Respect in any relationship can’t be substituted for anything tangible. Because it is the soft part of the relationship, men very often overlook it. It beats my imagination the way men demand respect with all alacrity but find it difficult to reciprocate respect in their relationship. Please find below the 7 Healthy Habits Women Expect from Men.

          RESPECT!                               RESPECT!                                         RESPECT!

When we were growing up in a small neighbourhood, there was this short security man who always says “Respect is give and take”. I didn’t understand the phrase until I completed my first degree in Population and Family Education Life Education.  I heard people other people say respect is reciprocal.

So what then is respect? Respect is a verb transitive (vt) to consider worthy of high regard (2) to have reference (Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) Tenth Edition.

Do you hold your wife in high regard, irrespective of her short comings? How do you treat her when she has done something wrong? Do you shout at your wife as if she is your daughter or cool down before dealing with the issue at stake a respectful and lovely manner. I know how it hurts if your wife decided disrespect in a number times. I was there before and can also connect with you and can empathize with you.

Because we are human, we also fail to meet their expectations in the relationship but we live with them on daily basis. Since respect is give and take, we must respect our wives unconditionally. Remember if you respect her as a woman, she will do everything possible to help you succeed.


It is said in the bible that the head of the home is the man such as the head of the church is Christ. Women expect their husbands to lead the family to God through daily devotion and regular church attendance.

You must demonstrate leadership for your wife and children to follow. Many men abandoned the church soon after the wedding or engagement, leaving the women and the kids to go to church. You are expected to provide spiritual guidance and direction to the family. If you fail to instill this spiritual value in your children, you will leave to regret in the future.  If you have any other object of worship, ensure that the family participates in such activities. Your wife and children are looking up to you for this leadership and you must not fail them.


Men are not expected to be having unprotected sex or sex with other women once they are married and decided to remain in a conjugal relationship. Responsible men stay with one woman and become content with their partners.

Even though we are living in adulterous generation, you can be unique and stand tall. The mere fact that there is sex everywhere, should not mean you should engage in indiscriminate sexual adventure for the fun of it. You have the will power to say no to all kinds of sexual temptations that come your way. Some temptations are designed to bring you down and make mockery of your hard earned reputation.

Protect your integrity and guard against all appearance of evil. Again, the good old book (the Bible) says “we should redeem the time because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16). One of the areas that you can easily fall flat as a man is your inability to withstand sexual temptation. Many reputable men worldwide became victims of sexual offences because of their inability to overcome sexual temptation.

I want you to know that you have the will power to remain faithful to your wife no matter how attractive the sexual temptation may be.


I was told by one smart health physical therapist one day that a lot of men are developing belly fat because of poor diet and lack of exercise.  According to her, many men are at a risk of developing heart related disease because of their way of living which she thinks are difficult to change because it becomes habitual lifestyles.

Women also value healthy body shape of their husbands and don’t want their husbands to compete with them in their weight management programme due to lack of exercise and poor diet.

I know most men are forced to eat what have been made available to them at their workplaces. But, you have the option to decide whether you seek convenience as against your health. What we eat on daily basis count towards our overall well-being as men in the future.

Unfortunately, most men after sitting behind the desk for 8 hours every day fail to plan for exercise. I am not the guy that easily gets to the gym to exercise but I compensate this with 30 minutes brisk walking every day.

The benefits of regular exercise can’t be dealt with on this page. Your wife wants to see you smart looking even in the midst of all the challenges confronting you. There are more than enough information on the internet about exercise and healthy weight management including healthy diet. Explore what is best for you.


Everything is permitted for man but it is not all things that are good for man. It means therefore that no one is born a smoker or alcoholic from the womb.  All these are social habits we acquire from the environment we live in. Many men started as moderate smokers or drinkers but later became addicted to the cigarette and some advance to other hard drugs.

Occasional intake of alcohol doesn’t make you alcoholic but your ability to control yourself in order not to become addicted is what I am talking about.

Apart from the health risks associated with over indulgence with these drugs, your children may also be learning from this negative behaviour. If you are already addicted to alcohol or smoking, kindly seek help from a professional. It is not too late to put away a bad habit. Yes, you can, because you have the will to succeed.

  1. 6.                                 SHOWING KINDNESS

Kindness is the quality of being gentle, caring, and helpful. Every fine man should exhibit these internal attributes toward the wife. When we show kindness to our wives or partners, they become integral part of our life. And what that means is that you made her feel you cannot be complete without her.

Your kindness will transfer into love, loyalty and faithfulness towards you. What can be more virtuous than this? Don’t transfer how you treat your workers at work to your wife. She is your wife for Christ sake and should be regarded as such during all your interaction with her. If you want to be shown kindness, demonstrates unconditional kindness towards her irrespective of her weaknesses and shortcomings


All acts and actions that will expose your partner to disgrace should be avoided. When you disgrace your partner in the open, you are disgracing yourself. According to the bible the two of you are joined together in one spirit and one body.  We should be mindful of our actions toward our spouses or partners in public.

Women are very sensitive to their public image. Don’t let your anger tell the kind of person you are inside. Let that part of your life be hidden from the public. If you fail to control your anger, you are likely to suffer health problem. Every human being gets angry but your ability to control your temper and manage your anger make you to be at peace with your God, peace with yourself and your spouse and kids

For conducive family life and healthy relationship, you should endeavour to do everything possible to live anger free life with your spouse and children.

It is my believe and hope that you would put these 7 HEALTHY HABITS WOMEN EXPECT FROM MEN into practice in order to enrich your relationship with your spouse

Until then,


Emmanuel Toklo


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