The debate for couple to have or not to have a child has been going on across the globe. I think we should state the points and give couples the opportunity to make their own choices. This post is purely for reflection and doesn’t indicate a position by the writer



Procreation is a natural phenomenon where older adults bring forth young offspring (Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary). These occurrences made it possible for generations after generation to continue to exist, because the creator of the universe makes it so. I don’t know what you believe, but it is acceptable practice for all who believe in the supernatural God or the universe as some may call it to fulfill this divine assignment. Animals, trees, birds, fishes, plants, etc. are still obeying this divine order of procreation since time immemorial. So the question is, ‘where is the missing link for some couples not wanting to reproduce their own kind? I counselled a couple some two years ago, who asked ‘whether it is necessary for every couple to give birth’? But this is a choice the individual has to make. My opinion is that unless nature shuts the womb of a woman, where it may be impossible for the woman not to give birth naturally, every couple should decide whether to have or not to have a kid. We have been created in this world for continuous existence. However, if you choose not to fulfill this divine order, it is your personal choice. We have been created by a supreme God and not by ourselves. With all the abundance evidence in science, no clear cut scientific findings to indicate that we emerged from other space with no linkage to reproduction

Writing in historical contexts entirely removed from the gay marriage debate, making the case that “the first purpose of matrimony, by the laws of nature and society, is procreation” (that’s a California Supreme Court ruling in 1859), describing the institution of marriage as one “founded in nature, but modified by civil society: the one directing man to continue and multiply his species, the other prescribing the manner in which that natural impulse must be confined and regulated” (that’s William Blackstone), and acknowledging that “it is through children alone that sexual relations become important to society, and worthy to be taken cognizance of by a legal institution” (that’s the well-known reactionary Bertrand Russell).

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That brings about my second QUESTION. Why would you like your generation to end at you? If you are the only child of your parent and married but hold the view of not wanting to give birth, I would be interested to know your personal reasons or views. Your exposition of your views would assist me to understand things proper from your perspective. We live in a knowledge society and I am always happy to learn from other’s point of view without sounding judgmental.

  1. It makes the couples feel what other couples feel.

I am very much aware that there are few couples even though there have one or no child; they dedicate their time and resources to the welfare of others. EXAMPLES of such couples include Beyonce & Jay-Z. The powerhouse musical pair has wallets as big as their lungs. Beyonce gave her entire $4 million salary from the film Cadillac Records over to Phoenix House, a drug treatment center that has provided treatment and recovery options to men, women, and teens. Over the years, husband Jay-Z has donated plenty of time and money, cutting a check for $1 million for the Katrina relief effort and co-producing a song to benefit earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Courtesy Daily parade

Oprah Winfrey is another personality who spent large sums of money to support charitable course. Condoleezza Rice, a one-time US secretary of state has distinguished herself during her working career

But these individuals are the exceptional ones. When couples have children, they are more assertive to societal growth than non-child bearing couples. They feel what other couples with children go through across the globe. Their responsibility will not only be to their children but to seek the general good of society at large. They are more careful to make decision that will affect the well being of children. The frequent gun violence in certain part of the US in recent times, caused students to demonstrate against their law makers. Some of them hold placards that show that their legislators are failing their generation. It is clear that some of the legislators are not having children of their own and may not feel deeply the agony and pains families go through if they lost their children to gun violence. The question I have been asking myself quietly is: Is the older generation of America failing the younger generation in terms of arms control? Can’t the American society have legislation to control easy access to gun?


Mass Demonstration of students in certain part of the US against gun violence

What is your view? Share it with me.


What will come of our beautiful society if our great grandfathers and great grandmothers adopt this lifestyle of convenience and denied Mother Nature her children? You and I of course would not be in existence today. Are you aware that some animals are classified as extinct because they can’t reproduce their young ones to replace them?

These animals are kept in special zoos and research centers for research purpose only. What would you be remembered for after you have left this world and your wealth and money are gone?


This photos is by the kind courtesy of the telegraph

Of course whatever you left behind would soon pass away in thin air because you are not available to manage them. However, if you have children, they will continue to reproduce years after years when you are gone to join the invisible world. Share what you think with this view.



Loneliness kills and kills slowly than slow poison. You would not be young forever. Remember we are all growing every day and will be unable to do the things we do easily at our youthful age. The old aged homes are getting over populated because of the decisions some couples took not to have children but to enjoy life with their pets. I love pets, and my pet is a white cat I named after my grandfather. My pet is called Pascard but the children called it Paski. It seems it prefers the paski to Pascard.

There is nothing better than having your own children and grandchildren attending to you at your old age or having them to regularly visit you during your old age. I know there are some good caretakers at some of these homes but your grandchildren want to


Elderly people in old age home

benefit from your rich experience. Don’t just die with your rich experience without transferring your knowledge to your children and grandchildren. When you make your experiences available, you have contributed to making the world a better place than you came to meet it.


We all know old age is characterized by sicknesses and diseases due to weakening immune system and general body failure. Some of the sicknesses we experience may be due to certain lifestyle we adopted from our youthful age. If you have a child that you brought up properly, he or she should be available when you need him or her to arrange for your medical needs. I know many of you have planned for these things but it can be better when you children get involve. Send me an e-mail on info@parentrens.com about your view about the post or comment below

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