A lady banker once told me, she suspected the husband has been hiding some financial issues from her. I asked her politely, ‘how did you arrive at that?  And, any evidence to that effect? She showed me the husband’s bank statements about some withdrawals from the husband’s account without her knowledge. She added further that as a banker, she has been able to get any financial transactions that take place in the partner’s account through a colleague bank. I used the lady baker to make an illustration for practical purpose and discussions, going forward. At this junction, I told her the truth that the majority of men, hide true financial situation from their partners for obvious reasons. Why is that so, you may probably asked yourself, if you are reading this post from the perspective of a woman.

Most men do that deliberately not for any evil intention, but to protect the family against any emergencies. Yes, because as soon as women discover availability of funds, their lists of items to purchase would rise from the kitchen to clothing. Our wives would never get tired of shopping for one thing or the other. Most often, these items are budgeted for. If you don’t have a budget, the possibility is that you will do impulse buying and may overspend. In the case of my wife, as soon as she get to know, you have some money getting into the account, she will prepare a tall list of items for the kids and the household. If you have a husband like me, he may not be able to disclose all his income in order to save some money for the future. Now that you know why some men do so, share your thought with me and I would be happy to hear from you.


Why should men hide some business exploits from their partners? Women are very sensitive and emotional when it comes to taking business risks. It is evident that your husband like any other man will like to take certain business risk for big time gain. Since, men know the psychology of their partners when it comes to risk taking; they are likely to hide this from you

I have failed in a business venture I took some time ago before informing her. She never stops criticizing me for taking such a business risk. This attitude of most women discourages men from telling their wives every business exploit they want to take. I know you care so much about the family, but, give him (your husband) the opportunity to take certain calculated risks. You can’t tell which one of his exploit will yield big profit for the family. One successful business adventure can change the family life forever


A celebrated television host (name withheld) said recently that “all boy friends are married babies” What was this actress and TV host trying to say? I later deduced from her statement that she dates married men for fun. Another music star also made similar comment on her twitter handle “Married men are fun to date”

Indeed, some married folks are having extra marital affairs from their spouses. Most of these affairs occurred in the work places in the name “office romance” This is real and happening than you can imagine. I have tried over the years to avoid any such that may influence me to yield to such ploy

I have heard from a few married men who intimated to me that they are having affair, because of the fun of it, but not to separate from their wives, for they still love their wives. They (men), however, lack the moral courage to tell their wives. The question I have always been asking myself is: how would you feel, if you discover that your wife is having an affair with another man. Would you continue to trust and love her? All ‘appearances’ of sexual affair outside the home must be avoid at all cost, my advice.


Who want to reveal his or her secret life to someone he or she love? Difficult question, you asked. Is it necessary at all, your second question? It is very necessary to a very large extent. Why, because some past secrets can’t be hidden forever. For example, if you have a child from your previous relationship, would you hide this from your new partner?

A young woman aged 30 got married to a 38 year old man at a beautiful wedding in Johannesburg, South Africa. The man is a drug lord who has relocated to South Africa with a different identity unknown to the young lady. He has been able to hide this sensitive information from the innocent lady and that he is on US wanted list. It was barely a year after the marriage when the man has been busted through Interpol collaboration between the two countries. Unfortunately, the wife became pregnant and gave latter on without a father figure in the home. How sad. Most men hide issues like drug addiction, womanizing, alcohol addiction etc from their partners. How long can you disguise character (self) from the real you? I know and heard a cross section of people, probably including you, who think otherwise. There is nothing wrong to tell your partner the truth and if she can cope with it, so be it. Share your view on our community platform to keep the discussion going. You can get in touch through info@parentrens.com

Until then,

Scout Linsky

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