This is an issue every man must concern himself about so far as you live in this world. You may probably not thought of it but consider whether becoming rich should be an obligation on your part or a choice you must confront. Read my SEVEN reasons I listed for you to make your own decision


Yes, I want to be very very rich because I have seen what money can do and what it can’t do. I am of the strongest conviction that every man wants to be financially successful so that he can play his role as a good father, a good husband, a good uncle and a responsible citizen. The fact of the matter is that we live in a material world and everything that exists in the world has a value.

Your children as well as your wife including other people who depend on you would always want their needs meant promptly and in most cases these needs are financial needs. Your inability to satisfy these needs and wants would create financial instability in your home if you are married with kids and uncertainty in the lives of those who depend on you. Your influence as the man of the house would diminish and questioned. How sad you asked. It is not by mistake that men go all out to command that economic power to position themselves and their family for a brighter future.  “Money they say doesn’t grow on trees”. It means we need to take decisive action as men to become rich no matter the economy you find yourself and what you are going through now. You have no apology for failure. It should not be part of you as a man.

I grow up to see how money has helped transformed the lives of some families and how easy it was for their children to start earning very decent wages and salaries right after school. I have also seen how successful, rich elderly men marry young women, some of whom they can give birth to. You see why you have no excuse not to become rich, because nobody under the globe would make you rich except you desire to be rich and take action to make things happen in your life. Mr. Bill Gates that needs no introduction one time said “If you are born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor, blame yourself”. If you fail to get rich, your wife could be vulnerable to the influence of rich men, who wants to spend a little extra cash on her because of your inability to satisfy her needs. Don’t pity yourself, but rise and take action as quickly as possible, my brother.


All women across the globe are looking for financial security from their spouses. Yes, I mean financial security. It means so much to women. The future we all acknowledge is unpredictable and this makes women to be very anxious about the future of their children. A legitimate concern, I guess.

How much do you save a year for the future? I am not good in finance and can’t give you financial advice but I know very well we all need to secure our future by taking deliberate financial plans. I am taking serious actionw not only to secure the future but to make the future of my children and wife very comfortable and assist as many people who may need our help.

If you don’t plan to have more money, you can’t plan to save more for the future. The common complains by many poor or below average people have been we don’t have enough and can’t serve for the future. Some of the reasons could be genuine. But you can do something about it since your destiny is in your own hand. I am encouraging you to start doing something now.

When I was growing up, my late mother and father didn’t have enough money to provide what we needed. I grew up among six siblings, four boys and two girls. We were encouraged to get education and get a good job. I studied hard and went to the university and came out with second class (upper division). But, all my education ended up in the classroom as a professional graduate teacher, with very low wages to meet the needs of my family. As I write this post, I started a very strong campaign to challenge all men across the globe to rise up and take practical action to change their financial future and become financially successfully. The good news is that we have a lot of financial websites that teach you how to start and grow a side business. Explore the various options and decides which option resonate with you. I didn’t want to give example because they are too many to count and list. Just go to www.google.com and enter what financial information you want. Example, “Real side business with low income to start” Evidence proven business to start, Simple online business to start with little money etc


resposible hus

Men value nothing from their wives more than respect. Yes, we want our wives to respect us and honour us as important partners in this noble institution called marriage. Respect is give and take you say but it should be without competition. Women are not to love their wives but husbands Must at least from the biblical point of view.

But do you know the opposite is what is prevailing in most homes across the globe because of lack of adequate finance. Women are now taking more responsibility to provide for their families than most men. Indeed, men in most homes across the globe are not financially empowered to provide the needs of their families. “One woman told me one day that “we don’t eat respect in the home; a man must provide enough for his household” The home is just like a bank that needs liquidity to run its operation, so is the home. So the issue of respect comes with certain conditions that you must meet to merit the respect of your wife and children.

If want you want your spouse to respect you and honour you, you must work very smart and get enough money to provide for the family to run their today-today activities (feeding, clothing, health care, education, paying gas and electricity bill promptly etc)

Your failure to get rich and provide enough for your wife and children, would make your wife (not all women though) influence your own children not to respect you, because you are considered an irresponsible father and husband who doesn’t care about their welfare and future. It is sad to find  yourself in a situation like that. You must quickly act to do something about the situation. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your early 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or even 60’s, you can still do something to change your economic fortune while you are still alive. You have to decide to do something differently. It will be unfortunate on your part to accept the present status and settle with your current financial situation as your final stop.


Don’t be tempted to think money is not everything after all. That was my old way of thinking several years ago until I am faced with the stack reality about what having money can help me achieve in life.

In fact, the reality of life is that, society does not care about what you know in your head and how concern you are about changing the world to be a better place until you have enough money to implement your plans. Ha ha!

No one really cares about how you started until they begin to see result of your financial transformation.

My late mother once told the six of us something that took place at  a family meeting she attended. The meeting was to discuss plans to put in place to bury a deceased family brother. She suggested a brilliant idea about how to do a befitting funeral at a reduce cost. The rest of the family members agreed to the suggestion and appointed people to take specific roles in executing the plan during the funeral. But the coming into the meeting a young rich woman changed everything that was discussed because she opposed the plan and was willing to take 80% of the funeral expenses. She told her (mother) in the face “we are not talking about brilliant ideas but we are talking about money here” Money Power! My mother had no money to back her ideas and the idea ended up in the bin. May the gentle soul of my late mother, rest in perfect peace’.   So, you see, no matter how good your idea and plans are, if you don’t have money to back it, your idea will forever remains in your hear and no one will hear of it. The good news is that we are living in a world with so much to learn about finance and how to improve your financial life. Take advantage of these opportunities and change your financial life. You may visit http://www.makingsenseofcents.com. There are interesting articles on the site to teach you how to start a side business. Jessica is doing pretty well in this regards


When we were growing up as young kids, we see rich and successful people’s children brag about what they would become in life in the future. Those of us from poor background don’t know what to do and say because our imagination is limited to what we hear from our parent and what we see around us.

The reality is that; ‘the have’ and ‘the have not’ children think differently about money just like their parents. Do you know that your children’s career choices could be greatly influenced by your current financial status? Yes, it would, because, the first thing they would consider in deciding which career to choose is: ‘can dad and mum afford the cost of the tuition’. For this reason many brilliant but needy children are likely to choose low paying careers at the university while the opposite is true for children from average and rich homes. The former children think of high paying careers like medicine, law, engineering etc

These days, most successful rich families want their children to become business men and women like them. Since your financial life affect your children’s financial future, desire and take action like me and influence your kid’s financial future positively.

  1. IT GIVES YOU PERSONAL FULFILLMENT                                                                                 This  plays a very important role in the life of any individual and should personal fulfillmetinfluence you to take action to achieve financial greatness. Nobody wants to accept the status of ‘Mr Nobody’ when it comes to financial matters and the decision that affect your life, immediate family and others.

The irony in life is that everybody has the potential to achieve success in life and become somebody, but many don’t know how they can make it possible. We live in a world of information and it is not too late to learn about something new, because everything is ‘learnable’. I’m still learning, so you can too.

You can’t be your best if you don’t know what you are good at. Sit down at a quite place and take a pen and a paper to ask yourself these questions: 1.What is it that ‘I am’ good at doing? 2. What gives me the greatest satisfaction in life?  3. What do I consider the greatest challenge of the society I live in and what can I do to solve the problem if given all the money required to do it?. 4. What motivates me every day to take action?

As a matter of fact you can’t pretend to be fulfilled when you have not achieved all that you dreamt of in life. Nobody will hand over your dream desires, wants and needs to you unless you decided to change the situation yourself. You are the main architect of your life journey and have what it takes to fulfill all your heart desires in life. Don’t stop at nothing until you fulfill all your greatest desire in life.


There was and still there is a saying that the “POOR HAS NO FRIEND”. How can it be when he or she has nothing to offer the friends. I think this is a saying the poor used to comfort themselves.

We heard how some of the super rich and the rich give generously toward charitable causes and worthy endeavours they believe in. These donations as we know have helped millions of people across the globe. You might not desire to be super rich like Mr. Bill Gates or Mr. Carlos Slim, but you can be rich enough to support the many people you can identify in your family and neighbourhood.

I guess you have a genuine desire to support people including your nuclear and extended family, but how can you if you don’t have money yourself. Nobody can see your passion and care unless you back them with something concrete they can see.

I am sure you are familiar with the saying that you can’t give what you don’t have. Your family, community and the world is looking up to you to make a change in their lives because they believe in you. Don’t settle for less and assume there is no going forward to get more in life. If you desire more money from the universe, it will be given to you because the universe does not hold anything good or bad from anybody including you.

Do you know that your parents, siblings, in- laws and secret admirers are secretly praying for you to succeed and achieve financial independence, so that you can help them when the need a rises. The responsibilities placed on you as a man, a father, a husband, an uncle, a brother etc are enormous and you must face it squarely. Give your view on our comment box or write to me through our official email portal info@parentrens.com. I would be glad to hear from you.

Until then

Scout Linsky

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