Parenting is the act of fostering; nurturing and bringing up (look after or take care of younger children)

From the definition above one does not necessarily need to be a biological mum or a dad to be a parent. As parent you have the right & responsibility to support the kid’s social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth at all stages of the child’s development.

As a parent, you are the first person the kid comes into contact with and you should provide the needed environment for the child to grow into fully responsible adult. Whatever you do as a parent affects the child and you should be mindful of that when raising and nurturing your kid.

Parenting is becoming complex and challenging if not frustrating for some couples especially new couples due to the demand associated with raising a modern child in the 21st century. These challenges made some couples and would be couples to question their readiness to nurture a child due to what they hear, see or personally experience from their parent on their way growing up.

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As to whether a couple is up to the task or not is a matter of preparedness and what the couple has put in place before deciding to have kids and sometimes, luck. Yes, I said luck on the part of some couples who have kids that are calm, obedient and healthy without any chronic health problems. Couples who are faced with the challenge of nurturing a chronically unhealthy child and disobedient kid may find their situation very frustrating and probably hate the day they decided to become parent.

There is no school anywhere in the world that can teach a complete course about parenting because each child is unique and each home situation is different. Becoming a parent is something each parent must learn on the job in the course of raising their own kids as a father or a mother.

Parenting is indeed “a blessed challenge” the creator wants every parent to go through. You must see your kid as a seed that you plant. After planting you must water the young plant, prune, allow the sun to radiate through the plant and finally the plant will be tested by strong winds. That’s how you must see parenting.

The happy moment in all these is when you see your kid or kids growing up and preparing themselves for the future full of big dreams and aspirations. You could be raising the next billionaire and you must be ready to support him or her. There is no easy root to parenting not even the adoption of a kid. Those who are not prepared for kids and produce kids by accident see being a parent as a curse and wonder why things are going bad in their lives. Don’t dream of giving birth if you are not prepared to provide the needed environment for your child’s total growth. Parenting is challenging but cannot be a curse.

Parenting is preparation, hard work, patience, hope and prayer. Yes, you can become a respoparent and don’t fail your kids.

# Get prepared before becoming a parent

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