. However, there is no restriction placed on commodities especially from the developed world from entering into the developing market. What justification would be just and fair for anomaly?

Unfair trade practices have tremendous impact on the developing economies to the extent of subjecting them to poverty. Children from developing countries suffer from unfair world system in all its ramifications.

A fair world trade system will give opportunity to farmers to have value for their produce and will assist them to take good care of their kids to develop their hidden talents. The WTO should put a system in place that would be fair to all nations when it comes to world trade.

# Support peasant to produce more, Fair trade now

  1. # RESPECT FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHT WORLDWIDEimages2child campaign 1

The United Nation looks at children’s rights as human right of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to minors. The 1989 convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) defines as any human being below the age of eighteen years, unless under the law applicable to the child. Children’s rights includes right to association, protection, education, food, healthcare etc.

Even though the UN Chapter on the rights of the child give various rights to the child; these rights are been abused left and right without punitive measures put in place to stop these abuses.

Many children are denied good health care, adequate nutrition, quality education, proper security & protection, etc. Children in the developing world are subjected to do hazardous work, some forced to engage in child prostitution and unthinkable abuses of different forms

Kids are calling on world leaders and policy makers to focus greater attention to children’s right.

 Respect Children Right   # Enforce laws to protect children’s abuses



For every society to survive, mothers play a crucial role in its continuity. Mother by nature serve as the conduit in which new born come into this world. Without mothers there will be no children to inhabit the planet after this generation is pass on and gone forever.

Unfortunately, mothers are not given the needed attention they deserve worldwide. Many women lack proper medical care especially during their critical time for delivery, adequate nutrition, effective security and care from the society.

Why is the right of the mother important? Because mothers are the custodians of our children and every possible assistance should be given to them to enable them nurture the kids.

If mothers are troubled the family as well will be troubled and they may not be a good position to take care of the kids. # take care of our mothers.


Food security as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on world food security is the condition in which all people, at all times have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life( www.foodinsight.org, www.ifpri.org/food security)

Even though enough crops are grown in various parts of the world, many people especially kids go hungry or lack adequate nutritious food for their growth. Lack of storage facilities and improper farming methods hinder the availability of food for the greater number of the world’s population.

Support should be given to farmers to access good yield and affordable credits to improve upon their family methods so as to make food available in large quality for the world’s population especially children. There should be transfer of technology from the developed world to the developing world so as increase the production of food crops in abundance.

# Support large food production now       # Stop kids from sleeping on empty stomach  # stop hunger now


Even though there are several definition about what it means about quality health care today, the WHO definition of quality of care is “the extent to which health care services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. In order to achieve this, health care must be safe, effective, and timely. Efficient, equitable and people centred” The following are important and worth taking note of:

  • Safe
  • Effective
    • Timely
    • Efficient
    • Equitable
    • People centred

Many children across the globe lack proper and quality health care especially kids from the developing world. Hospitals and health care centres not equip with equipment that will provide quality health for children. Most children died from preventable diseases such cholera, malaria, dysentery, malnutrition etc.

Until the WHO take a holistic overview of the global health system in the developing world, children would continue to die. If the current trend of poor health infrastructure and professionally untrained health workers continues, we would be losing so many potentials that may grow those regions.

# Our kids need quality and proper health care           #Health is human rights


Poverty reduction or poverty alleviation is a set of measures, both economic and humanitarian that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty. Poverty occurs in both developing and the developed countries (https://en.m.wikipedia.org)

Non availability of money or inadequate money makes people makes people to suffer all kinds of life challenges especially young children. Since money for household use affect the quality of life of the people;  because money serve as the engine that runs every home globally, people living in poverty may  find it extremely difficult to take care of their children including providing them adequate health care, quality education, proper nutrition food etc.

Poverty makes people not to have access to any good opportunity in life. Children’s geographic region determines what they become in the future. Everything possible should be done to reduce poverty among the greater number of the world population. Children are directly disadvantaged when their parents are poor. # Poverty affect children    # Reduce poverty now


Elimination or reduction in material death, Goal 5 of the SDGs, is a commitment to improve maternal health; the reduction of maternal mortality is an outcome chosen to access progress in this regard. https://www.unfpa.org

It’s unfortunate in this age and time, women still die during child birth, especially in the 3rd world countries. Some countries statistics available suggest that there are approximately 830 women who die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

99% of all maternal deaths occurs in developing countries (www.who.int). maternal mortality is higher in women living in rural areas and among poorer communities.

Looking at the statistics presented by the WHO, the SGD(s) will be very difficult to realize if the trend in the developing world continues. 99% of all maternal deaths occurring in developing countries is a serious indictment of world leaders who pledge very little to fight the menace.

  1. 10. # Opportunity for young people to develop their potentials.

 Young people are full of potentials that can be harnessed for the good of mankind and for that the human race.

Many young people died with their potentials untapped and left to rot. A lot of young people by their place of birth and geographic location on the earth may find it very difficult if not impossible to go pass the high school level and to that extent develop their potentials.

Should the place of birth be a stumbling block for kinds not been able to develop their potentials? That is the unfair world order that world leaders must correct.

Leaders from the developing world could be put on the spot light. They continue to export their raw materials to the developed world and import finished goods to their country. When things remain unchanged, their people will continue to live in abject poverty and their children’s wouldn’t realized their god’s given potential in life

#Create opportunity for young people  #make it possible for young to realize their potentials.

  1. # Opportunity to live in environmentally healthy environment.

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A few environmental NGOs are concerned about the protection of the environment against misuse or degradation due to human factors.

We can refer to the environment to mean the biophysical environment, the natural environment or the built environment (Wikipedia).

Our physical environment as well as biophysical environmental is seriously under threat owning to man’s mismanagement of the environment. Climate change affect the rain fall pattern, affecting food security to feed households including young children. Flooding in certain parts of the world kills a lot of young children than diseases. Air pollution is affecting many young children larynx and health related diseases. So key stakeholders must take measures to avert anything that will not promote friendly environment for young children.

12.# Safe Clean Water For Children

According to UNICEF, dirty water kills more than 1000 children per day. When water is polluted or when there is no basic sanitation for children, it leads to serious consequences. Even though UNICEF is doing its part to improve the quality of water kids take, a lot more need to be done urgently.

UNICEF also indicates that 663 million people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. Many of these number are children. Water pollution by mining companies has worsen the plight of safe drinking water. Water is life and clean water should be made available to the world population.

# Clean water now

  1.  #Pollution Free Environment for kids worldwide

Environmental pollution has engaged the attention of world leaders for the past two decades but it appears very little is being done to protect the environment for our future kids. World leaders are finding it difficult to come to compromise because of each countries’ interest.

But where’s the kids in all these things. Do they play any part in polluting the environment? Why should our kids suffer the consequences of the adult’s mismanagement of the environment? Many children are suffering from the kind of environment they are born into.

Our kids globally are calling on world leaders to fashion out pragmatic policies that can guarantee the future of the environment for the next generation. They are adding their voice to the numerous environmental NGOs, movements and activists to stop the destruction of the environment.

# let protect the environment for the next generation

14.  # Healthy Food for kids now

Many children do not have access to healthy food, which are nutritious enough to provide the needed growth of the children .Our Markets are full of fast food loaded with unhealthy food substances required for healthy growth.

Our children need balance diet which can be obtained from natural food production sources with minimum chemical, excess oils & fats and sugar. Our kids are consuming all kinds of food in the name of modernity and they are suffering from the effects of these chunk foods.

# Healthy food, healthy kids

  1. #Make Power available to the majority of the world’s population

Power availability stirs industrial growth and creates jobs for citizens to live meaningful life globally. However, a good number of the world’s population live without power. One billion people don’t have access to electricity. Not all energy is consumed equally across the world.

An estimated 16 percent of the world’s population, 1.2 billion people have little or no access to electricity (httpts://www.mashable.com. This figure represents Energy Access Outlook for 2017 and those who have access-many suffer from supply that is of poor quality (https://www.iea.org/energyaccess

Many communities live without access to electricity and you can imagine the quality of lives children live in in those communities worldwide.

The problems are well known and the solution is action from our world leaders. The developed countries outght to assist their developing counterparts to make access to electricity now and not later. Only God know the number of untapped talents that are going unexploited in the world.

If you are concerned as I do, then join the kids call on global leaders to act now# Electricity is life, make it available to the world.

We have been able to join our kids to discuss  15 call to action by children to their global leaders to provide basic essentials of life such as fair & just world, fair world trade, reduction in maternal death, respect of children’s rights, reduction in poverty, provision of safe and clean water, access to food (food security) provision of quality health care, respect for mothers, non-discriminatory world, global provision of electricity to the majority of people, making the environment clean for kids to live in, making the world peaceful for kids and creating the enabling environment for kids to develop their full potentials. Join any of our kids call to drum home their concerns to world leaders.

Until our next post


It’s me


Emmanuel Toklo




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