5 Elements of Good Healthy Relationship

Every relationship must be created on a daily basis to make it last the test of time. Everybody in the union must play his or her role beyond what he or she stands to benefit. You must do more than you can be appreciated for by your partner.

Start with these 5 elements to build your relationship



Listen Attentively To Each Other

What do you do when your partner is communicating to you? Do you give your full attention or you partially listen while doing your own thing. In fact, most people do not pay attention when their partners are discussing very important issue with them but just pretend to be listening. If you love and cherish your relationship, you must pay attention to what your partner has to say at all material time. Leave everything you are doing to give your partner undivided attention so that you can pay attention to your partner. Don’t wait for your partner to repeat what he or she has said again because you are not listen. It amounts to disrespect. Treat your partner with the greatest respect and he or she will reciprocate the same to you. If you do this, it will go a long way to enhance your lovely relationship.

Don’t be reading your message or browsing the internet while your partner is discussing something important with you. Don’t substitute your partner for cell phones, e-mail, FaceBook, whatsapp etc..


Effective Communication

One of the key issues that can pose a serious threat to your relationship is your inability to communicate effectively among yourselves. Your failure to effectively communicate your message to your partner can result into misunderstanding between the two of you.

Be clear and straight forward to the point as much as possible. Make sure your partner understands what you want to communicate to him or her. If you did not get the message your partner put across, seek for further explanation before taking any decision. Most people fail to put their message across clearly and create gap in the message being distorted.

Learn to understand how your partner communicates his or her message using all the forms of communications; whether verbal or non-verbal.

If you do not understand your partner ask questions for further clarification. Don’t assume anything in your mind until you are clear in your mind what exactly your partner is putting across.



Learn to Say Am Sorry

Saying sorry is a difficult word to use by some people. Such people never learn the benefit of saying sorry. They are blindfolded into believing that when you say sorry, you are exhibiting weaknesses. These kinds of people are ‘full of pride and arrogance’. They are proud to link the fault to their partners. To them, there is nothing wrong with their actions. None of us is perfect except the Almighty God. I have my weaknesses and strengths so do my wife. We complement each other perfectly.

Don’t be too pompous to say sorry to your husband or wife if you have wrong her or him. Great people are quick to say sorry I didn’t get it right. Many problems in relationship could be solved if we summon the courage to say I am sorry, forgive me.

If your partner fails to forgive you after you have apologized, you have played your part before the Almighty God. Even, when you are right; for the sake of peace, say sorry to cut matters short. It appears we allow pride to take the best part of us. It does not take a million dollars to say Sorry, but not saying it had destroyed several relationships.

Be humble enough to tell your partner you are sorry. It does not take anything from you but attract you the more towards your partner. Live your life free from any form of resentment and hurt in your heart. You have a beautiful life ahead of you and you must live it fully and completely. 


Engage Your Partner in All Your Dealings

Once you are blessed to have a partner as your permanent mate, you must be opened and get your partner involved in everything you do. Don’t keep anything you do as private anymore.

Unfortunately, most people in a relationship still keep certain things secret in their engagement with their partners. If your partner finds out that he or she has been side-lined from some important decision, you should be prepared to deal with mistrust.

Once mistrust has been established, the foundation of the relationship will begin to shake. It is difficult to deal with mistrust and everything should be done to involve your partner in all your doings.

 Don’t hide your true financial status and business ventures from your partner. Don’t engage in any secret affair to keep it as a secret from your partner. Evidence is also showing that some women are also copying their male counterparts by being secretive in their day to day dealings with their male partners. The report has it that many married women are having discrete love affairs than before. In all your undertakings, get your partner involved or informed about all that you do; because tomorrow can’t be guarantee.




Be Appreciative Partner

Permit me to refresh your memory about the ten lepers whom Jesus had healed and commanded them to go and show themselves to the priest.

A lot of people in a relationship behave just like the nine lepers described in the Bible. We do not show gratitude to our partners for the little things they do for us. We are waiting for a big present before we show appreciation to them. Out of the ten lepers it was only one leper who was grateful to show appreciation.

 When we appreciate every little gift from our partners, we tell them our doors are opened to receive more. If we are not appreciative of the little thing we receive how can we be appreciative of the big ones that will come our way? It is not the size of a gift that matters but the intention and the love that accompanied it. Even if it’s a card someone gives you, you need to show appreciation. Unappreciative attitude of some partners have blocked the way for their loved ones to give them more. Don’t compare what your partner gives you to what your friend’s husband gives her. Their sources of income and opportunities could be different. That kind of comparison amounted to comparing orange to apple and could spell doom for your relationship. Don’t attempt to force your partner to give beyond what he or she can afford to give.




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