Anybody can give birth to a baby but not everybody is capable and competent to raise a child to grow into responsible adulthood. Read six (6) things responsible parents do to raise their children and check whether there is a lesson to learn from them.

  1. They create an enabling environment in the home for the total growth and development of their KIDS

Creating an enabling environment provides a fertile ground for the child’s healthy development. Kids at their formative years need an environment they can play, learn and interact with. The kid first natural environment is the home. Parents in this home  ensure there are playing and learning materials such as colouring books, graph books, crayons, plain drawing papers, maps, electronic calculators, kids game etc for the child to play and learn on his or her own. In this type of environment, shouting, screaming and insults do not exist. Because of the sensitive nature of the child at this age, everything possible is done to promote the total wellbeing of the child. Any negative behavior on the part of the parent could make the child withdrawn from teaching and learning encounters.

  1. They complement the teaching learning experience of the child at home.

Providing supplementary learning activities of the child engages the attention of this type of parent. When children are provided with similar teaching learning materials they use at school in the home, it motivates them to learn and understand what they might not have understood at school owing to the limited time available to the teachers. They are in a better position to test and practice concept to real life situation on their own when a home learning environment is set up. Find out what learning materials your child’s teacher uses at school and try to provide similar learning materials for your child at home. More so, talk to your child teacher to give you recommended books your child can use at home.

  1. They provide emotional, psychological and physical growth of their child

Parents from this type of home know how sensitive and fragile children in their formative years are and take steps to protect them. Your child needs your emotional, psychological and physical support; to keep him or her emotionally stable and healthy to undergo meaningful learning. You need to pay close attention to the child to determine what should engage your immediate attention. Your closeness to the child and quick response in addressing issues that confront him or her will guarantee the total development of the child.

  1. They assist the child to identify his or her hidden potential early in their formative years.

As I indicated earlier, you need to support the child in this crucial time to enable him know his or her hidden potential and talents.

Don’t assume the school alone should play this role. The school will give a general knowledge to the children in school and assist them to realize what they can do by themselves.

But as a parent, you are in a better position to assist your child to know what he or she is capable of doing. After all, the child spends about 8 hours at school and spend the rest of the time with you at home. What do you do with the child when he or she comes home? Check what your child takes delight in and help him or her to develop it.

  1. They instill good moral upbringing into their children

Parents in this home do not sweep under the carpet wrong behaviours of their children. They are prompt to ensure that the child picks the right behavior irrespective of the love they have for the child.

Don’t be lukewarm to correct the wrong doings of your child but be proactive in addressing the wrong attitudes and behaviours that do not fit societal acceptable behaviours. The bible says ‘train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 NKJV). We, parents have a huge responsibility to train up our children to become responsible citizen in a changing world, where we are told to leave the issue of morality for the child to determine. I will say a big No. Your child is given to you to train. Don’t allow the ‘corrupt’ society we find ourselves train up your child for you. If you instill the right values and behaviours into your child, he will grow up and congratulates you.

  1. They make their children their best friends

Parents in this type of home creates friendly atmosphere around their homes for their children to be their best friend. This is where it is important for parents to break any barrier that will hinder their children from confiding in them. Why do you allow your child’s friend to be his or her confidante? If we allow our children to approach us easily, they will tell us their fears, worries and ambitions for the future. When we succeeded in doing that we can be in a better position to give good advice without being judgmental about their decisions. We need to give our young children listening ears and attention. Your child is exposed to so many things than what you were exposed to in the 70s and 80s.  We should rise up to the challenge and confront it holistically.

My motivation to start a blog about parenting stems from the fact that I have been confronted with various challenges in helping my four kids adopt appropriate behaviours. I am of the strongest view that as a teacher, counsellor and a father of four young kids, I can be helpful to other likeminded parents who are also raising children. You can share, like and make your comment on our page. If you are a parent  write to  me    through info@parentrens.com

Until then

Scout Linsky

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