We love to see our kids grow up and adopt good values and behaviours that fit societal expectation of them. Our kids are growing and learning from our everyday habits we exhibit before them as parents and want our kids to imitate these cherished values in the future.  These are views gathered from 250 students and pupils when I am preparing to write this post.

Below are the 40 good habits kids love from their parents and want to see them demonstrate these habits every day.

  1. Telling them interesting stories.


Your kids love to hear you tell them interesting stories from adventure, science, technology, wildlife, history etc. Try and tell them stories they would love to hear.

  1. Presenting them special gifts during their birthdays

Don’t forget your kid birthday when the time comes. Kids value these days in their lives and won’t be happy if you forget this special day or simply ignore it. They always tell their friends well in advance a head of the actual day for their birthday.

  1. Giving them surprises.

Who doesn’t love surprises once in a while? Even adults love to receive surprises from their love ones and spouses. Don’t forget to surprise your kids with things they have never seen before.

  1. Don’t provoke your kids

 They have feelings and emotions. Don’t withheld things they ask from you and you are capable of providing for them. Simply put don’t deny them any good things they lack if you can provide them.

  1. Helping them in learning.

 You may not be available 24/7 to help them with their homework but make time to assist them to their homework during the weekend. They would be happy to have you teach them their homework.


  1. Taking very good care of them.

Your kids want you to take very good care of them by providing them with the things that they lack and making sure they don’t lack things that are necessary for their growth.

  1. Giving them good advice.

Your kids want good advice from you as their first teacher. Your advice will go a long way to shape their future behaviour and choices in life whether you accept it or not. You have no idea how your advice influences your child; whether negatively or positively

  1. Take them to a tour around the country.

 Don’t limit your kids to only their neighbourhood. Take them around the countryside and other interesting place in the country. Plan and budget towards it. Your kids would be excited to embark on such excursion with you; where you can tell them those stories about historical events and ancient places. It’s possible if you plan towards it

  1. Supporting their education.

In fact, your kids are aware that education is the corner stone to success. In view of that your kids want you to complement the school effort by providing supplementary materials that they can use at home and school. Find out from the school which supplementary materials your child would need to enhance his or her academic work.

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  1. Loving them unconditionally.

You kids are not saints and can’t hold themselves as such. There will be times where they would be naughty either intentionally or as a result their growth stage. You must correct them in a loving manner so as not to hurt their emotions and feelings

  1. Travel occasionally with them.

 Your kids would be excited to travel for the first time outside their home country to a different country. Include them in your vacation plan.  They would be happy they have been factored into the family vacation plan and given the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the worldku.

  1. Change their school bag as often as possible.

Buy your kid a new school bag at least twice in the school academic year or at every school term. You have no idea how kids feel when the carry a new school bag at their bag. They want their mates to know mum and dad cares

  1. Helping them to know God.

 Do you know your kids are watching your walk with your maker? They want you to assist them to know the true God in the midst of some many false teachings about the nonexistence of God. It’s good you lead them to know the true God.

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  1. Be kind to your kids.

Yes, be kind to them because they are tender and can breakdown easily. Do you know some parents are so harsh on their kids? Some even abused them emotional, psychologically, physically and even sexually in some cases. No matter the wrongs,   be kind towards your kids.

  1. Support them to do the house chores.

Don’t leave the entire house chores for your growing kids to do so. Assist them wile guiding them until such a time that they are independent to work without any supervision. Please, don’t overburden them they are just your helper.

  1. Be caring.

Be a caring parent and always be available for your kids. Showing prompt concern to their needs and going the extra mile to provide beyond their expectations of you. Don’t make them repeatedly make the same demand over and over. Explain to them when their demand could be granted. If you are yet preparing to meet their particular demand, tell them.

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  1. Give them money for them to buy stuff.

It’s not everything that your child want that he or she will be able to tell you. Kids have a lot of wants and not needs but they are necessary for their growth.  Some may need the money to buy candy, toy gun, calculator, etc.

  1. Discipline them.

You’ve heard me right. Your kid want you to correct them when they are wrong. They don’t want you to sweep their mistakes under the carpet as if nothing has happened. In fact, they want to live upright lives and are looking up to you for guidance and direction through the way you discipline them.

  1. Be truthful to your kids.

Indeed, your kids want to know everything about you and your husband, your relationship with other people, your financial investment and financial status and the health of the marriage. When you tell them something make sure it’s the truth and nothing else.

  1. Do your best to make them happy.

 A happy growing child is a child who can easily succeed in his or her academic life. Don’t make them think too much about issues that personally affect their sensibility. Provide their needs timely and defer those that can’t be available at the moment to a later date .


  1. Be friendly towards them.

Be your child best friend. If your child can trust you as a friend, it will not be difficult for him or her to disclose what’s bothering them and what actions they intend to take without your knowledge.

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 You can be your child best friend if you can be flexible in your approach in raising them up. If you succeed in becoming their friend, they can confide in you everything bothers them to you. But, keep their secret to yourself and never disclose it to any of their friends or relative. If they confide in you as a mum and tell you not to tell dad keep it at that and so is if you are a dad and they didn’t want your wife to know, keep it at that unless it has to do with something that is a danger to their health.

  1. Help them to deal with their developmental problems.

At this stage, kids go through a lot of changes. Identify the peculiar changes they are going through and help them to adjust or accommodate the changes taking place in them.

  1. Helping them discover their potentials.

   Your kids want you to create the right environment that will enable you to discover their potentials in life. Give them the opportunity to explore their hidden talents and potentials by allowing them to do what makes them truly happy. Don’t, please, force them to choose a career that you like. Consider their interest first while you guide them along the line.

  1. Join them to fellowship together.

What a beauty to see the family fellow-shipping together. Don’t ask them to go to church while you stay at home. You have a role to play in their spiritual growth. It’s part of your parenting responsibility

  1. Your kids want to see their parents happy.

Yes, they don’t want to see dad and mum quarrelling and screaming at each other. Settle every marital conflicts in the bedroom without making aware there is any issue between you the parents. Don’t create any negative impression about marriage in their minds when growing up. They may hate to marry in the future when you want them to do so.

  1. Be understanding.

Yes, sometimes, we fail to listen to them and understand their point of view. In fact, I know our kids can sometimes be difficult to understand by the way they behave but continue to understand them.

  1. Help them to be God fearing.

Your kids want you to guide to lead a godly lives. In fact, don’t undermine the presence of God in the lives of your kids. If you fail to do so, your maker would hold you accountable for your failure to bring them up in the fear of God.

  1. Help them to learn how to drive.

Your kids want to learn how to drive very early before they grow up to obtain driving license. Teach them how to drive safely in the park, for you never can tell when it may become very necessary for them to drive to save a life.

  1. Teach them their culture.

 Irrespective of the geographical environment you find yourself. Teach your kids about who they are. Does it really matter? Yes, it does matter. It enables them to know who they truly are and help them overcome any inferiority complex and move forward to achieve success in life. Don’t let them hang in the balance without know who the truly are. Letting them know will instill confidence in them.

  1. Establish a home library.

Your kids want a home library stock with all kinds of books (adventure, poems, science, history, wildlife, technology, arts & culture, music, craft, mathematics, English, geography etc.)

  1. Respect their privacy.

Privacy matter to your kids as it matters to adults. Even though you are responsible for their upkeep and general well-being, learn to give them some space in the home. Don’t unnecessary interfere with their privacy. They are growing up to be responsible and learn to respect other people’s privacy.

  1. Appreciating them when they do the right things.

Do you know most parents are quick to point to the weaknesses and failures of their kids but slow in appreciating them when they do the right thing or perform well in their school work?

Everybody needs appreciation so is your child. Your appreciation about their good deeds will spare them on to do great things in the future.

  1. Be a loving parent.

Some parents find it difficult to demonstrate love to their own kids probably because they were not shown love when growing up in their upbringing. Show your kids love unconditionally without making reference to their mistakes. Love keeps no account of wrongs at least say the bible.

  1. Make them laugh when they are worried.

Sometimes, your kids can really be worried and disturbed. Try and help them calm down by saying things that can encourage them and lift them up. You know your kids best and know what can make them happy when they are down.

  1. Always put a smile on their face.

 As a matter of fact, your kids are better off when they are happy and smiling as they go to school than been moody and disturbed. Do the little things that can make them happy every day. A kiss every day before they leave for school, a hug, a tap on the back, a sugar free candy, an encouraging word etc. could put a smile on their faces.


  1. Be their mentors.

Your kids follow everything you do and tell them. Kids normally refer to their parents if they establish a strong bond with them. Motivate them and be the perfect example for them to follow

  1. Pamper them once in a while.


Sometimes I send my kids to the mall and ask them to buy things that are not more than 5$. No matter how small, pamper them every first week in the month. It gives them the motivation to bond with you. I do that every day and I know you can do same

  1. Be honest.

 Your kids want you to be honest with them and other neigbours you deal with. Your kids watch you closely with everything you do. Deal with them with the highest integrity and honesty.

  1. Teach them to be law abiding.

Your kids want you to teach them how to obey state and statutory laws of the country so that they would not grow and fall fowl of the laws and get into troubles with the laws. Make them responsible and law abiding citizens.

  1. Teach them to be respectful.


Your kids want you to teach them to respect themselves and respect others as well. Don’t fail to teach this virtue to your kids at the early stage of their lives, so that they would not depart from it. It would help them when they grow up

These are Good 40 habits that kids cherish and love when their parents continue to do them. As a matter of fact your kids are watching everything you do and you must endeavor to practice your good work.

Until my next post


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